Why Should I Study Lebanon?
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You are on a research team from the planet Saturn.  Your planet has sent you on a mission to explore the mysteries of Earth.  Your research team has been assigned to study the country of Lebanon.  In a research group of four, you will explore and discover all about a certain part of Lebanon.

Your mission...if you choose to accept it...
to discover...

Why should we study Lebanon?

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The Task
Your task in this Webquest is to discover all you can about Lebanon.  You will choose one of the following aspects of the country:

The Geography
The Arts
The Religions
The History
The People

Using the web, your group will research the topic you have chosen.  Your final product will be a presentation to the entire research team about your topic. You will be able to use music, plays, interviews, video, or any other multimedia source.

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The Process
1. Your research team leader (a.k.a. Ms. Chlala) will present you with your mission.

2. You will pick the area that you want to concentrate your research:

3. The team will then divide into smaller research groups.

4. Brainstorm as a group: What makes a good source? What is important to remember when looking at sources? You can use Inspiration, Word,or paper to organize your thoughts.

5. We will then discuss the results as a team.

6. As a research group, you will research your particular topic using the links provided for you.  You can also use external sources such as encyclopedias, journals,newspapers, as long as these sources are current.

7. During your research, you will need to organize your information with Word or Inspiration in order to have a comprehensive presentation.  In your hotlist of links, I have included some guiding questions for each topic.  These are meant to help guide your research and help you choose what you may want to present.

8. Research groups will present their information to the entire team in a creative and thorough presentation. You  have the freedom to choose how you will present. You can use music, plays, interviews, video, or any other multimedia source. Be creative! Have fun with it!

9. As a team, you will hand in all your brainstorms, research notes, and presentation.  Please make sure that these are well organized and clear.

10. You will individually answer the reflection questions at the end of this webquest.

11. You will fill out a group and self evaluation of the project.  Be fair and honest!

      Linksfor Research:
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You will be evaluated both as a team and as individuals.  I will be watching for... Click here to see the rubric.

You will also be evaluating yourselves and your team members.

REMEMBER:I will be evaluating you both as individuals and as a team.

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Reflection Questions
Now that you have discovered all these ideas and facts about Lebanon:

Would you recommend this country to the rest of Saturn?
What part of your research meant the most to you?  Why?
What else would you want to know about this country?
Also, if you know anyone from Lebanon or the Middle East, tell what you know about them.

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Great job Research Team!!! Hopefully, through this  project, you
have learned more about Lebanon for Saturn and yourselves.  Also,
you have realized how important it is to be aware and open minded
when you are looking at the Internet.
Have your ideas changed about Lebanon? How so? Hopefully, now
you know why you should study Lebanon!!!


Here are some recommended books about the Middle East and

Sami and the Time of Troubles by Florence Parry Heide and Judith HeideGilliland
The Day of Ahmed's Secret by Florence Parry Heide and Judith HeideGilliland    
Sitti's Secrets by Naomi Shihab Nye
Habibi by Naomi Shihab Nye

Here are some more websites that you can search and look on about the
Middle East and Lebanon:

The Arab Net: http://www.arab.net/
Pictures from Morocco: http://geogweb.berkeley.edu/GeoImages/Miller/millerone.html
Encyclopedia of the Orient: http://i-cias.com/i-e.o/2b.htm
History for Kids: http://www.historyforkids.org/
Mid-East Info - Lebanon:http://www.mideastinfo.com/lebanon.htm

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Credits & References


Special Thanks to:

The PT3 Summer Institute organizers and staff at San Francisco State University

Robert Chlala (for helping with research)

Rubric was created through: http://rubistar.4teachers.org

Thank you to the following websites for use of their graphics:




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