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Is it possible to find an animal that better embodies the majesty of nature than the horse? We admire horses for their beauty and spirit, but by domesticating them, we have altered their relationship with the natural environment. Diet, hoof care, stabling and being ridden are just a few examples of ways in which the horse's life has been changed by his interaction with humans.
As many of us return to more natural ways of living, so, also we seek more natural methods to handle and care for the animals we have domesticated Holistic veterinary care is part of the trend. The term "holistic" denotes a view of the patient as a whole being--body, mind, and spirit. A holistic approach tends to be more detailed, emphasizing study of the whole horse, including his environment, his diet, and even his mental well-being. This emphasis on details often results in earlier diagnosis of disease based on subtle signs that might otherwise go unnoticed. Conventional veterinary medicine tends to focus more on symptoms that become noticeable only after a health problem has already developed. Thus in-depth examination by a holistic veterinarian is often worth the extra time it takes.
The treatments a holistic veterinarian uses are often referred to as "alternative" treatments. (The term "complementary" treatment is commonly used in England.) Both terms imply that these treatments are different from those used by conventional doctors, but the term complementary suggests that these approaches are meant not to replace traditional medicine but to allow for additional options. Some of these alternative treatments, such as Equine Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Herbal Therapy, Massage, Homeopathy, Magnetic Therapy and more are on this site to further your understanding of each holistic medicine or remedy. Please take some time to explore the new frontier in holistic medicine for your horses.
Failure to abide by the posted speed limit will result in a stampede of wild horses trampling you without any warning.
Equine Holistic Health - Natural Holistic Horse Care and Nutrition

Equine Nutrition: A groundswell of nutrition conscious veterinarians are beginning to recommend to their clients that they supplement their animals diet with a daily dose of flaxseed oil and other important nutrients. When the diets of horese were fortified with flax, within three weeks their coats developed a beautiful sheen, and dandruff was greatly diminished. Within nine months cracked hooves were completely healed. When a pregnant mare was fed flax, her offspring were larger, and grew faster than when previous to being fed flax. The food your horse eats should provide all the nutritional components which are necessary for all organs and systems of a healthy body to perform in harmonious unison. A properly functioning body does an amazing job at preventing disease and healing itself, and to do this it requires the energies and nutrients of a well-balanced diet.
Essential oils for Horses who have had:
Past Trauma (abuse), Resentment, Anger

Rose -Helps balance female function.
(To be used externally and diluted before use.)

Yarrow - Strong emotional release.
(To be used externally as well, but you do not have to dilute Yarrow.)

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DISCLAIMER: Naturally equine does not make any medical or veterinarian claims to any of the remedies listed on this site. The remedies are well known worldwide and are listed on this site for informational purposes only.
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