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Zweibruecken Alumni Association

Kim Bayes - Zweibruecken Alumni Association Historian

My name is Kim Bayes and I am a former military dependent who attended Zweibruecken American High School and the historian for the Zweibruecken Alumni Association (ZAA).

One of ZAA's goals is to try and locate as many former students who attended ZAHS as possible. Our research efforts lead us to your website, which we are thrilled to find. If you would not mind sharing the following information with your members we would be greatly appreciative.

Please feel free to link your site to ours if you so desire.

Also of interest is an unique and exciting project underway for children who were educated overseas. Information is available at www.aoshs.org. If you click on the AOSHS donors link on the www.zweihigh.org website you can see how Zwei is going to be involved and the proposed representation.

Thank you for your service to our country,

Kim (Cupp) Bayes - Class of 1977
Zweibruecken Alumni Association Historian

Adkins, Forrest, SMSgt-Ret.
4 Country Glen Drive
Ona, WV 25545
Phone: (304)736-1837
Comments: I was assigned to the 26th TAC hospital ER 1967-70

Adrian, James
351 Ipswich Road
Colchester, Essex, CO4 4HN, U.K.
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Trying to make contact with RF-4 crew who may have flown training missions over a range at Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Writing a history of the range and RF-4 aircraft used the area for night photo-flash RECCE missions. Do not know which units were involved, but must have been fom Zweibrucken or Alconbury. I would be very grateful for any help/advice you may be able to offer.

Akin, Jim Akin, Captain - 26th TRW, 26th Supply Sq
600 Vail Valley Dr.
Vail, CO 81657
Phone: 970-476-3486
E-mail: [email protected]

(Comments edited for space)
Comments: Property Accounting Office,Tour-Rosieres,12/64 to 12/66. Reported to Maj John Rice, Jr., Maj John Neff, Lt.Col. Pete Peterson, Lt Col Pete Pavlica and Col E.C. Blakely in that order. Also Supply Liaison briefly to the 26th FMS. My team installed the Base Supply Univac 1050 computer at Toul, took it apart and shipped it and me to Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand along with the RB66's.

Anyone know where (Lt.) John S. DuVall, and (Lt.) Larmar Cullpepper might be? Retired? Ran across Pete Pavlica, retired and remarried at Pope AFB, NC in the 1970s. Lots of photos of Tour-Rosieres in the '64-'66 period. Resigned my commission after my tour in Thailand and 4 year obligation. My 3 years in France was a vacation, my one year on Thailand was no fun. Days at Toul-Rosieres and weekends at Ramstein AFB were definately the "good old days".

I worked at Toul, but I played at Ramstein. Toul-Rosieres is possibly now a regional air port(?). Plan to go back to NE France next year and check out all the old stomping grounds, Nancy, Mets, and of course Toul Mountain. After 33 years in the computer industry in sales/marketing, now currently semi-retired, living, working and playing in Vail, Colorado. Thanks for this web site, glad I found it. If anyone remembers me, please send me an email or call.

Alessi, Mike - 26 AGS 81-83
2804 Malan Ave
Ogden, UT 84403
Phone: (801) 627-1438
E-mail: [email protected]

Allison, Jackie - 26thCSG '83-'85
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: 26th CSG - 10/83-8/85. Kim, Mary Ann and I are still friends after all these years. I f we knew you, feel free to email. (Just send note if you want Mary Ann's or Kim's email). Also in contact with Kerry Slater and Mark Sinay.

Anculewicz, Robert
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed at RAF Alconbury UK during the years of 1964-1967. Looking for a very good friend of mine by the name of Richard Watson,we worked at the photo recon lab together,I have been looking for over 30 yrs. Please if anybody has any info please contact

Anderson, Robert , CMSgt - 26 AGS
7561 S. Pacific Willow Dr
Tucson AZ, 85747
Phone: 520-939-3436
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was a SSgt/TSgt in the 26th AGS from 1986-1991. I worked as an expediter along greats like Greg "Gator" Scotta, Don Riseden, Tony Munoz, Tony Horton, Doug Daniels, Alan and Lynn Jackman, Bob Knipple, and many other awsome maintainers. Zwei was the best kept secret in the AF and is now a booming metropolis. I acquired my addiction to German beer there and can't drink cheap beer anymore.

Andrews, David, - ACFT
59 Highland St.
Hudson NH 03051
Phone: (603) 880-0375
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Assigned to ACFT 68-603.05/81-05/83. Drank a bunch of beers with the Dave Mungovon, Mike Alessi, Mike Alfonso, Russ Cass and others. Played the stereo's a little too loud at times! Hope to hear from some of the you guys.

