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Since 1999
Welcome to my homepage.  Here you will find Trucks and Tracks made by other people.  Utilities can be found here also.  Hope you will enjoy your stay.
This site was created on 12/10/1999
Last updated on 6/25/2004

Welcome to my site! This site features my tracks, including the famous replica roller coasters, a "Monster Patrol Trucklot" along with some other trucks mixed in there, a few utilities, and much more!

Plus 11,200 from old site
(6/25/04) Downloads are offline until further notice.

(4/12/04) Gemini has been released!  Check out the Tracks page!  This will be my 10th replica rollercoaster!

(4/3/04)  Are YOU ready for 420ft?!  Are YOU ready for 0 to 120mph in less than 4 seconds?!  Are YOU ready for TOP THRILL DRAGSTER?!!!!  Presenting the world's TALLEST and FASTEST roller coaster to be created for MTM2!

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In Loving Memory of Maria Theresa Santillan.
Intro Page

10 replica roller coasters, including the world's three tallest full circuit roller coasters - Top Thrill Dragster (USA), Millennium Force (USA), and Steel Dragon 2000 (Japan) and six other intense roller coasters which are available to race in MTM2.  It will have you hurling all over your keyboard!

As far as I know, I don't think this has been ever attempted before.  Roller coasters like Zoon Coaster 2 have been created, but I don't think anyone has tried to replicate a real life roller coaster to race in MTM2
(5/19/03)  Yet another week later and a sister is born!  Leap of Faith Rumble 2 is available for download by heading over here.  Total count of roller coasters: 13!  Well sort of.  This rumble contains no rollercoaster track!
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