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"Every idiot has a right to his opinion, and a Geocities page to put it on" -- Plato, 350 B.C.

Ah, true words, Plato. Here now, on Geocities, is MY page. It's not an opinion though, it's a comic, but the ancient Greeks couldn't be EXACTLY right. Welcome then, to the online dump of Needle & Thread comics! This page is going to change over time as I learn how to make flashing text and cgi code to steal credit card numbers, but stay the road, Grasshopper. It is the reed that bends that survives the storm.


Have copied the FAQ to the OFFICIAL SITE and scientists predict everything on this part of the site will have migrated to the Official Site by March 5, 2007. I might even have some new content up such as Character Bios and a 'How To' guide completed by then... but let's not get crazy here with the predictions. Time for the Missing In Action comics list: Platinum Grit, Leisuretown, Skidrow and Sully & Minkle. For occasional content, My New Filing Technique Is Unstoppable, My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable & Get Your War On (phew!) seems to be sparsely putting up content that's in-keeping with its hit/miss ratio of jokes and the new love of my life is Breakpoint City (not 'PointBreak City: the comic about Keanu Reeves and surfing', by the way) which cameo'd my loveable main stars here, which is just the kind of thing you do to get infinite and love and links from us on the N&T crew.

Oh yeah, and I'm planning a tribute strip of my own thanking both my readers sometime in the future, so drop me a line if you're one of those crazy guys (i.e. you know about this page) and let me know how you want to be credited or I'll be forced to call you Dr. Goodlove. Again. On with the madness.

I'm tricking you into viewing my low-quality comic with this blatantly exploitative banner.

The F.A.Q Page contains some frequently asked questions that have never been asked, but I have answers for them anyway. New readers who are confused might want to check it out. Or maybe not.
The Online Store has all kinds of worthless Needle & Thread merchandise. Purchase with a death wish.
Feedback, of course, is always welcome.
There is no 'character guide'. Yet. It seemed pointless because there's only 2 main characters, but if more of you get confused as to which one the Needle is, I'll post something up.
I'd also like to thank all my friends/people who've come here to look at my grainy little comics. Guys, this is living proof that ANYthing is possible, if you do it in a shoddy way.
Online Dating Guide Because we care.

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And now, on with the show.

First page of comics.
Um.. the comics between page 1 and page 2. Call it 1.5.
And, anticlimatically, page 4.
No joke for page 5
Click this link to adopt a page 6, today
The Man controls you. Click Page 7. Now.
Page 8
Number 9. Number 9. Number 9..
A perfect 10
Page 12
An anagram of 'eleven plus two' is 'twelve plus one'. Either way, you get 13.
Game, Set and Match. (14)
Space Probe Omega 15
Page 16, that is all.
Suite Seventeen
It's eighteenarific!
19; Proudly brought to you by our friends at Marty's Brake Testing and Wheel Alignment
Happy 21st, Needle & Thread
There was only one catch.. (22)
Page 23, drop that zero and get yourself a hero!
Four and twenty
25! Still Alive!
Mysterious Gap.
26, read.
3^3 (27)
Twenty-eight, shut the gate.
Twenty-nine, feeling fine.
Thirty.. uh.. I can't rhyme with thirty.
Thirty-one; It's 31!(tm)
Just click here for 32, ferChris'sakes.
You 'n' me 'n' 33.
Close the door, 34.
35, fiiiiinally!
Thrice dozen. (36, numbskulls)
PAGE 37!!!
Thirty-eight, shut the gate.
(nervous pause) ..39? Is that you?
Doing this comic is really my 40.
41, the page that'd come before the Douglas Adams joke.

"Official Site"

Needle & Thread is created by Nicholas Ball, 2001, 2002, 2003. It's not his property however, because once he uploaded it onto the Geocities/Yahoo page here, it all instantly became their property, including marketing, license and intellectual property rights. Fool. 1

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