Observing on Mauna Kea
January, 2004
H-Alpha images of the sun taken with my Fuji s5000 digital camera from Hale Pohaku, Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Exposure time 1/60th of sec with camera held over 8mm Nagler. The telescope was a Coronado Maxscope 70 (Nearstar) H-Alpha scope mounted with a C11 on a Losmandy G-11 Eq. Mount. The instruments belong to the Visitor's Center at Mauna Kea.  More Images Here
Mauna Kea from the Heavens! A shot of the mountain from the plane flying above the clouds.
Close up of the summit area of the mountain. The bright spot to the right is the Subaru Telescope!
Hale Pohaku, the middle level dining and residence area for all astronomers working on Mauna Kea. I stayed here during the whole observing run on Mauna Kea.
The view of Mauna Loa from my room window early in the morning. The visitor's center is to the right of the image.
I found this non-native bird, Erckel's francolin, near the visitor's center. It was first introduction in the Hawaiian Islands in 1923.
Renaud Savalle, a programmer at the Canada-France Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea. Renaud and I did some nice CCD imaging with his LX90 and ST237 CCD camera from the Visitor's Center.
The NASA Infra-Red Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea from where we observed asteroids during the observing run.The observatory houses a 3-meter Cassegrain Telescope.
Me at the IRTF entrance.
The Orange Yellow NASA Infra-Red Telescope with its instruments!
Me with SpeX (the box to the left of my head). SpeX is the spectrograph we used for observing asteroids.
SpeX control computers. BigDog and GuideDog!
My advisor Dr Paul Hardersen and me at the snow-covered summit of Mauna Kea!
The Japanese Subaru Telescope.
The 8-meter Gemini North Observatory!
The 4-meter Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea
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H-Alpha Solar Images
Sunsets on Mauna Kea
Sunset in white-light. Image taken with a Fuji s5000 held to the eyepiece of a C11 with full aperture glass solar filter from Hale Pohaku, Mauna Kea.
Sunset in H-alpha. Image taken with a Fuji s5000 held to the eyepiece of a Coronado Maxscope 70 from Hale Pohaku, Mauna Kea.
Volcano World
Dr Paul Abell at his best on the lava flows in Hawaii.
Not the best place to park your car!
Me at the lava flows on Hawaii
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