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Bridge School 2001 Benefit Concert- Open Letter to Neil Young. CLICK    HERE
Open Letter To Neil Young 2000
Dear Neil,
This is an open letter to you :)
My daughter, her friend and I recently attended your September 20, 2000 concert at the beautiful Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.
You truely have a gift in your words and music which enables you to cross the� generations. Your band and back up singers (your wife and sister) are amazing and your road crew did a great job of setting up the stage! The view and the acoustics from the outer limits (Section "C", Row 62, Seat 11) were spectacular!� You had a number of devoted fans up there from what I observed. It was a treat to watch them interact.
My most memorable moment was when we were walking up to the ampitheatre entrance encased by tall monuments of crimson coloured stone and being approached by a well dressed man asking if I would be interested in purchasing tickets. I declined saying, "Thank you, no." My dutiful daughter informed me that he was a "scalper" and that I could have been arrested if I had bought tickets from him. Sadly, I� admitted to her that I had already bought tickets from a scalper by the name of "Ticketmaster" (whom I am sure evolved from "Ticketron" of years ago).� I don't mind paying to see the artist but I do mind paying the umpteen ad on fee's that ""Ticketmaster"  charges.They are a rip off but who else can you turn to for tickets????  (
Well, Neil, I'll close for now. I just wanted to say hi and� thank you for sharing your soul through your music.
One last thing, how come I cannot purchase "Time Fades Away" on CD or cassette? I have the album (with caboodles of scratches) but no turntable. It's my favorite :)

See You                                                                                         


Pine Ridge, SD.
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