Hey, my name is Dan. I�m currently a junior in high school in Long Island, New York. I grew up in the same town that I currently live in (I can�t disclose my exact location due to security issues, though if you�re reading this you are most likely in Ms. Gokturk�s class and probably have a pretty good idea of what town I live in) and attended all the public schools here beginning with Kindergarten. My family moved to a new area of town when I was in second grade and at the time I was pretty upset because I had to change schools. As for my family, I have two sisters and a brother, all of which are younger than me.

As for the present time, like I said before I am a junior in high school, about to be a Senior since I�m writing this on the last day of school. School this year was �fun.� The best part of this year was that I got a car, which I drive quite frequently. Now that there is only one day of school left, I am really looking forward to the summer. This summer I am going to Egypt for three weeks with a SCUBA diving program called Broadreach. I went on a trip with them last year to the Caribbean and it was quite fun since I love diving. Egypt should be awesome and I can�t wait to go. My main interests at this time are driving, diving, and outdoors stuff like mountaineering and rock climbing.

In the future, I am planning to attend college and I�m thinking about majoring in Bio. If all goes well, I�ll end up in medical school afterwards and eventually become some type of surgeon, probably a heart or neurosurgeon. Once I somehow become ridiculously rich (I haven�t figured out how I�m going to do this yet) the first thing I�m going to buy is a Koenigsegg CCR. If you have no idea what I�m talking about, check it out here: www.koenigsegg.com. It�s definitely the sickest car ever made.

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