Article 2: Family

1.Government authority over matters in the home should be limited to only those matters which directly affect the health and well-being of family members.
2.There should be no limitations on what can or cannot be printed in magazines or published on the Internet. However, products containing materials inappropriate for children or otherwise potentially offensive should be marked as such.
3.We support a Supreme Court review of Roe v. Wade in as much as it is the law of the land. However, we feel that it is not the place of the government to tell individual citizens how that person should or should not live his or her life. Abortions should be rare occurrences, however, the options for women who would make the choice to have an abortion must be available. These options must be safe and done by competent professionals. The risks associated with illegal abortions are too great to ignore; therefore, options must be available, must be safe, and must be effective.
4.It is the policy of this party that the institution of marriage is inherently a religious one. Churches should be able to choose who they join together in the bonds of marriage. However, based on the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, all individuals must be equally protected under the law. Based this, the civil contract of marriage should be open to all couples, heterosexual or homosexual.
5.In order to ensure the public health, certain preventative medicine procedures should be available to the public at no cost. By offering preventative medicine services, we could decrease the potential financial burden from medical and pharmaceutical supplies for future generations. These programs would be funded through subsidies given to doctors offering these procedures at no cost. This party does not, however, support a full scale government health care system such as those seen in Canada or Australia.
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