Anstine, Keith - 26th Trans/LGTO, '87-91
910 Thurston Ave
Bellevue, NE 68123
Phone: 402-614-1511
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments : Stationed at "Sunny Zwei" for 4.5 years Jan '87 - Jul '91. Worked in the 26th Trans/LGTO (Vehicle Ops) as Driver, Dispatcher, Fleet Management ( Vehicle Control Function), Driver's School and finally coordinated all of the shipping out via tractor/trailer and other trucks full of stuff when the base closed with the Surface Freight Folks. My wife, Sharon, and I went to Zweibruecken Baptist Church October 1987 - July 1991.

Antonio Jose, - Bartender
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments : I was a Spanish bartender first in Pirmasens, 1965. I was 21. Then Kreuzber ZW, then Lansthul NCO club 1967 -1963 and then Zwebrucken Air base NCO club with Sargent Willy Boyd as manager till 1975 - Great Time

Arkenau, Len - 26th INY & 38th TRS
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Was a (PI) photo interpreter originally with the 26th INY then reassigned to the 38th TRS in 1978. At Zwei between 7'77 and 7'79.

Armstrong, Brian, - 1964th Comm Sq.
1579 Old Bowman St.
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
E-Mail: [email protected]

Ayers, David, SSGT - 26 th Tac. Hospital 1969-1974
1078 Davis Street
Elmira, New York 14901
Phone: 607-734-6348
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Worked in Family Clinic Emer. Room and base ER with Pat Mahony, Bill Brown, Gary Moore, Ramstein Village Sam Reno's

Bachman, Dana A., SSgt. - 26Trans
359 Catoctin Ave.
Frederick, MD
E-Mail: [email protected]
Commenmts: SSgt With the 26th TRANS from 8/85 to 8/90. I really miss all the people and the camaraderie that I enjoyed when I was there!

Baker,Andrew - 38th TRS E-mail: [email protected] Comments:38th TRS from March'85 to April'87 as a life Support technician. If anyone has a good picture/drawing of the Phantom II guy please send it to me.

Ballington, Don - 26th AGE
4715 Della Dr.
Antioch, TN

Ballgae, Marc
144 Puesta Del Sol
Osprey Florida 34229
Phone: 941.918.4890
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was at Zwei from 1980 - 1987. Loved every minute of it.

Beard,Steve - 26th Trans '86-90

E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: It's been many years, hard to remember everyone. Schubert, I remember when I was a Dispatcher I could count on you to get the job done. A Few people I do remember ( Dan Torrence, James Black, Amos Willaims, Steve Neil,}. Anyone else Please contact me.

Beaudoin, Edward - 26 CRS/INS Shop
Morgantown WV 26505
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: People I remember - Bob Carter, Brad Ashley, Todd Goad,Barry Roeper, Rich McKee, Pete Briggs, Kenny Trabert, 'Doc' Daughtry, Bill Bane, Dave Mrus, Mark Carrow, Perry Bearden, Denny Rhodes, Bill Berry, Jeff Smith, 'Stan' Stanfield, Mike Lutkins, Lee Mears, Shane Stoddard, Evan Richardson, et.al. Feel free to contact me!

Beckett, Richard - 26 Civil Engineering Squadron
408 Harpers Ferry
Belleville, IL, 62221
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: At Zweibrucken from 87-91. Played football for the "Warriors".

Beckman, Dennis F. - 86th TFW, '78-80, Quality Control
6029 Ambassador Dr
Tampa Fl 33615
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Looking for info on MA-1A and found your site...like it alot.

Berry, Ron
29618 Wild Fern Trail
Spring, TX 77386

Bessette, Richard - 26th AGE, Zwei, 84-88
3608 Gold Crest LN
Rosamond CA. 93560
Phone: 661-256-8493
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:Sure miss that place. Thanx for wonderful web page. Brings back good memories!

Blake, Howard, MSgt (Ret.) - AMU/DCM/26CRS, '84 - '91
1404 Piedmont Drive
Clovis, NM 88101
Phone: (505)) 763-4691
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed at "Sunny Zwei" from Dec 1984 until May 1991 and loved every dang day of it! Worked in the AMU initially and then went to the DCM's staff, working for Colonel Sansone (and many others, including Rett Summerville. My favorite Asst DCM was LtCol Mike Cylke - a super guy that I hope to run into again someday).

When Desert Shield kicked off, I was in 26 CRS, Avionic Sensor Systems, working in the hardened avionics facility with a bunch of great guys and gals. Finished my time with the AF at Cannon AFB, New Mexico, where I've retired and started my own businesses. My wife is Michelle, whom I met and married at Zweibrucken. She was an air traffic controller there. She is now the range control officer at Melrose Bombing Range here in Clovis, NM (civilian contractor). Drop me a line or give me a call. I'd love to hear from you! - MSgt Howard Blake, USAF (ret)

Blair, Everett - 26FMS, Jet Engine shop '67-68
Phone: 901-650-0452
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: James Bhukta, Bill Caudill, Marvin Fisher. lets go to Amsterdam!!!

