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National Cider Day 2004!!!!!!!
The Date:  26th September, 2004.
The Venue:  Ninja's bit.
The Objective:  To sink as many ciders as ye can!

Anticipation of the second annual National Cider Day was reaching fever pitch by the time that Junior, Vagi and Senior arrived at Casa de Ninja in the early hours of Sunday morning, to commence the ancient ritual of the supping of the cider to officially mark the start of proceedings.  The rest of this glorious day saw a stream of eager happy apple slurpers come and go and as is the tradition handed down from generation to generation, duly left a trail of bedlam in their wake.  If you want to find out more about the traditions  and origins of National Cider Day, why not visit the heritage section?  You can read all I can remember taking place in the stories section, and try to piece together a picture of the scene of abject carnage from the gallery.  If any of my fellow brethran of the ancient order of appley appreciation has any other stories or photies of this sacred day, you can e-mail me them at [email protected].    Until next time, keep it real and keep the cider flowin'!!!
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