GED Fast Track
Mrs. White's Class
at the Madison County WIN Job Center
The GED Fast Track is a ten-session curriculum intended for individuals who possess minimun 9th grade skill levels in reading, math and language.  Participants gain exposure to and practice in the GED Tests' content, format, and timing; essay writing; interpreting graphics; calculator and answer sheet use; and test-taking strategies. The Official GED Practice Tests are incorporated into the ten sessions as well.

Outline of 10 Sessions:

  • Language Arts, Writing Part 1 (Multiple Choice)
  • Language Arts, Writing Part 2 (Essay)
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Social Studies (Historical Documents)
  • Social Studies (Visual Processing Skills)
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Official Practice Tests (Language Arts, Writing)
  • Official Practice Tests (Mathematics & Social Studies)
  • Official Practice Tests (Language Arts, Reading & Science)

Sessions are web-based and interactive, and space is very limited!

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