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Surveyed by Sheila Berry, 2001.

                   Alford-Fulmore Cemetery

Directions: From Rowland turn left toward Laurinburg go just out of town and 
the first intersection where the rest home or elderly home is turn right on 
Hwy 710 west toward Red Spring.  If you go back out to the intersection and 
go straight across you can see Ashpole Church and Cemetery from there.

Survey was taken in August 2001.

Duncan Douglas                                           
son of Chas. & M.A.McRae                         
died 5/11/1852                                              
[has age but can't read it ]

Margt. Ann McInnis
wife of Patsley Alford
Margareta Alford wife of                       Harriett wife of
Charles Mc/Rae                                 B.L. Alford
12/20/1840                                     4/17/1811
12/2/1909                                      7/3/1852
Charles Mc/Rae                                 Warren Alford
12/10/1834                                     3/15/1770
7/2/1897                                       9/5/1844
Sarah Ann dau. of                              Barbara Little
Elias & Charity Alford                         consort of Warren Alford
2/6/1811                                       died 2/18/1866 aged 88yrs.
Nancy dau. of                                  Jane Alford
Elias& Charity Alford                          died 11/13/1823
2/22/1807                                      aged 3 yrs.7mths
Vernilla dau.of                                Bethsheba Alford
Elias& Charity Alford                          7/8/1803
5/6/1818                                       9/30/1819
Mary Ann dau. of                               Jennett Alford
Elias& Charity Alford                          1/7/1773
10/15/1826                                     6/17/1813
Charity wife of                                Catharine Alford consort of
Elias Alford                                    Daniel Mc/Cormick
4/4/1787                                       died 9/1/1829
1/4/1856                                       28yrs.& 3mths.
Elias Alford                                   Mary Daniels wife of
died7/28/1858                                   John O. Daniels
aged 78yrs.9mths.7dys.                         3/15/1797
Ella F.Fulmore                                 Andrew Fulmore
3/30/1851                                      2/2/1844
2/12/1872                                      aged 18yrs.9mos

John Bethea Fulmore                            Catherine Mc/Paul
2/25/1849                                      consort of Sion Alford 
8/18/1880                                      3/2/1831
aged 33yrs.5mths 23dys.                        aged 28yrs.9mths15dys
Zach Fulmore                                   Alice Adona dau.of
born in Robeson Cty N.C.                       C.J.& J.A. Alford
1/22/1808                                      12/16/1859
died in Robeson Cty N.C.                       3/23/1860
Dr. John Quincy Fulmore                        Robt. Strang_ [o or e] 
died 10/8/1850                                 son of C.J.& J.A.Alford
aged 25yrs.3mths.28dys.                        10/6/1855
                                               aged 1yr.7mths.26dys.
Johnny son of                                  Washington(can't read last name)
Rev.N&L.A.Mc/Donald                            died 3/10/1832
died 3/10/1832                                 aged [can't read stone is
aged but can't read                                   broken]
Henreitta Ellen Purcell                        Clarky Mc/Tyer
died 10/2/1836                                 consort of Maj.Sion Alford
aged 2yrs.11mths.1day                          10/7/1830
                                               aged 62yrs.7mths.
Elizabeth Mc/Bide Fulmore                      Majr.Sion Alford
consort of John W. Alford                      died 6/27/1852
died 3/12/1852                                 aged 68yrs.6mths
aged 33yrs.11mths.1day
Currilla John dau.of                           James J. Alford
Jno& Elizabeth Alford                          died 9/19/1843
died 9/13/1853                                 aged 39yrs.1mth.28dys.
aged 1yr.6mths.
John W. Alford                                 Sion M.Alford
6/7/1809                                       died 10/17/1861
11/10/1875                                     aged 24yrs.6mths.4dys
John Morehead son of                           Infant son of 
Willie & Clarissa R. Alford                    J.H. & Victoria Lee
died 12/19/1847                                born 11/10/1868
aged 1yr.5mths.28dys.
James P.Drake MD.                              Victoria Alford wife of 
died 11/21/1856                                J.H. Lee, died 12/1/1868
aged 36years                                   aged 29yrs. 7mths 15dys
Elizabeth Alford consort of.                   Infant dau.of
John Drake                                     B.& Juliet Cox
died 9/9/1823                                  no dates
aged 34yrs.
Juliet Alford
wife of Chalmers B. Cox
died 9/11/1871
aged 28yrs. 24dys.

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