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1) MEMBERSHIP:   The membership of the Society is open to any person from the North-    east and employed either in the Central or Delhi government or other reputed institutions based in NCT, has attained the age of maturity and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Society, without any discrimation on the basis of religion, caste, colour and creed.

2) SUBSCRIPTION:  For membership of the HOUSING SOCIETY, Subscription fee is proposed to be Rs 500 per month, amendable from time to time or as decided by the Governing Body. The due date of payment shall be the 10th of every month. Late fee of       Rs 50/- shall be charged if it is not paid on or before the due date.

3) REFUSAL:   The Governing Body of the Society may refuse any person for the membership of the Society without assigning any reason whatsoever.

4) EXECUTION:   The Governing Body of the Society may expel any member from the society on the following grounds:

(a) On his/her death. In such unfortunate circumstances, membership shall pass on to the next of kin of the deceased. If the next of kin does not want membership, the all the contribution amount of the deceased shall be paid back along with 2% interest on the amount.

(b) If the member fails to pay the subscription in time, consecutively for three months from the due date of the subscription.

(c) If the member works against the aims and objectives of the society.

(d) If the member tenders his/her resignation. Please note that in this case, he/she will forfeit all his/her contribution. However, he/she may sell off his/her membership, but subject to the approval of the Governing Body.

(e) If the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the General Body.
The reason of the execution, if any, shall be communicated to every member. Every such expelled member shall have a right to appeal before the General Body, which will have the final authority to make the final decision in the matter.

5) APPEALS:    All the appeals shall be referred to the Governing Body of the Society, who in turn shall refer it to the General Body. The decision of the General Body shall be treated as final.

Every member shall have the right to participate in the General Body meeting and shall also be entitled to inspect records of the Society, including financial records with the prior approval of the Governing Body. He/she shall also have the right to vote in the meetings, functions and get together programs of the Society and can be privy to any matter pertaining to the Society.

7) GENERAL BODY:  There shall be General Body of the Society, which shall automatically consist of all the members. The meeting of the General Body shall be held at least once a year. The Quorum shall be required in the convening and adjournment of the emergent meeting of the General Body, which may also be summoned, with prior notice on the written request of 10 days for such meetings. The notice period of General Body for such meeting shall be 15 days. The following business shall be given:

(a) To prepare annual programs and policies.

(b)To discuss and to decide all such other matters and issue which are directly and / or indirectly related to the affairs of the Society.

(c) To pass annual budget of Society.

(d)To appoint a qualified auditor who will audit all the accounts of the Society.

(e)To consider any business brought forward by the Governing Body.

(f)The General Secretary shall summon all the meeting of the General Body.

(g)The quorum of the Governing Body shall be 2/3 majority.

(h) The General Body meeting shall consider the budget, financial statement and balance sheets etc. (at least 30 days notice shall be given to the Governing Body for holding such meetings).

(i) The President shall summon special meeting on written requisition from one-fourth members of the General body.

(j)The General Body shall have power to review the policy and work of the Governing Body formalities, policies, passed resolutions and recommendations regarding matters of common concern for all members such as formulations of policies, resolutions, implementations of suggestions of policies and recommendations shall be considered by the Governing Body and give effect to as far as practicable.

8) GOVERNING BODY:    There shall be a Governing Body of the Society to look after and manage the day to day affairs of the Society. It shall consist of a minimum of 9 and maximum of 15 members:
i)    President
ii)   Vice Presidents
iii)  Secretary
iv)  Joint Secretary
v)   Treasurer
vi)  Executive Members (Min.2 Max. 10)



(a)  He shall preside over all the meetings of General  Body and Governing Body.
(b)  He may spend  a maximum of Rs. 500/-  prior to the approval of the Governing Body on the cause of the association.
(c)  He shall supervise work of the other office bearers from time to time.
(d)  He shall keep all types of records of the association, including the register of member  casting   therein the names, address and the other required documents.


(a)   He shall assist the president .
(b)  He shall enjoy all powers and duties which are entrusted to the President in his absence.


(a)  He shall undertake all type of correspondence on behalf of the Society.
(b)  He shall convene the meetings of General Body, Governing Body and he shall also inform/intimate  every member in advance  regarding time, date, agenda  and place of the meetings .It should be circulated in writing , through mails  or telephones/ fax 10 days before  the meeting.
(c)  He may spend  a maximum of Rs. 500/-  prior to the approval of the Governing Body or on the cause of the Society, more than this amount if the needs arise. However, he will need to get it approved from the Governing Body at its next meeting.


In the absence of the Secretary, the Joint Secretary shall enjoy all powers and duties, which are entrusted to the Secretary. He shall also assist the Secretary in his work.


He shall collect subscription, gift, grant-in-aid and donations from the members and the general public and he also is responsible for keeping and maintenance of true and correct accounts of the society funds. He may keep cash in hand not more than Rs.5000/-   (Rs.Five thousand only).

They shall assist in the day-to-day work of the Society or as directed by the President and the Secretary.

10) REGISTER OF MEMBERS: The Society shall maintain at its registered office a register of its members and shall enter therein, within 10 days after admission of member or the cessation of his membership, as the case may be, the particulars as follows:
a) The name and address of the members.
b) The date in which the member was admitted.
c) The date on which a member ceased to be such members.

11) FINANCIAL YEAR: The financial year of the Society shall be from 1st April to 31st March of every year.

12) SOURCES OF INCOME & UTILISATION: Subscription, donation, grant-in-aid and gifts etc. from the members and the general public shall be source of income of the Society. All the income of the Society is to be utilized towards the aims and objectives of the Society.

13) BANK OPERATIONS: The President or Secretary with the Treasurer shall operate the Bank Account of the Society. Qualified auditors appointed by the Society shall audit the account every year.

14) FILLING UP CASUAL VACANCIES: The casual vacancies may be filled up by a resolution passed by a simple majority of vote at the Governing Body. The General Body at its next meeting in turn, would approve this.

In such a situation of admission of new member/s, the new member/s shall have to pay all the premiums paid by the members till date along with 2% interest on the amount or as decided by the Governing Body.

15) MODE OF ELECTION: The Governing Body of the Society shall be elected for a term of 2 years in the General Body meetings. The secret ballot system & raising hands shall be the mode of election.

16) AMENDMENT: Any amendment in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall be decided by consensus at the General Body Meetings to be held from time to time.

17) LOCATION: The Society shall try its very best to get land allotted in Delhi. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, if that is not possible, then it may seek other option such as in the NCR region too.


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