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From Other Lands
These are items I brought back from travles,They are clean and were actually still in the storage boxes that I brought them home in!I hope you find something here that sparks your intrest and takes you to far away lands!If you have questions about anyof them just E-mail Me!
From Guatamala a lovely posable doll and woven leangth to sew into a belt,the edge of a blanket,use for a purse handle, or sew  into the seam of your pants!The colors are vibrent and lively! $15
From Costa Rica A lovely and large soft sided purse,about the size of a magazine.It is hand woven and edged with a woven tape.It has a zipper closure at top edge. $10
Also from Costa Rica,from trees that only grow in San Jose, Costa Rica this fantastic wooden bead evening purse.The woods are so rich in color(this picture dose not do any justice) from amber to violet.I payed close to $80US plus the trip to the rigon where they make it! $20
Mexican Beaded roserie.La Virgin Guadalupe on the front and roses on the back.Very dainty in size but a lovely statment piece.Probably wont fit over most peoples heads but would be great for 3-d art or shrines. $3.00
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