Bock, Richard J. - Parachute Rigger
701 Tanglewood Ln.
Frankfort Il. 60423
Phone: 815-469-1640
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments:Ramstein from Aug 61 to Mar 62. Anyone from the parachute shop out there?

Boe, Glenn - 26 AGS '85-'88
Panama City, FL
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed at Zwei from 1985-1988. Crewed 69-372 with Greg (Gator) Scotta. Fligh Chief Marc Ballgae. Prod Super Glenn Smith. Had a great time while stationed there and worked with a lot of great people.

Bolton, Kenneth A. - 38TRS, 1971-72
1746 E. 8TH ST.
Tucson , Arizona 85719
Phone: 520-882-4646
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Photo Interpreter as Sgt., also served Shaw, Udorn, Thailand, and Lowrey

Boone, Marcus J. - AFCC Kapaun AS, GE
27735 Jackson Rd.
Circleville, OH
Phone: 740-474-3355
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Short tour from 1984 to 1985. TSGT Stratton was supervisor. Worked NCOIC SATCOM. Andy Delgato was room-mate. George was photo partner. Dated young lady by the name of Diane Hock. Trained in advanced martial arts with Sense Andy Charleson, 4th dan. Fought in the 1984-85 German Kickboxing Championship.

Borgen, Ken - 26 EMS, Zwei,'80-'82
Manteca, Ca 95336
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:tationed at Zweibruken 1980-1982 26th EMS Phase docks. now living in northern Ca. I miss the RF-4C. e-mail me if you remember me.

Borgen, Ken - 26 EMS, Zwei,'80-'82
Manteca, Ca 95336
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:tationed at Zweibruken 1980-1982 26th EMS Phase docks. now living in northern Ca. I miss the RF-4C. e-mail me if you remember me.

Buckler,Cheryl L. - 26SPS, 1980-82
836 Vine Maple Drive
Myrtle Creek,OR 97457
Phone : 541-863-5451
E-Mail : [email protected]
Comments : Interested in obtaining unit patches and photos of ZAB and the surrounding area.

Burns, Dave -
16410 S. Sahuarita Place
Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Burton, Jerry - 86th FIW, '59
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I see the 'Deuce and the Phantom II mentioned but not the F-86D which is what I crewed. Since I left the 86th FIW in 1959 I don't feel I was a part of the 26th FMS. Thanks...and good luck.

Bradley, Gary "Bradbo" - 26SPS, '88-91, Zweibrucken
911 90th St.
Niagara Falls NY 14304
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Lived in Dorm #18. Drank gallons of Parkbrau. Don't remember much. . . Hic ! Just kidding. Best time of my life in Sunny Zwei

Brinzo, John - 26FMS, AGE
1165 Hidden Valley Road
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
Phone: 802-442-3944
E-mail: [email protected]

Brown, Larry - 1141st S.A.S. Tiger 9 Comm Site, Nov.1970 - May
2815 NE 49th St.
Vancouver, Wa. 98663
Phone: 360-693-7357
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Knew many people at Ramstein through the M.A.S.T. (married airmen survival training) program. Out in '74, back to school for B.S. in Bus. Mgmt in 78. Then went through O.T.S. to become Munitions Supply Officer, stationed in Montana, Greece and S. Dakota. Out again in 1983, and moved home to Vancouver, Wa. Now work at the V.A. Hospital in Vancouver as a Locksmith. Still serving my country and other Vets. Neighborhood Association President, Legislative Rep for the Union, Drama Group member at Church, looking to retire soon and run for public office. Would really like to hear from anyone who remembers me from Ramstein (the best assignment I had).

Burton, Jerome P. - 526th FIS
22413 Ocean Avenue # 42
Torrance, CA 90505

Phone: (310) 373-1933
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Was Crew Chief on the F86D in the 526th FIS from '56 to '59 and would like to hear from any other members of the squadron.

Byerly, Ernest, - Sgt., 4/59 - 4/62
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: 604th Communications Squadron
Anyone know of any site concerning this squadron?

Caldwell, Steven D., Sgt - Munitions (Ammo)
P. O. Box 1228
Louisburg, KS
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:At Ramstien AB, Jan. 68 to April 70. Munitions specialists (Ammo). North and South Ammo. Went from the 26 AEMSq to the 26 Avionics Maint Sq AMSq.

