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Welcome to my home page.
I am Vishnu Vardhan Reddy,
a graduate student at
Space Studies Department, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. My research interests include Near-IR Reflectence Spectroscopy of Asteroids, Asteroid Astrometry, Meteoritics, Instrumentation and Space History. This webpage talks about my astronomy work both as an amateur and as a professional. I also work for the Spaceguard India program.
Vishnu Kanupuru
Department of Space Studies
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks 58203
North Dakota USA

[email protected]
Observing at Hale Pohaku (10,000 feet), Hawaii, January 2004.
(Images from Mauna Kea Observatories here)
About Myself.....Some History
Would you like to discover an asteroid? Or maybe like to be the first person on the earth to recognise a celestial newcomer like as a comet or a nova. This has been my passion from the day I got hooked on to astronomy a deacde ago. Learn more about how I got hooked to the stars here....  
At State Observatory, Nainital, India.April 2000.
Discovering My First Asteroid
After years of dreaming and planning dicovering my first asteroid 2002 NT was a thrilling experience which changed the course of my life. This would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of some great people in my life. The full story about the discovery of asteroid 
2002 NT inside....
Ateroid Ida                                                  Credit:NASA
Asteroid (78118) Bharat
Current Research work
My current research at the UND Space Studies Department has been on Near-IR Spectroscopy of Asteroids. I am working with my advisor Dr Paul Hardersen, who uses the NASA IRTF on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. As an amateur astronomer I do asteroid astrometry in collaboration with Mr Roy Tucker at G-P Observatory, Tucson. More inside....
IRTF, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.                 Credit:NASA
Pretty Pictures...
Occassionally I do get bored of looking at asteroids and take off to image a nice deepsky object close by or the moon. I also like to image astronomical events like eclipses and transits. Most of my imaging is done with CCD cameras & my Fuji digicam. Here are some of my astrophotos or pretty pictures...
Crater Copernicus on the Moon, November 2002.
Visual Observing...
Art has been my passion since my childhood. Though I learned art in college for a year formally most of the techniques were self developed. I started sketching the moon & planets first. Then in 1999, with members of Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi, I sketched all the 110 objects in a single night during a Messier Marathon. Here are a few of my sketches...
Rima Hyginus on the Moon through a 5" F/10 Newt.
Meteoritics...My New Passion
After taking the Asteroid, Meteorites & Comets course at the University I got hooked to meteorites. My main interest, apart from collecting, has been classifying meteorites and studying thin sections. Here are a few images from my budding meteorite collection...
Photo Album...
Being a science journalist, amateur astronomer and now an astronomy student gave be great access to observe from observatories around the world. Here are some moments from those observing runs...
Geothe-Link Observatory, Indiana, during MPAPW 2002.
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