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August 1999



We now have a new page to our photo album, with pics of Oz and Scarlet. Page one needs to be reworked...images reduced in size etc. This will happen soon. New Skipper's corner containing important warry news plus red section news and a new 'Letter Home' from the Skipper. Thanks Ice for all this stuff. It would be good to get an Adjutant's report and T.O.'s reports at some time as its been a while. Could we also have some write ups on any section and element tactics you may have been trying out as this will be essential reading for the war.

To all of you who passed evaluation after my computer crashed a few months ago and would like your 'Wings' certificate...let me know your date of evaluation and I'll send it to you. Suitable for framing/origami/ toilet paper etc...



Ice has posted a message to the effect that the War will commence in early Semptember. I recieved these postings regarding war rules from Rel yesterday;


Staff Meeting & Training


No609 Sqn Training


8/21/99 training attendees (don't know who the excused absenses were)

B_lackSky, Beef, Compans, Craig, Destroyer, FlyGuy1, Frosby, Heat, HeinzBaby, IcePick,Kosmik, MrsSSGF, Munster, Relent, Scarlet, Sharps, SSGF, VIPER, Zorro.


Issues discussed in general No609 session:


- Ice went over War preliminaries.

- Relent went over War ROE notes from meeting between No609 and NJG88.

- The question of whether Roger Wilco was allowed came up. We need to confirm this with NJG88 and JG300.

- Questions arose about how to "end" missions. We need to discuss with NJG88 and JG300 how to decide when mission is officially over.

- There were mixed opinions about whether we should start missions on the ground or in the air. This needs to be discussed with NJG88 and JG300 - as well as doing more testing to see how EAW responds to different scenarios


That's all I saw from my notes, and from memory...


S! Rel  


Rules of Engagement for War


No609 Squadron

NJG88 (not represented yet)



Based on 8/21/99 meeting


Proposals, Draft 1.1 (additions to Draft 1)


- JG300 had concerns about the types of missions for 1940, (e.g. the British didn't do fighter sweeps).

- JG300 wants to fly war missions at The Zone, as not all of their members have Kali. They may be able to fly a couple of pilots at Kali if the mission type allows it (i.e. 2 vs 2)

- JG300 only uses EAW 1.2, no ECA, and currently prefers this for war sorties. We are still working this out with NJG88, but we are *OK* with EAW 1.2 ;-)

- JG300 agreed that we should fly planes made available the year of the war we are flying (all three squadrons now agree).

- JG300 agreed that we should limit the number of sorties flown per war year to three or four, so as not to over load the smaller German squads (all three squadrons now agree).

-JG300 agreed that the weather and time of day should be random as generated by EAW (all three squadrons now agree).

- JG300 felt that starting missions on the ground makes them takes too long. Looks like all three squadrons are leaning this way, so this could be a resolved issue soon.

- JG300 agreed that for scoring all pilots participating in a war sortie take screen shots of the debrief screen and submit them to their respective HQ for confirmation of final tally (all three squadrons now agree).

- JG300 brought up "probable" kills. Tests still need to be made regarding probable kills in mission sorties. For example, if a human pilot shoots at an AI aircraft, and gets it smoking, but they disengage - not sure how EAW scores that. Also mission completion will score more than a plane kill, as the single pilot has less effect on the war then accomplishing the mission objectives.

- JG300 agreed that all pilots on both side use anonymous handles so no pilot is singled out for destruction by the other side (all three squadrons now agree). One recommendation is squadron name followed by underscore followed by number (i.e. No609_1, N0609_2, NJG88_1, NJG88_2, JG300_1, JG300_2).






Well, I'm back from vacation and, it seems two weeks is a long time in the virtual squadron business. I think everything has now been brought up to date. If I've missed anything, please let me know.

Skipper's Corner has been brought up to date with three new reports.

Red Section reports have been updated.

Kill Scores and Roster updated. (Rel is still top pilot, Blue Section top Section).

Heat now takes over Oz's post as T/O for C Flight. Congrats Heat on this and making ace status. Both very well deserved.