Canaday, Henry (Cannonball) - (deceased)
6335 Desert Trail Rd
Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: 592-682-7452
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: We were at Ramstein 60-64. "RED" was T/Sgt at the Ammo dump. He passed away in '93 but I am looking for some good friends of ours. Capt.Clara Johnson, Goad from MO, and any other people that remember us. My name is Mickie Canaday and "Cannonball" was the love of my life, even you guys did get him drunk and I made you keep him at the barracks !!!!

Carreon, David E. - 417th T.F.S., 1955-67
6019 Glade Valley
San Antonio, Texas 78242
Phone: 210 623-5098
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:Stationed '66-'67 at Ramstein with 417th T.F.S (50th Wing from Hahn A.B.) Any info relating to 417th greatly appreciated.

Cardinal, Jason - Student, '85 - '91
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Not a member of the 26th, but student of from 1985 - 1991 and would like for people I knew to get in touch with me.

Carter, Stretch - 26 AGS Sep 83-Nov 87, 26 SPS Nov 87 - Jul 91
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Some of the best times of my life! Still drinking Park Pils (back in the day is was Parkbrau Pils), but now swilling them at Ramstein. Looking to hear from old friends!

Castellano. Eugene
2215 S. 3500 West
Ogden, Utah, 84401

Casterline, Ronald, 86th Civ.EngSq
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was stationed at Ramstein between 78-80 and was with the 86th civil eng. squadron heavy equip. operator,looking for any old pals please write me email

Cates, Michael Cates - 26 FMS Environmental Sys. " MA "Shop
P.O. Box 5155
Pasadena , Texas 77505
Phone: 281 - 476 - 4036
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: " Sunny Zwei" for 2 yrs. from Dec.1973 to Dec.1975. " MA", Aircraft Environmental Systems shop. I was single at the time. It was a good experience in my life..wish it didn't have to end so soon. Looking for: Harold Zbinden , Bradley Holmes, David Gronkowski, Danny Large, Donald Marksberry, David Yohe and a few of the fellows in the barracks...Michael Sousi..Dennis Brown..Tom Means..and one WAF nurse..Peggy Nully . Would like to hear from s omeone I know...to bad about the base...Myself and several other people spent our Christmas Eve in 1974, building the airmans coffee house under the rec. hall. It sure was quiet that night. Wound up going to Little Rock AFB, ARK. after that..

Cerkan, Bob - 26th AGE
644 Culpepper Dr.
Reynoldsburg OH 43068

Chavis, Chet - 26th FMS, '76 to '81
E-mail: [email protected]

Chavis, Ed - 26th FMS/AGE, '74-76
17144 Bemis Lane
Elberta, AL 36530
Phone: 251-947-3629
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Where is: LtC Larry Whitehouse, CMSgt Ken Brakebill (last known at Tinker AFB @ 85), SSgt Roy C.Trimm. I was at "Sunny Zwei" from Jul 74 to Jul 76. I last ran into Col Whitehouse as DCM, Carswell AFB, TX, in 84-86. I have the greatest memories of the 26th and wish I could recall all of the friends. Feel free to contact me and best of luck to everyone.

Christian, Ross - Sheet Metal Shop 1968-1971
121 Summit Walk
Peachtree City, GA.30269
Phone: 770 487-0304
E-Mail: [email protected]

Clements, Bill - 26FMS Egress shop, '78-'80
P.O. Box 1404
Sante Fe, Texas 77510
Phone: 318-288-6386
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: 78-80,26FMS,Egress Shop along with Jim Ladd,Jerry O'neill, Paul Pazucha, Mike Ferguson, SSGT Paumier, SSGT Palmer, Msgt Fuchs, Tsgt Fraizer, SRA Laird (Jaws). I remember when some of our guys got caught poaching some trout from the CE squadron's water tanks just down the hill from our dorm. I miss the beer, bratwurst, and the people. Especially watching Capt "Bambi" jogging the perimiter road at lunch time. Also the cookouts that would last all summer weekends, I don't know how we made it to work. Miss the stereo wars, I still have mine and all the albums.

Clopton Ronald E. - Zwei '71-'74
1731 Brandon Cir
Norman OK 73071
Phone: 405 447 0669 . . . Cell 405 206 9197
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: At ZAB,Germany 4/71 to 2/74, Lived in Blickweiler, Ger until my wife went back home, because of expensive there. I was in the NCO building next to the MARS Station and ran that for almost a year. Worked in RF-4C phase under CMSgt Potts, then worked BPO, then the last yr and 1/2, worked Job Control. Knew David Gronskowski in the Ma shop, his brother is in Spokane wa. Have been looking for Larry Saints, Elton Farmer, and the guys from the flt line. Larry, I'm still a Nebraska fan even tho I'm in Norman OK. Email or call any time.

