Utopia and Dystopia Webquest
"When all else is lost, the future still remains."
-- Christian Nestell Bovee



Utopias:  Part 1
1.  Examine definitions of Utopia and come up with your own definition.
One definition
Five elements of Utopias

2.  Look at some modern day utopian communites and answer the    
     following questions.
The Acorn Community of Virginia
The Farm in Tennessee
Twin Oaks Community in Virginia
Victory City:  A City Under One Roof
1.  Would you want to live in any of the these communities?  If so,   
     which one(s) and why?  If not, why not?
2.  Pick two of the communites to compare and contrast.  What do they
     have in common?  How do they differ?
3.  Reviewing your defintion of utopia, how does each community
     qualify as a utopia?

Dystopias:  Part 2

You will use the
Exploring Dystopias website for the next two stages.
Use the following
study guide to define dystopia and investigate types of dystopias found on the Exploring Dystopias website.

Dystopian Analyses:  Part 3
For this stage, you will take a closer look at one of several classics of the dystopian genre: 
1984, Blade Runner, Metropolis, or two lesser-known choices.  Use the study guide and the Exploring Dystopias website to complet this section.

Dystopian Film Analysis:  Part 4
The final stage of our Utopia/Dystopia research is to watch and analyze a dystopian film.  The
Exploring Dystopia website has a long list of movies for you to peruse, but most likely you will choose one from the Film Analysis sheet and answer the questions on it.
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