"Flame of Hope"

May They Never Be Forgotten

In Remembrance...

This is a place to remember those of our alumni and teachers who have passed on...

Our lost comrades are listed in alphabetical order according to the year they graduated or would have graduated.

This list is based on information given by fellow Monti High alumni. My sincere apologies for any inaccuracies. If I have any names, or graduation years misspelled or incorrect, etc. please let me know so I can correct them right away. Please also take the time to check out the list at the end of the site for those whom we know are gone but do not have full graduation info for. Maybe you can help complete the information for these people.

Please leave any corrected information either in the memorial guestbook or by contacting me directly,
Pam Cohen Cipriano
Monti High, Class of '74, at monti_hi@yahoo.com This memorial is updated on a quarterly basis, so if you contact me regarding an addition or correction and it is not tended to right away, please be patient, it will be.

Please take a minute or two to sign our guestbook, and if you are a Monti High alumni, let us know what year you graduated, any info for the site, special remembrances of our fallen comrades, etc., that you'd like to share. If it was a teacher, please give his or her name, the subjects and the approximate years they taught; we would like to have a section dedicated to our teachers.

Please also be sure to let me know if the student or teacher was killed or missing in action in any military conflict, so we can honor their service to our country.

Due to policy changes at Delphi/Prospero, we have started a new free message board on MSN. We have an extensive list of links for Monti High and Sullivan County Community College, games like our song chain, etc. with lots more to come!! Stop by and meet both new friends and old and for all the fun at http://groups.msn.com/MontiHighHomeofthePanthers - For further information, contact Pam Cohen Cipriano, Class of '74, at monti_hi@yahoo.com

Anyone who has any other suggestions to add to the memorial board is welcome to get in touch with me.

Many thanks to my good friend, Christa File, Deer Park (Long Island, NY) High School, Class of '79, (my husband's alma mater) for all of her help with this board.

For those we have lost...
You were special and we miss you...
May you rest in peace

Class of 1932
Betty Rosenthal

Class of 1937
Joseph Handsman

Class of 1939
Sylvia Sharoff

Class of 1942
Benjamina S. (Bernice) Wahrhaftig

Class of 1945
Kenneth Goldfarb
Joseph M. Wahrhaftig

Class of 1946
Herbert Katz

Class of 1952
Roland Burns
William Edwards
Lloyd Graper
Sol Lashinsky
Eugene O'Gorman
Stuart Troup
Marguerite Yeomans

Class of 1954
Lois Ann Costa

Class of 1955
Lee Baumgart
John Crawford*
Mary Elizabeth McCormick
Joe Parks
Dorothy Platt
Stanley Spritzer
Gary Tierney

Class of 1956
Jerry Abramson
Diane Hoose
Robert M. Rosen

Class of 1958
Carolyn Carhart
Loretta Decker
Diane Glass
Michael Glick
Virginia Lyons
John Norton
Michael Sommers

Class of 1959
Eddie Block
Howard Bokor
Joan Edwards
Ken Gobel
Harris Gordon
Robert Harden
Charles Heath
Edward Hoose (Driscoll)
Eleanor Hopgood
Maureen Hughson
Joyce Kinne
Debbie Kleinman
Jim Mitchell
Audrey Schapiro
Sue Shea
Stanley Smith
Jean Stackhouse
Joe Tompkins
Jackie Verdi

Class of 1960
Fabio Carrion
Wendell Dauch
Mary Ellen Egbert
Roberta Goldstein
Ronald Paul
Manfred Rosen
Bette Ann Schock
Marc Schreibman
Bernard Zarin

Class of 1961
Wayne Benson
Lynn Epstein
Alan Feur
Charles Grant
Alan Hussner
Paul Irwin
Bruce LaPolt
Gerald McCoy
Judy Meddaugh
Donald Shimer
Maryanne Stern

Class of 1962
Michael Hart
Benjamin Kukas
Steven Mandell
Douglas McClure
Dorothy Price