Cole, Billy H., Msgt/Ret.
300 Hollow Rd NE
Cleveland, TN 37312
Phone: 423/479-7804

Collette, Pat - 26th AGE
1014 Newpoint Loop
Sun City Center, FL 33573
Phone: 813-633-5449

Conrad, Shawn Conrad - 26 AGS-Sensors '87-'89

Cooper, Jeffrey C. - 26 FMS/26 AGS, '78-'80
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed at Zwei from May 78-May 80. Worked at the J-79 Test Cell, Engine Conditioning, and AGS Specialist Flight.Met some great folks and had a great time.

Covert, Ted S., Lt. Col. (retired) - 26th SPS, Zwei '73-75
4515 Mainesville Road
Junction City, Ohio 43748
Phone: 740-987-7070
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: With the 26th SPS, Zwiebrucken AB as a dog handler from Dec 1973 to Mar 1975. Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel on 1 Feb 2004.

Corvin, Carl G. (SMSgt) - 26th CRS, Zweibrueken, 1974-83
Charleston, SC 29418
E-Mail: [email protected]

Cousino, Joe - 86th Tac Hospital, June 62 - Sept 65
13386 Delavern St
Gibraltar, Michigan 48173-9521
Phone: 734-692-8183
E-mail: = [email protected]
Comments Greatest time of my life! Would love to hear from ANY and ALL. Matilda's Felsen Brau was the best! Dick Jensen?

Crabbe, Dave - 26FMS AGE
1005 N. Rodgers Av. Apt. 7B ???
Bloomington IND 47401. ???

Crumpler, John E., TSgt , Zeibrucken AFB, early '70s (deceased).
Infomation needed by Walter B. Crumpler
278 Sandridge Rd.
Beulaville, NC 28518
Phone: 910-289-1019
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments I'm interested in contacting anyone that knew my father, TSgt. John E. Crumpler who was killed in an automobile accident near Rottweiller, Germany in November 1975. I was at Basic Training at Ft. Jackson at the time and have never had any contact with the friends we made during our brief time at ZAFB.

Cushing, Vance J. - 26th AGE, 1966-69
1403 12th Street
Red Wing, MN 55066
E-Mail: [email protected]

Cusick, Philip , SMSgt. - 26 AMS
7656 Zachary Rd
Port Tobacco MD 20677
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments : Assigned to 26AMS from 1970 to 1973 SMsgt.

Dabel, Jerry J.,SSgt. 26 AGS Zwibrucken Germany, 1987- 1989
344 8th St
Ogden, Utah 84404
Phone: 801-394-4824
E-mail: [email protected]

Davidson, Dan , Sgt, - 26 AMS Loran Shop, '76-'78. Land of Magic
707 Farley Road
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I worked in the AMS Loran shop 1976-1978. 20 years old, single, beautiful country. I remember one day when it snowed heavily in the morning, melted during mid-day and rained in the evening. Only at Sunny Zwei!

Davidson George, 38TRS, Jet Engine Mech.
2265 NW 113TH AVE
Portland, Oregon 97229
Phone:503 641-2771
Comments:Gene Castillano, Ernie Bessen, Bill Landis, Art Sparks, Erv Norris, Charles Riley, Al Sexton, James Buctta Jr., Charles Records .

"Best group of flight line mechanics, period". This group kicked butt on F102, RF4C, T33, C130 or anything else that broke and made it to Ramstein. Still remember good times at Chico's and Geslia's - Glan Muchweiler

Daly David - ' 61 - '63, 86th TAC Hospital
3315 N. Berlin Avenue
Fresno, CA
Phone: (559) 221-7800
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: 86th. TAC Hospital-- 1961-1963. Dental Assistant at the Family Clinic
(North side of the base).

Dean Stephen F., (Aerospace System Branch Tire Shop)
110 Ridgewood Dr.
Rockmart, Ga. 30153
Phone: 770-684-8984
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments : 26FMS from April of '69 till Aug of '72. Left the AF and went to A&P school. Working with Delta Airlines for almost 27 years now. Have only heard from a couple of people in the FMS.

Dearman, Howard - 7030 Material Squadron,1961-1965
632 Lisa St.
Burleson, Texas, 76028-5832
Phone: 817-295-9142
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Served in the 7030 Material Sqadron from 1961-1965 at Ramstein AFB. Refueled jets. I would like to talk to others that were there at that time.

Desmond, Robert "Boomer" - 26th SUP Computer Room, '88 - '91
6901 East Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas,NV. 89156
Phone: 702-203-1291
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Miss all the partying and broomball practices and games at all hours of the day. It sux getting old.

DeYoung, John - 26th AGS 81-87
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was a crew chief at Zweibrucken from 81-87. (71-249).I also married Lydia on base (we're still married) and had a son born at Landstuhl. Feel free to contact me.

