(music video for the Acoustical Sensation)
      My girlfriend's brother, Ben Fontecchio, started a project last year simply called The Acoustical Sensation (www.myspace.com/
theacousticalsensation).  One of his first songs, "Waiting" was recorded in his house on barely consumer-grade equiptment including a synthesized beat.  When I first heard it, I was initially surprised at how
good the technical values were.  The audio was crisp, if not professional, and I didn't even notice that the drums were all computerized.  The next thing I responded to were the lyrics.  Lines like "Daydreams don't last for days" really impressed me.  Ben sings the song in a restrained manner (which may just have been debut jitters), which I thought complemented the lyrics perfectly.
       The last movie AJ and I finished was "Human's Lib" and it was about a man whose blue collar life resembled a prison.  The lyrics of "Waiting" explored some similar things, like the  repression of reality in the romance of dreams.  That being said, I was inspired to shoot the band a music video.
        Jumping on board with us once again was our friend Mike Veres, who gave us great performances in "Pagan Rd." and "Chemical Blues."  This time, he plays a man who wakes up to live out his responsibilities, but can't fight his dreams of breaking them throughout the day.  The video is shown in two realities, a structure we used in "Lib." 
       Veres' girlfriend Liz Herman conveniently agreed to play his girlfriend in the video.  My father, a detective for the MPD, used his intimidation skills to play Mike's boss at a dead end corporate job.
        Linked below are storyboards and a synopsis I used to obtain an independent study to edit the video. 
Storyboard -- Bedroom sequence

Storyboard -- Bedroom sequence 2

Storyboard -- Bedroom sequence 3

Storyboard -- Bathroom/Apt. Ext.

Storyboard -- Performance
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