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I am having large group of friends who have different skills in their different fields.


These are the photographs of some of my best friends

The remeberance of the moments we had together

Just click on the image to view it in a full size


                   Nirav in Himachali  Dress                   Nirav_Friends               Nirav_Friends in Manali    

                                                 Nirav in Rohtang -- Manali

                    Nirav in Mt. Abu       Krina in Mt. Abu

                    Nirav  Malav Jigar at Tirupati         Nirav Malav Jigar at Tirupati

                    Nirav  Sleeping       Malav Pratikbhai Nirav Jigar taking Dinner at Chennai

                    Nirav in  Showroom at Chennai               Nirav in Chennai              Nirav in Chennai 

                                                     Malav busy on Phone


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