Dietz, Anna - 26SPS 1979-1981
210 Oak Forest Tr.
Euless, TX 76039
Phone: 817-538-3975
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Interested in finding all people in 26TH SPS at Sunny Zwei from '79 to -82. Such as:Beatle Bailey, Sgt. Neagle, Robert Willey, Gary Conning, etc ... To many to list. Let me know if anyone is out there!

Dick, Thaddeus J., - 26 TRW, Zwei '83-'89
Los Lunas, NM 87031
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Assigned to three of the Tac Recce Wings, 67 TRW (Bergstrom AFB, TX), 363 TRW (Shaw AFB, SC), and stationed with the 26 TRW at Zweibrucken from 83 - 89. Worked in the 26 AGS and CRS and for the wing. Was a photo sensor technician cut-trained as a crew chief. It was the most exciting time of my Air Force career. Currently stationed in Osan AB, "the ROK."

I'm having a picture of 69-366 done up for my retirement.It's at the bottom of the Baltic now, but not before it "bit" me three times! RF-4C, the finest aircraft made.
First in, last out, alone, unarmed and unafraid.
We killed 'em with film!

I was judge for RAM 90 and I sure was proud! Will retire next year with my best memories from the 26 TRW. The RF-4C is the best. Thanks for the nice page.
         MSgt TJ Dick

Ditzler, Gerald - 26th AGE
707 Foothill Court
Boulder City, NV 89005
E-Mail: [email protected]

Donald, John - 26th AGS 1987-1990
5643 Norwich Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91411
Phone: (818) 989-1680
E-Mail:[email protected]
Comments: Looking for Buddy Williams, Dan Wood and AGS personnel stationed at Zwei between 1987-1990.

Doughty, Douglas, MSgt - Zwiebrucken 1979-1986
1076E, 1500N
Layton Ut, 84040
Phone: (801) 547-0187
E- Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was a Crew Chief on 68-603 (and others) and worked Job Control. Partners in Crime: Marc Ballgae, Bobby Ford, Rick-o Love, Mike "Pokey" Pocase, Phil Vernasos, Robert Boniface, Jim "Cookie" Cook, Jim Myers... Sure does bring back great memories. If anyone knows where any of these folks are drop me a line.

Downs, Jim - 26th AGE
3156 Brackenwood Court
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Dunn, John, A.
3132 Westview Dr.
Dayton, Ohio 45434
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: 17thTRS--29thTRS 1956-1958 Shaw AFB S.C. 17thTRS 66TH TRW Laon,AFB France

Dzwonkowski, Charles (Ski), '66-'69
5 Louis Circle
Red Bank NJ 07701
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed at Ramstein from 66' to 69'. Crew chief on the only C-54 (4 engine Prop) at Ramstein. Partied with some 526 guys and APs. Every one called me Ski.

Drengberg, Mike - EMS then AGS 80-82
333 Plain St
Millis Ma 02054
Phone: 508-376-1949
E- Mail: [email protected]
Comments:'80-82 , Sunny Zweibruken AFB
>Comments:I cant say sunny Zwei was the best time in my life, but I loved working on the line and with all the great kids that we were then! Crew chief 69-372, put alot of myself in that jet. What an experience.

Endicott, Gary
13391 Bradley Ave.
Slymar, CA 91342

Edgar, Charlie / Julie - 26 AGE 1720 W Deacon Dr.
Tucson Az. 85746
Phone: 502-294-8680
E-Mail: [email protected]

Edwards, Daniel, - 38TRS(PPIF),1973-76
25053 Buckhorn Estates Drive
Custer, SD 57730
E-MAil: [email protected]

Epps, Ron & Laurie
732 First St.
Webster City Ia. 50595-2142
Phone: 515-832-4612
E-mail: [email protected]

Ethridge, Mark Ethridge, 86th OMS, 526th TFW at Ramstein
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Trying to find guys who were with the 526th or the 512th TFS at Ramstein from 1976-1978.

Farmer, Mike - AGE, '72-'74
E-Mail: [email protected]

Faulkner - 38th , 17th Zweibrucken & Ramstein
9011 Harman Bluff Rd.
Savannah GA. 31406
Phone: 912 920 0416
E-mail: [email protected]

Fisher, Michael - 26th TRW/7426th TRISS
832F Vernon Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 408-744-2163
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Assigned to 26 TRW/7426 TRISS, May 88 - May 91. Wrked the TEREC program. I have info on what jets were equipped with TEREC and the reqd nav upgrade. Also, other info on 7426th TRISS and Zweibrucken in general. Let me know if you are interested.

