Need Closet Space
So heres the deal:
Why do I wanna sell or trade for all this stuff?
Well I used to work at a high end department store and I bought enuf stuff for many,
many women.And I'm a crafter just like the rest of you whom are probably reading this so....

Now I'm merried and sharring a closet of un -worn or bearly worn clothes and shoes and purses and jewelry,and craft supplies...and it's just not working..besides-a girl would rather have space for stuff she fits into,and stuff she might use this century!!!

I hope you find something here just for you!!

FromOther Lands
Hand bags
Handmade/Crafts/Crafting Stuff
Shoes-none at present
All Clothing items are new,or nearly so,they have all been freshly dry cleaned and come from an animal free,smoke free home!
Purses are in new condition,I use them maybe once or twice as I am a 'one for every outfit' girl, close ups are provided for your quality inspection!
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