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Our magazine is Navanirmaan / Jaagruthi!

The Hindi edition of our magazine is named as Navanirmaan and the Telugu edition as Jaagruthi.

When we first started Navanirmaan, the purpose was to provide "good company" to ourselves and to our friends.

We shared our thoughts, and supported each other. The magazine helped in refining our thoughts and building enthusiasm among us.

There are many high quality magazines available in India and on internet. All these magazines are publishing high thoughts, so what is the need of Navanirmaan?

Navanirmaan may not be useful at all. But, we believe that there are more chances of gains than loss, if we continue publishing the magazine.

Do take out some time to go through the magazine. We are sure you will like the simple and short articles presented in the magazine.

The articles are written on any relevant topic for the society we live in. Be it economics, globalization, politics, education or spiritualism.

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