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Last modified August 2009 (started 14th Oct 1997)

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More new links: Carrotworkers Collective, Hackney Unemployed Workers & Overheard at the Job Centre.
New Deal Scandal & New Deal Complaints - two websites you should visit if you have had dealings with any New Deal 'provider'.
Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty launch paper 'Hi Jinks' against High Riggs Job Centre (July 2009). Download newsletter [PDF].
Ipswich Unemployed Action - new blog (May 2009).
Can't Pay, Won't Pay - from poll tax struggles to recession resistance -
talk at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair with Danny Burns and the East Bristol Debtors Alliance (April 2009).
'NEW DEAL FOR THE DEAD' - resurrected here.
Disability activists & London Coalition Against Poverty block Whitehall over Incapacity Benefit change (Dec 2008).
Boycott A4e - Gateway to Work provider in league with global arms company.
Workfare comes to Britain - a response to Labour's anti-welfare strategy (Sept 2008).
Unions blast welfare reform plan - BBC news report on TUC conference (Sept 2008).
New Green Paper - Noone written off - or should that be Everyone signed off (July 2008).
New Labour and the end of welfare - corporate and academic connections to the Welfare Reform Act (April 2008)
Odd blogs about jobs and no jobs - we try to make RSS work (this time with success)
Instant Muscle gets wasted - notorious British workfare charity goes bust; staff sacked without pay (Feb 2008).
Welfare that won't work - the government announces further plans for "workfare" instead of welfare (Feb 2008)
Nottingham Job Seekers To Face Lie Detectors - Voice Risk Analysis trial on New Claims phoneline (Jan 2008).
Pathways to Work national roll-out - govt announces second set of private contractors who will 'help' incapacity claimants to work (Dec 2007).

Nottingham Claimants Action (NCA) believes in fighting the imposition of the Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) benefits regime, and attempts by the DSS to force claimants on to 'workfare' schemes like the Tories' previous Project Work pilots or New Labour's Welfare to Work, part of their bogus New Deal. We changed our name from Nottingham Campaign Against the Job Seekers Allowance (NCAJSA) to highlight this wider struggle. Whether you are in Nottingham or anywhere else in Britain, or maybe even the world, and you want to do something about the 'work or dole' false-choice life we are forced to endure, or if you (or someone you know) needs benefits advice, then this site is for you.

The New Deal is great for the new partnerships of business, local authorities, voluntary organisations and training agencies, but it's nothing but a Rotten Deal for unemployed and working people alike. Here's 12 reasons why New Labour's New Deal options are such a dirty deal.

Please note: NCA is no longer meeting and we can't answer emails but info on this page is still updated as often as possible. If you want to meet and get involved with local activists on a range of issues in the Nottingham area, check out the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields. If you are anywhere else in Britain, you will find other useful links below. For local welfare advice, please contact Notts Unemployed Workers Centre (formerly Mansfield Unemployed Workers Centre), another of the TUC unemployed workers' centres, or try some of the other links below.

Beware: whilst we try to keep it up to date, some of the material on this site or from its links may become out of date.


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New labour kicking disabled person to work, and link to more drawings by anti-war artist Leon Kuhn

[Advice Links] [Action & Activist Links] [Thoughts & Ideas] [Know your Enemy]
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