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So you want to know a little bit about me. Okay, my name is Troy and I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick. I graduated from Okanagan University College in Kelowna, BC. I am currently working at a biology lab playing with fish, bugs, mud, and water. That's the quick scoop.


So a little more about me. I'm 32 years old.. Umm, yah, old age is getting to me. My brain and bladder are likely failing as you read this. I have a mom and a dad and they are great. I have two sisters, they are also great. Three cute kids call me Uncle Troy.

C B.

Our family house gets a little crazy sometimes because of our dogs (I'm usually choking on dog hair). We have a two Norwegian Elkhounds, a Shiba-Inu, and a brown lab. I no longer live at home. I am living in an apartment that's about a 15 minute walk away from work. I enjoy walking to work. The walk gives me time to think and inhale exhaust fumes.

fmoxie.jpg 8kb click for big pic

Favorite Music - Chris Colepaugh and The Cosmic Crew, Depeche Mode, U2, Big Sugar, Barenaked Ladies, Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow
Favorite Movies - Shrek, A Knights Tale, Star Wars, Maverick, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Much Ado About Nothing.
Favorite Beer - Moosehead Dry, Alexander Keith's
Favorite Liquor - Vodka (Belvedere)
Favorite Cars - My Grand Am (RIP), My Vibe
Favorite Bad Foods - Pizza, Chocolate
Favorite Places - Moncton, Kelowna, Charlottetown, Riverview, Prince Edward Island
Dislikes - cigarette smoke, most cats, Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked Heads, Timing Chains, I.T., seafood
Hobbies - Seawater Invertebrate Aquarium, My Orange Tree, Tropical Freshwater Aquarium, the garden, Photography
Activities - Biking, Jogging, Volleyball, Hiking, Camping (especially in Fundy National Park)

I'd say that one of my (and my cars) greatest accomplishments in the past few years were three round trips across Canada. Below are some of my favourite pictures of the drive. Click on them for the happy large pic.
Smith Falls, ON---- Regina, SK ---The Rockies

I spent a few years at the University of Prince Edward Island (92-96). That's where I met some super friends, Anika and Erin. At UPEI I was majoring in Biology. I enjoy biology a lot and I have completed the following courses;

  • Intro. Biology
  • Invertebrate Zooloogy
  • Vertebrate Zoology
  • Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
  • Vascular Plant Biology
  • Non-Vascular Plant Biology
  • Plant Communities
  • Population Biology
  • Ecosystem Biology
    Erin and Anika

    UPEI treated me well. I really enjoyed the school and the whole Island concept. So below are some of my favourite pics of the Island.

    A beach near Charlottetown
    Beach near St.Peters, Prince Edward Island
    St. Peters Bay, PEI
    Abby and Confederation Bridge as Background
    long live the Abby
    Marina in Charlottetown, PEI - photo by A.Larkin Elephant Rock -PEI- The tide brought it down in Dec 98 - photo by A.Larkin Confederation Bridge in Back Ground - Borden, PEI
    Other pics of the Island-Click then use Browser Back Button

    So I figured I should get on with my life, hence the transfer to Okanagan University College in Kelowna, BC.   Kelowna is a great city. I was in the Okanagan from 1996 to 1999. I didn't get to see enough of it. I did however meet some great friends while I was there, Erin, Eva, Kara, Mel, Rachel and the whole water quality tech crew.

    Eva and Rachel  Eva and Rachel

    EKM Erin, Kara, and Mel

    So what about Moncton friends. Well I have a few here but most of them have moved to other areas.


    Moncton Buds in TO, L to R are Jon, Lynn, Cam, Chris, Jason


    Steph and Brad




    So I think that's about all I have to say for now, back to my home page

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