In late junior year, A.J. was quite obsessed with Alduous Huxley's classic "Brave New World".  Simultaneously, we were getting  big into indie director Gregg Araki.  Those two interests are kinetically intertwined in "Elimidate Party".  This is a short, one-set  project that used high contrast cinematography (complements of our older brother Matt) and marked our first venture with our  beautiful new Panasonic DVX 100A.  Like "Pagan Rd.", the protagonist (played by A.J.) is pressured by his friends, and his  country at large, to conform to trends which are undermining his soul.  He throws an Elimidate Party where competitive, ultra- materialistic teens partake in a feeding frenzy of all the glitterized sludge offered to them by mainstream America.  As our hero  Araki showed in his brilliant "The Doom Generation", there's not a lot left for us youth in the way of spiritual enlightenment.  The  pure of heart are bottom feeders, scrounging our way to freedom.
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