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There are two worlds on our planet. One world has made material progress and consumes most of the resources of our planet to satisfy their senses. The other world is poor, does not consume much resources and often has to stay hungry. Both these worlds are fighting with each other and within themselves. Current problems of terrorism and religious intolerance are keeping first world on their toes while adding to the miseries of second world.

India is in a peculiar condition. In India itself, two worlds are clearly visible. Tall and posh buildings in the background of big areas occupied by filthy slums can be seen here. Indian philosophy and religion (Dharma) can show the path towards equality, removal of exploitation of second world, and religious tolerance. But most Indians have lost faith in their traditions and philosophy.

In spite of this lost faith, there is a hope of revival. Thousands of voluntary organizations are working day and night to revive their faith, to build a new society based on the principles of truth, non-violence, simplicity and brahmacharya. Ours is one such organization

Can religion make someone intolerant? Can a believer in God hate fellow human beings? Is it justified to damage the environment in order to earn more money? Should a person purchase clothes (for example) produced by a millionaire while his own brethren find it difficult to sell their hand-made clothes just because hand-made clothes are costlier? Should millions in our society stay exploited just because they cannot speak or understand English language? These are some basic questions which can be answered by our Indian traditions.

Indian philosophy is the hope to India and to the world. We want to contribute toward building a just society based on the four pillars of truth, non-violence, simplicity and brahmacharya. Please join our efforts.
Swami ji
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