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Scriptural Emphasis
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.  Matthew 24:14.

To establish African fellowship in all the districts of th
e assemblies of God.

To evangelize Africans in the North American
continent, not excluding other nationalities, church the converts, establish them in the faith and mobilize them to reach out to their fellow Africans and other nationals and to further engage them in
missions within and without America.

The Problem
1.  Many Assemblies of God members and other believers from Africa have left the shores of Africa for the North American continent in search of the Golden Fleece.  Even though some of these believers come to know the Lord better here, majority lose their faith in the process of settling down for the very simple reason that they do not fit into the new culture of worship.  Some of them are easily swallowed by the prosperity of the land.

2.  Many other non-believing Africans have also found themselves in America for the same purpose as #1 above.  Very few of these get saved as the struggle for survival leaves them with little or no time for spiritual matters.

Regular visiting traders, business people and professionals fall under the two categories above.

3.  Over fifty thousand Africans, believers and non-believers, come to settle in the USA annually through the VISA LOTTERY alone.

4.  There is also the case of a large number of Africans who gain admission into various institutions of higher learning.

5.  The issue of illegal African immigrants, who find it very difficult to secure decent jobs and settle for any odd jobs, is a very pathetic case.  Their labor is highly exploited and they often find themselves involved in drugs and other forms of crime.  Some of the wish they could return to their countries, but they lack the financial capacity to do that coupled with the fear of shame and humiliation they anticipate when they return as failures and drop-outs.

The Task
1.  First, there is the need to follow-up these A/G and non-A/G believers, get them established in churches and fellowships where they will feel free to worship and further mobilize them to win others to the Lord here in America.  These are likely to become a mightily missions force whenever they travel back home to their respective countries and to other places.

2.  Secondly, there is the need to reach out to the non-believing Africans early enough before they are swallowed up by the prosperity of the land.

3.  Thirdly, there is the need to reach out to the many illegal immigrants and to help them sort out their Immigration needs where possible.  The main effort here may involve mobilizing resources to help them return home and to undertake projects back home that will absorb them to make their livelihood.

4.  The need for AAGM (USA) to target the African-Americans in church planting is very crucial.

Strategies & Church Models
Model 1
- This shall involve the establishment of new churches to be started by African Missionaries in areas with high African concentration.

Model 2 - This shall consist of existing independent African churches with/without Assemblies of God background that will opt to affiliate with Assemblies of God USA.

Model 3 - These churches shall be formed from existing A/G churches that presently have a good number of African nationals and who agree to create African sub-churches that will be subject to the mother churches until such a time that they shall be considered independent by th4 parent church.  The parent church shall find a separate property for worship or allow the churches to operate using the same facilities but at other suitable times.  It is advisable that the sub-church joins the parent church once every month in fellowship.

Model 4 - Existing A/G churches that presently have a good number of African nationals and who do not want to operate separate sub-churches shall be encouraged to organize A/G African Fellowship groups that may meet once every fortnight or month using facilities of the church at times that do not clash with normal church activities.  These fellowship groups shall be totally accountable to the parent churches and become the outreach wings of the churches in reaching to Africans in the community.  The groups shall choose their own leaders and present them to the respective Church Boards for ratification.

All the churches and fellowship groups to be started shall be integral part of the Districts of the Assemblies of God USA, wherever they are found. The doors of these churches and groups shall be opened to all nationals but worship shall be African in form with due consideration to the society's value of time

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