Please read the war proposal stuff below. Much of it was sent a couple of weeks ago. Apologies for this lateness;


Staff Meeting


 S! Here are the minutes for the 8/14/99 staff meeting.


8/14/99 training attendees (don't know who the excused absenses were).


No609_Beef, No609_Cas, No609_Craig, No609_Destroyer, No609_Dupradier, No609_Falcon, No609_FlyGuy1, No609_Heat, No609_HeinzBaby, No609_IcePick, No609_KOSMIK, No609_Maddog, No609_Munster0, No609_regsomble, No609_Relent, No609_Retox, No609_Scarlet, No609_Shap, No609_SSGF, No609_Stretch, No609_Viper.


Staff meeting. key proposals for war ROE:


1. Shared Kills - If you smoke a bandid and another pilot finishes the kill, you both get credit for the kill. Should we go with that, award the first pilot only for smoking him, the second pilot for finishing him, or give .5 kills to each pilot?


2. Confirming Kills - Let EAW determine actual kills - pending the handling of the "shared kill". Maybe a debreif afterwards to iron out shared kills vs whole kills.


3. Sweep Missions - Preferred over mayhem missions, as both flights can start on the ground and form up as they see fit, or if both are in the air, they are at the same altitude, etc. EAW 1.2 give you more control of sweep missions than 1.1, such as sta

rting on ground (as mentioned), no ai, and no respawning.


4. Use EAW 1.2, not ECA - Since the patch is so new, and we don't really know the effect of ECA with the patch, we should stick with the "base" sim.


5. Training - It should continue for those pilots not involved in currently scheduled war sorties. Also, once a schedule for war sorties is established, those sections slated to go to war in the first few sorties should get immediate and top priority tr

aining in section tactics.





Here are more proposals for the upcoming war. Many thanks to Rel from us all for your hard work.



War Proposals

Proposals, Draft 1


No609 Squadron.


JG300 (not represented yet).



- Use EAW 1.2 or ECA 1.2 or ECA 1.3... Still to be determined. NJG88 would like to use ECA 1.3. JG300 would like to use ECA 1.2. No609 initially wanted to use plain EAW 1.2, but may agree to using ECA, but which version?

- We agreed that each side can only fly aircraft available for a given year of the war (1940-1945), including the following suggestions from NJG88 (assuming eca 1.3 / eca panel):




Germany - Me109-E3 - ME110C4

England - Spitfire 1a - Hurricane I




Germany - Me109F4 - FW190-A3

England - Spitfire V - Hurricane II




Germany - Me109G2 - FW190-A4

England - Spitfire IXC - Typhoon 1B




Germany - Me109G6 - FW190-A6

England - Spitfire IXC - Typhoon 1B




Germany - Me109G6 - FW190-A6 - FW190-A8 (January to June of that year.)

Germany - Me109K4 - FW190-D9 - Me262 (After June of 1944.)

England - Spitfire IXC - Spit XIV - Tempest V - Typhoon 1B




Germany - TA-152

England - Spitfire XXIII - Tempest VI



- NJG88 suggested 3 or 4 missions per a war "year" - logistics of who No609 to fight (i.e. NJG88 or JG300) still needs to be addressed. They have 6 or 8 pilots each, vs our 35+.

- NJG88 wanted to know how we pick things like weather, time of day, and targets for missions. For now, we left it at random weather and time of day. mission types of sweep seem to be best for now, we'll have to discuss others...

- To tally up the mission score, each pilot involved in a mission must take a screen shot of their score and submit it to HQ. best to convert .bmp to .jpg (jpeg) as it's smaller. Then HQ from the opposing forces can compare and verify scores and/or kills.

- The partial/shared kill issue should be addressed if it happens in missions (i.e. if one pilot gets a plane smoking, and another finishes the job, both get credit in mayhem... not sure about missions).

- NJG88 suggested that all pilots use an anonymous label instead of their handle when flying. This is to avoid certain pilots getting singled out as targets.




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