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Thanks for stopping in and checking out some very important information. If you're like most than this will just be everyday news. But, if you're looking for something� a difference, then I urge you to read on. This page was assembled to hopefully allow you the viewer, to see and ponder the realities of Divorce. Why is this epidemic sweeping our nation, our world at such an alarming rate. Is it me? Is it her? It is society? Where is the root of this problem? Read on and feel free to Email - ([email protected]) your comments back.

An article on Relationships by Carin Gorrell, in a issue of Psychology Today - (web edition), Suggest that a study conducted by Dr. Catherine Cohan, Ph.D., show that cohabitation is a contributor towards the growing divorce rate. Cohan discovered "that the cohabiting couples displayed more negative and fewer positive problem-solving and support behaviors than couples who had not cohabited prior to marriage. In particular, when discussing a topic the husband had identified as a problem, partners who had cohabited tended to express more negative behaviors such as coerciveness and attempts to control".

I don't believe that any partnership can function efficiently under one dominating ruler, yet people are so un-willing to look in the mirror for the answer.  We can see examples of this in everyday life starting with the corporate world all the way down to our youth.  It has to be team work or it won't work.  When I was in the service I learned that like fast.  And as I thought about that I said, "Wow� does it really have to take a world war to get us to get along with one and other"?  I was saddened by the answer.  You see during previous wars, even as far back as revolutionary wars we can see how quickly people would set their differences aside and work together.  Now that's tragic� yet it's so true.  Think about it.

Now teamwork is a good thing made up of two parts and like water, which is also made of of parts - (
H- 2- O), without one you do have much.  So then teamwork in a relationship without respect - (just to name one factor)� you don't have much.  Please understand that these are the little cells of a much larger picture which make up a health environment where a good relationship can grow.  This complete structure is what is being deteriorated by this epidemic of Divorce.  I hope you are attaining some form of comprehension here.  If not� keep reading.

Dr. Cohan also suggest, "People who choose to cohabit may have poorer communication skills upon entering a cohabiting relationship, compared to people who do not cohabit".  Some common marital areas of discord include; sexual difficulties, money, career decisions, religion and family planning, stated Dr. Cohan.  Is life complex?  No dough!  This has to say something to us.  We need to make time these days to Lysol, if I may,  our relationships.  It's hard, but so are the Olympics, and in the end you can smile when you recieve the Gold.  How much is it worth to you.  I know it takes two to tango, so we won't rule out other complexities.  But, lets continue in our studies and together we can find answers� and some relief.  Thanks

More to come�
                       EMOTIONS... CAN YOU TRUST THEM?

But, what if we should Love each other?
And what if we, in the end, hate each other?

Sound familiar?  Or maybe you�ve may have already lived it?  Well the human being by nature is a relational creature.  And we have needs.  Love, touch, companionship, and understanding are just a few.  But the facts is that it definitely isn�t as peachy as the Television portrays it to be.  The truth is a true satisfying relationship comes slowly and through lots of work.  Just look at some of man�s greatest accomplishments and you will see that not one came over night.  A good relationship definitely has nothing to do with overnights.  Emotions?  Be careful, and keep them in check!

To be continued...
            "Because when the pressure goes up... the truth comes out"

                 - -
L. Ortiz
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