Welcome to the Guild of Flame website! You are welcome to look around, waste some time looking at all the nifty things that no one really cares about but the clan members. Heck. You're already here. Why don't you check out our rules, then put in an application to be a clan member yourself? On a side note, I've finished a recruitment video, but I'm having a pain getting it set up to load. Maybe it'll eventually make it onto the site. Maybe not. We'll just have to see...
We are a NOD preference clan, which hopes to very soon be a voice enabled one. But in the mean time the commanders are close enough to use the phone, and then transfer the tactics through one computer or the other. But that will be fixed. I promise.
Guild of Flame Crest NOD Crest
Logistics Commander                                       Terekk

Field Commander                                      

Covert Ops/Recon Specialist                         

Heavy Weapons Specialist

Fast Attack Specialist

Vehicle Specialist

Base Defence Specialist

Sniper Specialist

Ney's Law
The more outrageous, threatening and/or horrifying a statement is, the greater the percentage of people who will accept it immediately as fact, whether or not there is any evidence of its truth, and the greater the likelihood that any contrary data will be either totally ignored or vociferously denied.
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