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Death by Cloning


·           Newcastle is a centre for embryonic stem cell research.

·           Embryonic Stem cell research always involves killing a human embryo. ‘Therapeutic’ cloning is not very therapeutic for the clone!

·           Unlike ‘therapeutic’ cloning, pregnancy cloning does not involve killing the newly cloned embryo however the clones produced have a very high fatality rate and lots of health problems.

·           Adult stem cell research is currently showing much more promise in terms of curing diseases like M.E.

·           Websites with information on stem cell research are listed in the Links section .

Jan Decker, lecturer at the Newcastle medical school has written articles about embryonic stem cell research.  He writes: ‘A number of arguments have been invented to support the idea that embryos lack the moral status possessed by other humans: they lack individuality, they lack relevant qualities, they are only potential humans…. None of these are sound. Embryos are members of the human community of equals from conception onwards. Current UK provision of easy access to the Morning After Pill and legislation of embryo research (including ‘therapeutic’ cloning) are immoral.’



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