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US Qualifier Results
The 2002 U.S. Freestyle Qualifiers this season were held in Bogus Basin.  Tony Gilpin & Donovan Power was the only athlete that previously qualified through results and did not have to ski in Dual Moguls.  Northern Divisions Moustache Militia represented with Donovan Power winning the singles event. Michael Stevenson in 6th and Tony Gilpin in 7th. Alex Geissler was 24th, Landon Gardner 46th, Jonah Elliott 47th,Jack Nelson 50th, Cody Tempel 62nd, Tom Vineyard 63rd.  On the women�s side Heather McPhie was 5th, Nancy Powers was 21st and Ani Haas was 24th.  All of the athletes that were in the top 35 received an invitation to the U.S. Selection Events next season.  In Duals our top finisher was Michael Stevenson with a 2nd place finish.  Landon Gardner, Jack Nelson, Cody Tempel, Tom Vineyard, Sam Bullington were eliminated in the round of 64.  Alex Giessler, Ani Haas, was eliminated in the round of 32.  Nancy Powers and heather McPhie made it to the round of 16.  Northern Division will have the following skiers competiting at the 2002 US Freestyle Grand Nationals.  Moguls & Duals- Heather McPhie, Tony Gilpin, Donovan Powers, Michael Stevenson, and Cory Ryan.  Nancy Powers will be a duel mogul specialist at this event. 

US Championships
The Chevy Truck US Freestyle Mogul Championships Almost was cancelled due to spring Fog.  This event was held on Suicide.  With out weather day scheduled the organizing committee allowed for a chance to hold the event on Monday.  If the fog like conditions were not to clear up by 1:00pm they would cancel nationals.  This would have been the first time that a National Championships were not held since 1984 at Squaw Valley California. 

2002-2003 Schedule
A tentative schedule is attached to this news letter and may change slightly later this summer. You will receive a News Letter in October with the final and Official 2002-2203 schedule of events and registration forms. On this schedule you will see TBD.  These events are still being bided on.  Locations will be enclosed in the October newsletter.

2002 Junior Freestyle Championships
This seasons Jr. Freestyle championships were held in Sugarloaf Maine.  Our Number of athletes to qualify for this event was record setting.  Total athletes that were invited to this event were 29.  This shows the dept in skiers that we have in Northern Division. Parents Coaches and athletes should pat themselves on the back for all of their hard work & commitment to the sport.  Results from Jr Nationals Mogul Event.  Heather McPhie 11th, Jesse Goldsmith 28th, Jack Nelson 33rd, BJ Labert 36th.  We had no skiers make it to the round of 8 for either men or women in dual moguls.

National Points List
You can view you end of season results at  You can view athlete histories as well as see your overall results.

NDF Points List
The northern division grand prix results are decided by your FIS point value.  In Moguls the final NDF Points List consists of your top three events in the last calendar year. In aerials as well as duels it is your top two.

If you have access to the Internet please use it to register for events next fall. It is very simple all of the event organizers a lot of time and effort that can be focused to making a successful event. is our Internet registration company. has been very easy to work with & we are looking forward to having them be our provider for many years to come. 

International Youth Championships
This season we had two athletes qualify to compete at the 2002 IYC Championships.  This event was held in Pudajarvi Finland.  Cory Ryan Qualified as a FIS Junior and competeted in Moguls as well as  opDuals.  Shaun Maki Qualified to ski as a dual mogul specialist at this event.  Congratulations to both of these athletes. It is great to see Our Athletes have what it takes to compete at an international level.

USSA Membership
You need to renew your USSA membership before October 1st or you will pay an additional $15 late fee. It is best to just renew when you get your notice so you do not forget. This year you will pay the Northern Division fee of $10 with your USSA fees. You will not be assessed any Northern Division fee from us. If you need a new bib it will cost you $10. Remember you need to be a USSA member to compete at NDF events. Renew early and get this out of the way.

FIS Judging Clinic
Congratulations to Jackie Laclair for getting the FIS Judging clinic to be in Bozeman Montana this year.  This clinic has never been in Montana.  This is a great time for all of our new judges as well as our parent judges to attend this clinic.  More details will follow or if you are interested in attending this event you can contact Jackie.  406-586-7212.  [email protected]
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