First CS&IT Batch of Narayana Engineering College, Nellore(1998-2002)

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Distance can't seperate us

“Welcome To This Site Where We Can Interact With Each Other, Though we Are In AnyPart Of The World. The Distance Cannot Separate us.”

”Friends are God's way of taking care of us"

Down The Memory Lane:

                    Our College Started on Dec 4, 1998. On the first day, we hardly
                  knew we would be such good friends in the times to come! In the first
                  year there was no much interaction among the members of the class as
                 were separated as different sections(with few in a section)…when we
   came into the second year we hardly knew each others name!

                        We, the first IT batch were always the trendsetters…. though it be
                  fashion or giving a new idea(ofcourse a good one!) and following it. We
                  being the students of the first batch always enjoyed the privilege of
           being in constant touch with our principal and getting blows from
                         him!(indeed,  we always took them as blessings!) The best memory of our
                      college life is the Cultural celebrations in the second year….the skit we
                  played was a highlight of the program(remember “maa nanna James
                       Bondu….”). Though the tour to Bangalore in the  third year was not a run
                    away hit, we still remember playing anthakshari in the bus. Though we
                      were not allowed to party much, celebrating birthdays in the class was
                  really unforgettable

                          Eventually we've realized that every class has its share of the
                  good, the bad and the ugly; and the class of 98 CSIT was no exception.
                  Inspite of everything, we'll always cherish the memories of our CLASS!!

                                Those good old days….probably, everyone wants to live them
                  again!This site is an effort to keep everybody together and informed.
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