Class of 1963
Mark Cohen
Michael Schneider

Class of 1964
David Kaufer
Ruth Reinshagen
Gary Shulman
Arthur Thaler

Class of 1965
Barbara Bentley
Judy Brucher
Willie Casey
Bruce Finger
Solomon Finn
Robert Hindley
Stewart Kaufman
Robert Kelley
Barry Mayefsky
Henrietta McCoy Patton
Judith Raiten
Philip Wallach
Leah Weiner

Class of 1966
Barry Brooks
Glenn Crumley
Jerry Evans*
Judy Ferguson
Charles E. Koberlein*
Phil Landreth
Jill Lasky
Julie Lyons
Linda Simonetsky
Fred Strong
Eugene Waller

Class of 1967
Neill Alenky
Danny Casteluzzi
Robert Cohen
Lenny Goldman
Billy Hickman
Joan Platt
Sharon Platt
John (Jack) Reilly

Class of 1968
Fred Fries
Peter Gallagher
Floyd Hall
Gale Houston
Malcolm McCoy
Larry Rampe
Joseph Walker

Class of 1969
James Appel
Richard Hughs

Class of 1970
Christine Armstrong
Bobby Hughes
Carl Drobysh
Rosylin Feinstein
Susan Karasick
Allison Schaefer
Jamie Wohl

Class of 1971
Scott Wayne Bartol
Carol Hector
Barbara Anne Masten Jahring
Matthew Mauerstein
Joseph Lubnieski
Bernard Hall
Edward Platt, Jr.
Glen Rafkin

Class of 1972
Craig Begbie
Craig Druckman
Norman Gabriel
Ivan Guerra
Stacey Knapp
Cheryl Kroeger
Edward Lilley
Cheryl O'Leary
Miguel Palau
Bobby Schoonmaker
Renee Sugarman
Luis Torres
Wilfredo Torres
Ted Williams

Class of 1973
George Burns
David Graham
Jimmy Hyde
Paul Kelly
Erwin Steier
Harold Supon
Wayne Wagner

Class of 1974
Marc Kagan
Dean Gambino
James Greene
Shirley Lawrence
Kip Morgenstein
Philip Berman
Arlene Shiffer

Class of 1975
Andrea Brafman
Susan (Stacey) Chernoff
Douglas (Doug) Gettel
BJ Kyle
Bernie LaVecchia
Jeff Leahy
Rae Ellen Feinberg-Livingston
Robert McNealy
Randy Pere'
Jimmy Rieber
Scott Solomon
Mack (Chuck) Snowden
Abe Steier
Debbie Stratton
Debbie Rosenbaum

Class of 1976
Michael Adelstein
Dillon Barnes
Arthur Clarke
Mary Drayton
John Gray
Nelson Hall
Jonathan S. Kimmel
Glenn Kuller
Kathleen Lowndes
Rondi Pashkow
Ray Prince
Jeffrey Walker

Class of 1977
Pedro J. Alvarez
DeLona Barnes
Tim Cahill
Brenda Clopton
Richard Florio
Todd Gambino
Kathy Gerow
Ina Gerskowitz
Larry Gertz
Kurt Geyer
Paul Johnson
Patrick McArdle
Joanne Mudd
Linda Ann Nowlin
Shirley Watson
Joseph Wisniewski
Edward Wong

Class of 1978
Charles Baker
Susan Buckman
Colleen Culligan
Kenny Dausch
Mary Drayton
Paul Kagan
Hope Kleinert
Jeannine Kleinert
Paul Kowlakowski
David Longwell
Carmine Macedonio
John Stubbs
Tracy Taggart

Class of 1979
Debra Haring
Manny Marrero
Sean Sullivan
Joanne Tulp
Maureen Welton

Class of 1980
Philip Castrogiovanni
Christopher Colberg
Brian Crawford
Robert Culligan
David Griffin
Teddy Jackson
Philip Jacobsen
Michael Monroe
Alan Seltzer
George Showers
Dawn Stefl
Darryl Tinsley

Class of 1981
Felicia Bonner
Peter Guarino
Lisa Korth
Kenneth Kraemer
Carl Kulick
James McArdle
Gary Scharrenberg
Christine Schum
Michael Spencer
Tom Stefl
Jodi Zaitchick

