New deal.
New Deal is a key part of the Government's strategy to get people back to work. The final part of our programme is now ready for its launch. If you have been deceased longer than 6 months we can now offer the opportunity to return to work. No more idleness and no more excuses. No more cemeteries taking up prime property development land.

We recognise the valuable contribution the dead can make to a low paid jobs market. No complaints about pay and conditions, a flexible approach to working hours and no pensions contributions (well lets face it, you've had enough of those already) all make you an attractive prospect to the new modern, dynamic global jobs market.

We recognise some of the obstacles and barriers facing the dead returning to work. That's why we can help with things like your exhumation, help updating your employment history; and, if you get an interview: we can even help to update your wardrobe.

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