"Baby baby" - Nicole & Hugo

The Belgian Final was held on February 25th.  The winning song was chosen by a jury of 7 "experts" who each awarded 1 point to their favourite song.

1 Baby baby Baby baby Nicole & Hugo 4 1st
2 Jij en ik en wij You and I and we Nicole & Hugo 0 4th=
3 Kus, kiss, kuss Kiss, kiss, kiss Liliane Dorekens 0 4th=
4 Morgen Tomorrow Liliane Dorekens 0 4th=
5 Ga met me mee Go with me Rita Deneve 0 4th=
6 Vrede voor iedereen Peace for everyone Rita Deneve 2 2nd
7 Bye bye Bye bye Ann Christy 1 3rd
8 Meeuwen Seagulls Ann Christy 0 4th=
9 Home sweet home Home sweet home Kalinka 0 4th=
10 Nooit ga ik van je heen I'll never leave you Kalinka 0 4th=

Nicole & Hugo had already won the 1971 Belgian Final, but were unable to perform in the contest that year due to Nicole's illness, and were therefore replaced by Lily & Jacques. Nicole also took part in the 1968 Belgian Final, and the 1970 quarter-finals. At the Eurovision Nicole & Hugo came 17th and amongst their backing singers was Claude Lombard who represented Belgium in ESC 1968.



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