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Om naturister (Dagladet & Aftenposten, 28/7)

What better place could there be in which to experience the freedom of naturism and the freedom of your own body than at a beautiful beach?

Visualise a clear blue sky, golden sand or rocky slopes shimmering in the heat haze and clear water of the fjord lapping the shoreline. Imagine stepping out of your swimming costume, feeling a gentle breeze caressing your naked body as you run in to the sea, unrestricted, for once... you are at one with nature

Back on the beach you dry off in the warm breeze, free from a soggy costume, no more white flesh marrring a seamless suntan - just the wonderful exhilaration of warm sun and fresh air on your skin.

Once you have tasted these pleasures you are unlikely ever to want to wear clothes on a beach again! For most people, "naturism" is just that, enjoy the sun and a cool breeze in a as natural and relaxing as possible way.


It is NaturalFjord's objective to inform you about the splendid possibilities the Oslo fjord and surrounding areas have to offer to enjoy nature at its best, au-naturel. If you are interested in a more healthier and natural lifestyle (or just want to get rid of ugly tan-lines!) and live in or plan to visit the greater Oslo area, then you have come to the right place: here and on our NaturalFjord Yahoo club we will cover designated and non-official free beaches (fristrander) in the area as well as naturist possibilities during the winter season.

Enjoy the incredible scenery of the fjords in the most natural way - au-naturel. Visit our beautiful naturist beaches in summer, or join for the pool and sauna in winter. The fjord boasts many islands and beaches that are frequented by naturists. Although there are some official "free" beaches (fristrand), you in fact can be naked anywhere as long as you don't bother other people. In practice that means: stay clear from the textile beaches and you should be ok. In summer, when the sun is out until very late and the evenings are warm, there is nothing better than a splash in the clear water of the fjord.

winter swimming! But what about winter? Often enough parts of the fjord are frozen and it can be bitterly cold. Luckily, there are still some warmer possibilities: Oslo and Asker both boast excellent swimming pools where you can go regularly for a swim au-naturel and enjoy a hot saunabath. Unless you are an ice-swimmer of course and cannot resist a dip in the ice-cold water like these two ladies here on the left!

Here are some links to get you started. Please note, this site is under construction but as summer approaches you will find more information. Be sure to check out as well the yahoo club and contribute!

We would very much like to hear from you! If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments or want more information on recreation au-naturel in the greater Oslo area then please visit our Natural Fjord yahoo club. Here you can post messages, become "member" (hey - it's for free :) etc.

Please note: NaturalFjord is "G"-rated and strictly for genuine naturists. You will not find any sexually oriented or otherwise inappropriate content/images, neither will uploaded pictures or messages of such nature be accepted. Sorry, but there are plenty of other sites where you can find the content that we reject. NaturalFjord highly values the privacy of its users. However, we do use "cookies" to enhance service to our users.

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