Fisk, Ray - 26 TRANS/LGTM 8/86 - 8'89
5619 Anna Lee Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Phone: 719-499-3287
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments15 years of Gov't service and going strong. Streets and Parks foreman for the "Town Monument". Received "SPIRIT OF MONUMENT AWARD", and darn proud of it.
Darn shame they closed the best base. Hey, MSgt Gates. haven't forgotten you, buddy. MSgt McCoy, howdy! Has anyone seen SSgt Mike "Blinky" Hill? Last seen at Holloman AFB, NM. Anyone know Robert "Bobby" Fore. Hey, Manfred, been to Texas, lately
(Edited for space)

Flateau, Edward J. - 86 TAC Hospital Family Clinic
P.O. Box 220
El Mirage, AZ 85335-0220
Phone: (602) 583 - 7105
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Ramstein, Jan 63 - Jul 66. Traveled with Tom Zook, Ed Ruth, Juanita Sheeley, Jim & Jeannette Young, Joe Cousino, Frau Schwarz, Pete, Heidi, & Christa. Contact ?

Ferguson, Mike - 26th FMS, Zweibrucken AB, Germany
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Worked in the Egress Shop, 26th FMS, at Zweibrucken AB. 1979-1981. Have found a couple folks I worked with. Great site!

Finck, Doug - S/sgt, Flight Engineer
P.O. Box 196
West Milton PA 17886
Phone: 570-568-3484
Comments:Previously married to SSgt Hurney's daughter Pam, 4 children.
Returned to college, now an X-ray Technician in Williamsport PA

~ Special Request ~

Ford, Barry Q. - 401 FMS

Phone: 704-660-9488
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I am the daughter of Barry Q Ford. I'm looking for anyone who can tell me about him. He was in Spain in 1969. All I know is that he worked on jet engines and was a SGT. Please e-mail me with anything you know. thank you Tammi

Fogleman, Philip - 26 CES 3820 Alameda Blvd Apt H83Kokomo IN 46902 E-Mail: [email protected] Comments: Stationed in Zweibrucken 83-86, worked in the Orderly Room at CES, then at the Base Fire Station. Played on the Base Fastpitch Team, Remember the years Zwei won base varsity basketball and Volleyball. Ed Venable, John Thompson, Ralph Smith, Keith Benn, a few names. Love Germany and am looking forward to going back for a visit someday.

Fowler, William "Bryan" - 26TH SPS, D-Flight, 89-91
9007 71st Ave East
Palmetto, FL. 34221
Phone: 941 - 721-7821
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Looking for anyone from 26TH SPS, '89-91

E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments My wife was a member of the 26th TRW Clinic at Zwei from 9/87 to 9/91. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago but, I remember all the great times we had with those people. I was one of the few civilians that played on the Zweibruecken football and softball teams. Drop me a line sometime, would love to hear from ya'.

Freeland, Denise E., Newspaper editor, 1984-1986
2253 Archer Court
Cocoa, Florida 32926
E-mail: [email protected]

Fullen, Charles L. - Aircraft Electrical Shop
2340 S Yucca Terrace
Pahrump, NV 89048
Phone: 775-7271946
E-mail: [email protected]

Gardner, Greg, MSgt (Ret) - Zwei AB 1983-1986
400 Tabor Ave
Fairfield, CA 94533
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments I was an Egress Mechanic for the 26th TRW in Zweibrucken AB. and a member of the 26th CRS squadron and served under Major Frank Zauner. Our shop chiefs were CD Seegars and Ralph MacLeod. I was also a part of the ABDR team. Looking for any information on MSgt Bill Barry, expeditor.

Garner,Bill - 496th FIS, 1955
927 Paseo Camarillo
Camarillo, Ca. 93010
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: I came along with the Dogs (F86D) in 1955. Assigned to the496th FIS prior to its reassign to Hahn.Hope someone from the E4(radar) is still around

Garrett, Dan Garrett - 26th TRANS ('89-91)
830 Miller Drive
Dover, DE 19901
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments With the 26th Trans in RFM from '89-91. Miss the people, camraderie, and the base. Lots of good times.

Gatliff, Larry - 26th AGE
5745 L Street
Lincoln, NE 68510-2116

Gilmer, James E., - '70-'73, 26SUP WRSK Section
8317 Yolanda Rd.
Richmond VA 23229
Phone: (804) 747-5859
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:With the wing during the transfer of the 81st TFS to Spang. Was also NCOIC of WRSK on WTD's to Zaragosa and Aviano during that time.

Gimenez, Rainer, - 26th AGS
320 Edgewood Dr
Coconut Creek Fl, 33066
Phone: 954-977-8265
E-mail: [email protected]

Comments:Where do I begin? Lets see. Who could forget the one who took care of us all, Msgt Roddy Lewis (a.k.a. BDL). If you don't know what BDL stands for then you were not there. Tony Horton where are you? Thanks for making me laugh when I needed it most. Risdon and his Mini. Shuster and his hackey sack. Gary Baney with his fly in the pitot tube grounding. Stuffing snow down the exhaust of the -60 for a spectacular morning eye opener.

