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Why choose Neefus
Photographers for your

Neefus Photographers has been
known in the area of up-state New
York for over 51 years.
Our family business is recognized for thehigh quality of portraiture,
family groups and wedding

By photographing hundreds of
weddings we've learned how to be inconspicuous yet make the variety
of pictures you expect. This is your special day. We are not going to
run it for you but we will certainly
catch the action as it happens.
After talking with you, we will know exactly what you want.Whether
that dreamy look of love, the
religious significance, the joy of the parents, the guest or friends, the happiness and fun of the day.

We choose to use the best
professional cameras in the medium
2 1/4 x 2 1/4 format rather than 35mm
for it is agreed, the larger the film size gives better clarity and tonal value.

Your album pictures will be custom printed in our own lab where a
personal interest will be taken by the photographer who photographed your
wedding. Prints will be cropped, composed and color corrected for the
highest quality that is a Neefus

Now let's talk about prices. We have tried to gear our prices to meet
everyone's needs, whether a small wedding with 30 guests or an
elaborate wedding with 200 guests, whether you allow $500 or $3,000 for your photography. Your photography expenditures
will be the most
lasting and worthwhile. Long after
the flowers have wilted, the cake
and food consumed and the bridal gownpacked away, the album
pictures will relive the story of your wedding day, a history book to
show your children and grandchildren.

E-mail us at: [email protected]

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