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LIFE CARE Centre Door



See campus map at bottom of this page, photographs on right text directions below or look at alternative map.  The centre is easy to miss so take note!


Robinson Library: Turn left out of the Robinson library and walk towards town by the cycle path.  You will pass house numbers 18, 16 and 14 on the left.  Turn left down Hancock Street and the door (14a) is 20 paces down on the left. 


Haymarket Metro: Cross at the pedestrian crossing by the Church and follow the road down keeping the church on your right.  You will pass the civic centre gardens on the right with the Newcastle campus on the left.  Turn right down the footpath after the gardens and the door is 20 yards down on the left.




Behind the LIFE CARE Centre door you can talk to someone who has time to listen, who will try to understand and who cares enough to help. Free Pregnancy Tests are available.  LIFE also offers post-abortion counselling.



Local phone number: (0191) 261 8634

(Hotline (01926) 311 511)


Opening times

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11-2pm

by appointment.



(LIFE Entrance), (Hancock or ‘Scream’ pub)

(Newcastle Chaplaincy/ Claremont building)


LIFE CARE Centre from Haymarket Metro: 



A map of the Newcastle University Campus with

LIFE Counselling Centre ringed.

Click here for an alternative map


Hardship funds may also be available through the Student Advice Centre

in the Student Union to help bring up children.

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