NCPCC tasked to enforce City Ordinance 2003-027

Executive Director's

highly commend


by:  Joe Grageda

     Naga City Mayor and NCPCC Chairman Jesse M. Robredo approved and signed the LPG Industry Regulation Ordinance of Naga City on March 12, 2003.

the men and women spearheading NCPCC's all-out efforts in educating the public about consumer welfare and leading the role in consumer advocacy.
    Indeed, the leadership manifested by City Councilor Joe Grageda and the synergistic cooperation undertaken by the local office of the DTI under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Emerita Gomez have been pivotal in drum beating consumer advocacy awareness and seeing to it that Good Businessmen and Vigilant Consumers coexist harmoniously.
    It is through these combined efforts that convinced the highest business chamber of the land to confer on our beloved city the 2002 Business-Friendly City award.
    I am doubly proud therefore that a publication such as this has been initiated which will serve as forums to further galvanize the harmonious synergy among the government, business and consumer sectors.

Congratulations to the NCPCC for a job well done!

Somehow we have to understand very clearly the role being played by the Naga City Price Coordinating Council. Although basically the council is obviously consumer-centered, but on the other hand, part of our effort is also devoted towards encouraging the business sector to be ideal or role models from the point of view of carrying out their respective businesses in the most likeable manner which would promote their business but at the same time will inspire consumers to patronize their goods or products. If we can take some time to go over age-old legislations like the Fair Trade Laws, the Price Tags Law and various other policies, then you will know what we mean.
On the other hand, the consumer's sector is also ex

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   This took effect on April 7, 2003, 15 days after it was published in the Bicol Reporter, a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Naga.
   The Ordinance defines the duties and responsibilities of all kinds of establishments engaged in the sale, marketing or, distribution, whether on wholesale or retail, of LPG within the territorial jurisdiction of Naga
Setion 12
of the Ordinance gives the task to monitor the implementation and compliance with the provisions of the Ordinance to the Naga City Local Price Coordinating Council ( NCPCC), assisted by the

City Engineer and the Bureau of Fire Protection. Further stated in the provision, the respective Barangay Council of the 27 barangays in Naga City shall submit to the NCPCC the names of the store and the storeowners engaged in the distribution of LPG within 3 months from its effectivity, and shall monitor compliance in their respective barangays.   Provided in the ordinance are the following provisions:
Sec. 5 - Requirement of proper LPG cylinder labels and prohibition against selling LPG without the required labels.
Sec. 6. Prohibition against selling LPG with tampered/

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                         City Mayor


    This newsletter is another       effort to establish harmonious relationships between and among the government, the business and the consumer sectors.
Congratulations for championing the cause of business and the consumers!

           EMERITA P. GOMEZ

           DTI Provincial Caretaker



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has gone a long way…thanks for the able leadership of Executive Director Joe Grageda and the commitment of the Council members.

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