Jenny as Mae in the movie NEAR DARK

Jenny Wright's page is dedicated to the lovely and talented actress Jenny Wright who appeared in numerous movies and TV programs.. Movies she has appeared in include "The Executioner's Songs", "Valentino Returns", "I, Madman", "Young Guns 2", the sci-fi thriller "The Lawnmower Man", the cult classic about modern day vampires "Near Dark" as well as several others..

I noticed tho many movie stars have websites, Jenny didn't seem to have one. She more than deserves one, so I made this one..if you'd like to contribute anything to her site, just send us an email and let us know!


�� Jenny seemed to have disappeared from the public eye for a time.. In an attempt to find out what happened to her I wrote a song for her.. A segment of the song was placed on the old "Near Dark" movie website (now unfortunately gone) where Sarah, the webmaster, suggested perhaps Jenny or one of her friends might hear it..


Jenny and her Mom Marilyn did hear our song and sent us emails!.. We sent Jenny and her Mom CD's with the whole song as well a some other originals songs.. Jenny said thanks for the song and it was pretty, good things in Y2K.. At the time Marilyn said Jenny was not quite "ready to emerge from her shadows"..

  (7/08)We heard from a friend of Jenny's named Val.. "I am a friend of Jennifer's (Jenny). PLease know that she is doing good and in good health. She works on community activities and helps in fundraising for some groups in our town in Southern California. I was touched by your song about her.".. We're not sure if she might consider tv or movies again at the moment.. We suspect that once in a great while Jenny visits the site, "incognito", perchance if you left something for her in the guestbook she might eventually read it..

Messages for Jenny

**JENNY, if you ever check out your webpage there's a gentleman named Michael Felsher from Anchor Bay Entertainment that wrote to us hoping to contact you.. They are doing a DVD of Near Dark and would like to interview you.. [email protected]

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� � 8/19/02..MESSAGE FOR JENNY.. "Near Dark" is now out on DVD.. On a documentary disc that comes along, Adrian Pasdar asks for you to please contact him..

  10/03.. ANOTHER MESSAGE FOR JENNY.. An author named Andrew Swift is writing a book about vampire stories and would love to speak with you.. if you're interested he's at [email protected]


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"NEAR DARK JENNY is a song written by Davy Shannon of 4Ever Erin. It's based on the movie "Near Dark" which featured Jenny as Mae the modern day vampire.. "Just listen ... and read the lyrics, it's a great song."-- Sarah, webmaster of the Near Dark movie website.

  "I absolutely love this song, and adore Jenny Wright". -- Darkjenny of


Near Dark Jenny - where did you go?
Near Dark Jenny - there's someone who misses you so
Soon the sun will be rising - time for Mae to hide
Near Dark Jenny - hide the tears you've cried

Well, Caleb and I we've been searching
Loy and Sarah they've been looking too
O Pretty Jenny - young Mae what's become of you?

When the night has fallen the vampires come out to play
There's Jesse, Diamondback, Homer and Severen - and our seductive little Mae

The winds blow o'er the prarrie - the moon's in the sky above
The family hunts nocturnal delights - then Mae seeks vampire love


I sought out Valentino - I called to The Lawnmower Man too
I asked everyone in this Wild Life but no one knows what happened to you

Near Dark Jenny you know you'll always be our star
If you need some hope and strength to share
Send us a message from wherever you are


(c) Copyright 1999 Words and Music by Davy Shannon Vienna, Virginia USA
� Callian's Dream
Lead Vocals and Bass - Meagan Lane
Electric Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals - David Shannon
12 - String Rhythm Guitar and percussion - Craig Simmons
Percussion- Dew Maisel

Guest Artist
Keyboard - Boyd Bennett

�� Produced By T.V. John Langworthy and Boyd Bennett



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