First Name : Ian
Comment : Hi, I love your website ands wanted to ask if you know where I may write a
fan letter to Jenny Wright.Thanks and take care!!Ian

First Name : Shannon
Comment : Ive been a huge fan of Jennys ever since Garp. Shes fabulous and I hope that
she has some happiness in her life.

First Name : kali
URL : [email protected]
Comment : I am a firefighter from florida and want to find any photos or even a site that
could reach her, would like to have her send a autographed photo to our fire station,

First Name : Ariana
Comment : Jenny, I was so exited to see Near Dark last night for the first time. You are
an actor who brings a wonderful prescence to a project and I hope we can see you again
soon-in anything. We miss you!

First Name : Terry
Comment : Dear Ms. Wright, From one among many who care and wish you the very
best, may your life be filled with peace, happiness, and love wherever you are.

First Name : Dr. NO
Comment : Great to see so many Jenny Wright fans out there. I was hooked from the
first time I saw Near Dark - way back when... Unfortunately the new excellent DVD has
no interviews with Jenny, but as you can read on this site Anchor Bay did try to get ahold
of her

First Name : Mike
Comment : I just got done watching NEAR DARK from an Anchor Bay release and I
really enjoyed it. Jenny Wright caught my eye as a great actress,, but also a beautiful lady
at that. I also seen others movies by her which was Lawnmower Man,, which I did not
notice Jen

First Name : Bobby
Comment : It's great to see a site up for Jenny Wright. I have been looking for pictures of
her for a long time but I haven't found any. I think I saw here in an episode of NYPD Blue
ahwile back but I could be wrong. If I find any pics I'll forward them so we can g

First Name : sergej
Comment : greatings from moscow, russia

First Name : steffen
Comment : Greatings from Germany. Last day, Ive seen the film NEAR DARK. I must
say that Jenny is a very good actress, she looks very good, but unfortunately she played in
a few films. I hope that there she will play in a film some day.

First Name : Jim
Comment : I fell in love with you in Near Dark. Please come back into the publics eye.

First Name : Dr Roger Hawkins
Comment : Jenny Wright is beautiful and talented. I'm a doctor living and practising
medicine in the UK and I would love to meet or at least hear from Jenny. I even married
an English girl that looks a lot like Jenny. I saw Jenny in St Elmos's and the other evening

First Name : Colin
Comment : It's a great website! Jenny's a talented actress and she was incredibly beautiful
in The Chocolate War, even though she had a small role. Keep up the great work:)

First Name : Bryan
Comment : Nice site. Too bad we didn't get to see more of her in other works. She's
most beautiful. ;-)

First Name : davy - part 3
Comment : I wrote about 16 songs about her and numerous poems, stories and once had
a quite elaborate website for her.... As they say in some places, "Keep coming back, it
works when you work it"..

First Name : davy - part 2
Comment : once brought a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people.. now in a self imposed
exile of sorts, she still has fans around the world (and her mom loved this site).. Now my
ex-girlfriend human companion type person, that's a different story..

First Name : davy
Comment : Hi TP, BS & PMS, sorry your message got cut off.. I emailed geocities about
more space for messages but they never responded.. you seem witty and talented.. I don't
consider this site an obession, just a tribute to someone who was pretty and talented and

First Name : Televised Paranoia
Comment : You're most welcome. And thanks for so poignantly bringing to attention the
'TP' thing. But that's no problem, my initials in real life are BS, and the initials of my
boyfriend are PMS (you know, boyfriend-girlfriend...human companions, not seldom

First Name : Davy
Comment : Thanks for sharing T P.

First Name : Televised Paranoia
Comment : Obsession is a very unhealthy state of mind. My advice is, get a life (or at
least a human companion) and get the fuck over some obscure B-movie actress.

First Name : Brian
Comment : cool site. jenny is hot.

First Name : Gabriel
Comment : Wow-I just saw Nic Cage's Bio special and mentioned he and Jenny Wright
were married. I forgot all about her, but was madly deeply in love with her when I was 17.
It's cool she has a site. Is she not acting at all or is she concentrating on theater, anyon

First Name : [email protected]
Comment : Jenny, last talked over pizza at Damiano's, long long ago. Now in Jersey.
Wild ride. Best always. Be in touch.

First Name : Cat 3
Comment : Dearest Jenny, you are very important for us and we love you now such as
you are and whatever you are doing

First Name : Bob
Comment : Hey Jenny, Do us fans a favor and at least let us know what you are up to!
Who wouldn't want you to bite their neck:)

First Name : Simon
Comment : Isn't it strange? Everybody is talking about Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears
though Jenny Wright is much sweeter. But only few people seem to notice that. Or do we
just have an unusual taste?

First Name : Buck
Comment : Wow! A Jenny Wright website! It's about time! Hope we see her again soon.
Tell her I love her!

First Name : Cat 2
URL : [email protected]
Comment : How are you, Jenny ? Whay are you doing ? Please let me know.

First Name : Cat 2
URL : [email protected]
Comment : How are you, Jenny ? Whay are you doing ? Pklease let me know.

First Name : Cat1
Comment : Happy birthday, Jenny, Buon Compleanno I'm an italian girl who passionately
loves you. I keep watching all yuor movies again and again. I need new ones. Please come
back, Jenny!

First Name : Bill
Comment : Enjoyed yer sight, it is hard to find information about Jenny on the web! I too
wondered what became of her, she was definately a recognizable face in the 80s early
90s... good

First Name : Nick
Comment : Love this chick.

First Name : Paul
Comment : Hi everyone here I look for info about Ms Wright and found some spots like
your that never say a word about the movie 'I madman' where she plays a main character.
The movie was awarded in the Fantastic Movie Festival from Avoriz France. If you
contact h

First Name : ed
Comment : Jenny Wright is a lovely beautiful woman who deserves more in internet. Just
one kiss for her.

First Name : fernie
URL : [email protected]
Comment : the last time I had seen near dark was at the age of ten. I finally saw it again
and I was amazed at how wonderful, an magical a movie it is. And jenny made it even
better. This one of my favorite movies. Jenny is so dark and beautiful in the movie. I hop

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