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As a man you have no legal rights over any baby you father.  The mother can choose to abort the child without reference to you – no matter how long you have been going out, (even if you were married).  She can also have the baby and you will be required by law to pay maintenance.  A quick grope at the freshers fair could lead to you paying out a sizable chunk of your salary every year for the rest of your life.  There’s a good chance that you won’t even play a part in you child’s development.


You could also catch a disease that will probably be incurable, which you will in turn transmit to your wife when you marry.  It may even be transmitted to your children.  So what’s to do?  Read on.


‘Safe Sex’ and Abortion      


Many students are given a false impression of the effectiveness of condoms.  ‘Safe sex – use a condom’ or ‘Safer sex – use a condom’.  The condom pushers fail to tell women that of 100 women using condoms correctly for a year, 14 will fall pregnant (of these, 10 will have an abortion).


Indeed despite huge government funding of the ‘Safe Sex’ message, teenage pregnancies and abortions have been steadily increasing.  As Mother Theresa said ‘Once that living love is destroyed by contraception, abortion follows very easily’


Phychological effects


·        Catching an STD is strongly linked with phychological disorders.

·        ‘There is no condom for the heart.’  Causal sex risks: loss of self respect, corruption of character, fear of future commitment and stunted personal development.

·        Casual sex is addictive; support groups exist to help you break the habit



When Condoms do not work


Safer Sex’ and STDs


The Public Health laboratory estimate a 1 in 10 infection rate among teenagers for STDs.  This rate is increasing rapidly.

Genital warts aka the Human Paplilloma Virus (HPV) is the most common STD.  It is incurable and is passed by skin to skin contact.  There is no evidence that condoms can prevent transmission of STDs passed by skin to skin contact.

Chlamydia, is curable and is one of the commonest STDs.  Often it shows no obvious symptoms but can still make women infertile.  Like HPV, Chlamydia infects the whole genital area and laughs at latex’.

Even non-penetrative sex and oral sex can spread many STDs.


Abstinence until marriage is difficult but worthwhile.  You can be faithful and loving to your future spouse before even meeting them!  Couples who are faithful before marriage are more likely to succeed in marriage.  They do not risk passing on STDs to each other or their children and do not carry luggage into the marriage.


God invented sex and made it enjoyable!  Thank you God.


In Conlusion: Only sex with a lifelong and faithful partner can normally be considered safe.



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