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Answers to common questions from the LIFE helpline.


The UK’s leading pro-life charity.


Information on non-abortifacient methods of family planning which are 99.6% effective (and offer a divorce rate less than 1%). Local teacher.


SPUC: The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children with around 50 000 UK members.  Subscribe to their excellent daily news digest


CORE: Comment On Reproductive Ethics; The HFEA’s worst nightmare in London!


Do no harm:- Coalition of Americans for research ethics.


If you would like a link to your organisation, please e-mail [email protected]




Our organisation Student Lifenet specialises in pro-life work among students.


SOUL – the New Zealand equivalent of Student Lifenet.


A Catholic pro-life group ‘doing the most important work on earth’ according to Pope John Paul II.


A large pro-life selection from the bible.


The Pro-life Alliance is the UK’s pro-life electoral party.  This website contains distressing images.


A Californian group that aims to shock people out of indifference to abortion, to ‘polarise the debate’.  This website contains distressing images.


This American site gives both pro-choice and pro-life cartoons.


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