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I love to camp and fish. I catch BIG catfish on trotlines. I have had a variety of partners in my outings including some of our kids, grandkids and friends. These pages will show you pictures of some of those fish and fishing partners. As an added bonus, you can see some of our grandchildren growing up.



.....In 1993 my son owned a popup camper. That's it above. You'll see it again in a later photo. I borrowed it for a week and my wife and I went to Tenkiller lake in Oklahoma to camp and relax. I hadn't fished in a while, but thought I'd try it a little bit. I didn't own a boat or any fishing equipment. I rented a boat there and bought one trotline to set out. The next day, when I checked the line, I had a 24 pound blue catfish hooked! I hadn't counted on catching anything that big and I needed a net to get it into the boat. I made a fast trip to a local marina and bought a net. The fish was still there waiting when I got back and I managed to get him into the boat. It was a very exciting experience! I've caught lots of bigger catfish since then and they've all been exciting, but that was the one that got me hooked on trotline fishing. That's the prize fish on the right. We kept camping and fishing but we didn't take any more pictures until a couple of years later.

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