Shawn Roche
Fargo, N.D.
Some College
Season of Passage by Christopher Pike
Green, Red and Blue
Who Knows, I pick up and book put it down and start a different book
Go, Return to Paradise, Urban Legends, Wild Things,  From Dusk till Dawn, Cruel Intentions, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and The Breakfast Club
Who Says I'm Going to Grow up? I'm going to remain young for the rest of my life!!!!
Favorite Brands of Clothing
Billabong, Rusty, and Hurley
Favorite Retail Stores
(If I'm not at Home I'm  at one of the following)
Old Navy, Gadzooks, Mr. Rags, Ragstock, Pacific Sunwear, Best Buy, Media Play, and Maurices
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Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!
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