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Welcome To My Site!
If you came here from Paltalk you probably know me already, if not you soon will!
I am a new admin in Coyote_Red's room but i've already met most of the regulars and as i've known from the start, it's a fantastic room with some great people especially the big boss man Mr Red himself. Please snoop around my site and sign the guestbook to let me know what you think.
A Jackal (Me)
Site Updates
October 7th 2006
MJC Radio page added, it explains about my new internet radio project  and how to listen in, also recently was the addition of the contact page listing the phone numbers for my various offices across the US if you need to contact me.
September 12th 2006

I tried to continue outside on the virtual tour but i'm having trouble uploading the pictures for it, it won't accept any i try apart from the open door picture. I'll keep trying though.

September 11th 2006!!

Oh dear its been a while, been awful busy. Main page updated to accomodate me joining Red Coyote's Country Music Room as an admin. New Satellite Images added, some really good ones on there.

January 28th 2006

I'm not sure what went wrong with the chatroom but i can't get it working.The music video section of the site has been deleted, it takes up too much of the hourly usage limit.

January 10th 2006

Finished update of main page, interior virtual tour completed,, will be expanding outside and around when i get hold of a digital camera to take better photos. . I'm also collecting more satellite pictures of world landmarks. Like the background music?

January 7th 2006

Main page has been re-designed and content updated for the first time in a while, but i've not been here so it's not my fault. The re-design is mainly due to a HTML code mess up with the old one. Not quite finished but i'll do it within a few days.

January 1st 2006

Happy new year everybody.

December 25th 2005

Merry Christmas, hope you all had a good one.

December 13th 2005

Got back from latest trip to see Mrs. Mike in Seattle, USA..
A Coyote (Mr Red)
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