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Rowland Presbyterian Church Robeson County, in the southeastern section of North Carolina, was established on Jan. 6, 1787, carved from Bladen, but settlers lived here before that. The earliest verifiable records show settlers as early as 1747, when Henry O’Berry applied for two tracts west of Raft Swamp, when the area was part of Bladen County.

The county bears the name of Col. Thomas Robeson, a hero from the Battle of Elizabethtown, fought in September 1781 during the Revolutionary War. According to Judge Henry McKinnon, a charter member of the Robeson County Historical Society: "Col. Robeson is said to have demanded that the new county be named for him as a condition for supporting its creation. But Robeson died in 1785, so he could not have had a final say. Robeson never lived in the area that bears his name."

Robeson County is bounded by the state of South Carolina and Scotland, Hoke, Cumberland, Bladen and Columbus counties.

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