Class of 1982
Kelly Marie Goebel
Louis Gregory
James McGardill
Ronnie Welsch

Class of 1983
Jane Conway
Darren Foss
David Frassa
Ryan Moriarty
Craig Seidler
Brian Wilkinson
Kenneth Williams

Class of 1984
Wayne Armstead
Jimmy Bailey
Kenneth Raymond
Michelle Wilkinson

Class of 1985
Brian Foss
Lisa Lilley
Daniel Marmanillo

Class of 1986
Francis Clark
Allan Rupp

Class of 1988
Leo Egusquiza
Marilyn Ramos
Jerry Rupp
Bob Widish

Class of 1989
(First Name Unknown) White

Class of 1990
Jose Boddy
Peter M. Pugliani
Paris Singleton*

Class of 1992
Carla Hollander
Chris Merillo

Class of 1993
Oliver McCague
Robin Richards

Class of 1994
Melissa Millspaugh
Kevin Maher
Danny Koletar

Class of 1995
Sita Gallelli

Class of 1998
Sarah Brasington

Class of 2002
Crystal Nippitella

Class of 2005
Jason Rodriguez

Class of 2007
Ashley Morgan
Sierra Cerrone

Year of Graduation Unknown:
Kenneth Kramer (late 1970's, possibly 1980)
Willie Richardson (1980?)

Faculty and Staff

We would also like to give place to those faculty and staff, who have passed on, beginning with former Monti High principal, Thomas Kiley. His daughter, Maureen, whom I graduated with, was kind enough to send me his obituary, which reads as follows:

Sullivan County Democrat - April 19, 2002 - Thomas P. Kiley Sr., Ret. HS Principal

Thomas P. Kiley Sr. of Stony Brook, a former resident of Elmont and Monticello, died Thursday, April 4, 2002. After serving in the military and obtaining the rank of Major, Mr. Kiley moved to Monticello and became principal of the Monticello High School, serving from 1969 until his retirement in June 1980. His wife was an elementary school teacher at the George W. Cooke School in Monticello. Mr. Kiley was a member and past president of the Monticello Kiwanis Club and a Eucharistic Minister at St. Peter's R.C. Church in Monticello. In a family statement, it was said, "He was an absolute fixture at all high school athletic events and was well-loved by the community."

Other faculty and staff who have passed on in the Monticello Central School District are listed according to the school they worked in and, when information has been provided, also include the grades and or subjects they taught, title they held, etc. These include:

Monticello High School
Mr. Milton Berlye, Shop teacher
Mr. John Carhart, Automotive Shop
Ms. Margaret Galligan, 8th grade Math (old high school building)
Mr. Arnold Hughs, Director of Music
Mr. Edward R. Kennedy, Coach
Ms. Claire Morgan, Librarian
Mr. Philip Noll, Algebra
Ms. Phyllis Yoho, Spanish
Mr. Robert C. Walsh, Guidance Counselor

Monticello Middle School
Mrs. Alfonso, Home Economics
Mr. Lou Arey, 6th Grade Science
Mr. Robert Parsons, Shop Teacher

Rutherford School
Mrs. Mildred Drutt, 3rd grade
Mrs. Hinkley, Rutherford School; Reading, Monticello Middle School
Mr. Kelly, 5th Grade
Mrs. Kyle, 4th Grade
Mr. Lamberti, Principal
Mrs. Eleanor O'Donnell, Kindergarden
Mr. Harry Steinberg, 5th Grade

Cooke School
Mr. Lake, Principal
Susan Keiser
Mrs. Shock

Monticello Board of Education
Ms. Tillie Gluck, Board of Education member 1962
Ms. Elsa Greewald, Monticello Board of Education
Mr. John Lawler, Superintendent of Schools
Donald Olmsted, Board of Education, 1960's
Mrs. Fay Mayberg Wagner, Exec Secy to Business Mgr., Superintendent's Office

Other Monticello Central School District Personnel
Mrs. Cornelia Case, School Nurse
Mr. Frank Stewart, Speech Therapist

[Please let me know if any corrections are needed.]
Pam Cohen Cipriano, Class of 74 monti_hi@yahoo.com

(*Notates Veteran of War)

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