Chemical Blues [2006]
to play at Great Lakes film fest on Sept. 21st, 2006 at 8:15 pm - The Roadhouse Theater.

Still high off our love of director Gregg Araki's "Living End" era fimography, (see
Elimidate Party) we implemented lots of style  and fun in our cautionary tale "Chemical Blues".  Privleged again to have Mike Veres play our morally bankrupt protagonist Pete,  "Chemical Blues" was a fun project shot in the summer of 2005. 

Pete's one shifty character.  Avoiding his girlfriend to inject a mysterious blue drug into his veins, he finds himself abusing all  the good that surrounds his shallow life.  He trips big time in a blue haze of oblivion, and runs over a blue, faceless creature  with his car.  His blue victim fleds the scene, but ends up being the centerpiece of a cloudy mystery.  "Chemical Blues" is all  about how we damage our consciences, and the dangers in letting it go astray.

Mike Veres....Pete
Rachel McKeon...Cheri
Ricky Power...John Trebuchet
Julie Pierce...Trish

Original Score by Hannah Fontecchio
Original songs provided by Fashionista, Dungeon Divine and Weird Wired

We loved working on this movie.  Shooting it with great actors like Mike Veres, and Rachel McKeon who is studying at N.Y.U. this fall, (this is a performance to watch, because not only is it dynamic, but you'll almost remember it ten years down the road when she's a big name) and being blessed with the haunting , hypnotic and unforgettable score my lovely and brilliant girlfriend Hannah Fontecchio and her instrumental ensemble provided.  It was an all-around energetic and fun experience for all of us.

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