Dumbest 5% of School Walks Out!

Walkout�s cause cheapened by character of participants

Pissed potheads plan protest for 4/20 at 4:20

On Wednesday., March 26, Middletown North’s special ed., C-level and stoner population was fed up with the gross mismanagement of the school district.

“Yo man, the ceiling is like, all crusty, so I smoked some!” said one pothead. “I’m gonna walkout to protest my ability to smoke the ceiling.”

Indeed our little friend is only one of the tumultuous masses at the bottom 5% of the school, and eventually, society.

Between 12:00 and 12:30 on Wednesday, between 3% and 6% of the dregs of the school walked out, many to return for lack of support, weed.

“I was all out there, man, I was like, dude, man, I’m out here, where’s the protest?” said protester and idiot Aloyshe Higginsworth.

The school administration had feared something resembling a mass demonstration led by people who actually knew why they were doing it.

Precautions were taken to limit any democratic protests.

“We turned off the fire alarms so kids couldn’t pull them or create a panic by burning down the school,” said assistant principal Adam Hibbler of Middletown South, called in to keep in line the “raving injuns” of Middletown North.

Leading up to the day of the “protest,” administrators attempted to prevent the walkout by relating such a protest to September 11.

“Walking through a door is like terrorism” said the Man over the intercom. “After 9/11, you have to take our shit, bitches, or we’ll send your Arab asses to Camp X-ray.”

Guards were posted at every door, and V.C. snipers were hired to pick off any American pig-dogs attempting to escape their institution of learning.

But mercenaries, hyper-patriotic Bush-talk and Charlie were of little deterrent to determined morons.

“Uhhh, they tried to, uhh, stop me when I was going out the door, or something, but broke through and evaded the V.C. snipers and made it all the way to hill 234, where my platoon was waiting.”

Although the protest was pathetic, the dumb people were not at fault; their greasy, brownish hearts were in the right place.
The other 95% of the school opted not to participate in a protest which could have sent a clear message to the fog-headed Board of Education that North is unified in its disgust. However, if the Board noticed anything, it was that potheads like an excuse cut and go smoke.

Uncertain as to whether the walkout was at 12:05 or 12:34, dumb kids wait to see if more people�or their dealers�walk out.

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