So many other people...Knipple, Stone, Hag, Armentrout, Gator, Parks Neuhoff, Ballgae, and many others. Currently I'm working for Delta Ailines here in Ft. Lauderdale as a line Mech for the last 14 years. Reed Stone is working in Atlanta for Delta also. I ran into Capt Rip Torn who was flying Md-88's for us as well (could'nt let that Mcdonnell Douglas out of his sight I guess). Send a e-mail or call me, I would love to hear how everyone is doing. 71-251...I hope they didn't use you as target practice...you were a good airplane... and I miss you.

Glass, Duane A., aka Squirelly, MSG, USAF, RET - '66 FLMS/7030 Camron/26 FMS
11 Dama Road
Los Lunas NM 87031
Phone: (505) 620 0813
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments'64 Thanksgiving Day to Dec '67. Hydraulic Shop 66 FLMS, Det 1, John O'malley, O'neal, Steed , Parker and Brent Linnell. 7030 Camron until conversion to Phantoms. Lots of trips to Moron AB Spain for fair weather flying.

Glugerstubschen, Moms, the Rex, Parisian Strs in K-town, and of course Ostende, Belgium on 3 dayers. Remember the "alert" songs? Projectionist at Saber Theater.

Crewchiefs: Michael Wade, Steve Constatini, Engine Mechs: Vance and Ice, Bill Weber: Auto Pilot, Ballard: Personal Equip. Retired from New Mexico Air National Guard, now selling Real Estate in Albuquerque. Last shop Chief Sidney Rowe. Any out there feel free to get in contact with me. I have year book from 38th TRS in 1965. (Voodoo Medicine Man)

Also Luc Martini (retired Boeing Laser Engineer) was in the Engine Shop with the 66 FLMS Det 1, which supported the RF101C's with the 38TRS until becoming absorbed into the 26 FMS when it moved from TR. Luc was born in Belgium served in the USAF and attained his citizenship-he remained in Ramstein for a few years after discharge attending the University of Maryland Extension.

Gluschick, John - '61 -'64
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Looking for Ramstein Rams Baseball Players for the 61 thru 64 years. Give me a holler.

Goldsworthy, Jeff, 152TRG, Nv ANG., Crew Chief
2211 Enterprise Rd
Reno Nv , 89511
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments:Crewed RF-4Cs' for 12 years with the Nevada Air National Guard. The 152nd was second to Zweibrucken in 1988, we won in 86 and 90. If any knowledge of Acft 65-0897 I would like to hear from you. Crew chief of this acft for about 10 years, great airplane.

Goodballet, Don, - 26th Supply Sq. (POL) '71-'73
828 Green Blossom Ct. #42
Murray, Utah
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Seems like EVERYONE had s good time at "Sunny Zwei", me included. Anyone from POL '71-73, that's you included - Little MAC, give me a holler! Be nice to know what happened.

Goth, Scott - 26 OMS, '75-77
8657 Buckley Blvd
Briggsville, WI 53920
Phone: 1-608-981-2319
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Worked in the maintenance hanger. During alerts didy 12 hour shifts on the line,usually in the 38th area. Egress shop, Engine shop,Tool crib were in here. Stationed from Nov.1975-Dec 1977. Remember are Terry Dewitt, Mel Sessions, James Clark,and a fellow named Stretch.Many others

Gowers, William- 583 AF Band, '67- '68
3402 Illinois Ave
Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: 502-637-3853
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: I was stationed at Ramstein AFB with the 583rd Air Force Band during 1967-1968. I played alto sax and all the band members called me "Willy". I have fond memories of that time. If there are any other band members out there write me or give me a call.

Green, Rick - 26th AGE
7632 W. Beryl Ave.
Peonia, AZ

Gregg, Peter - 26 Supply Sq, SAMS
15 Coverly Ct
Dover DE 19904
E-mail : [email protected]

Gutzmer, Ron - 26th AGE
10212 22nd Ave. S.E.
Everett, WA 98208-4217

Hagey, Phil - 26th APS
Comments: From 02/65 - 12/66 - 26th Air Police Squadron (Security).At Ramstein then up at the Cave. Where are you Snake, Froggy and Hulk? . . . Spidey

Haggard, Darren (HAG) - 26th AGS , Zwei 1987-1990
Navarre, FL
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: FOOSBALL, BROOMBALL, Hackey Sack, Pig Roasts, Burning down the dorm, The Bar, BEER TENTS!!!, Swanks, Wursts, Bad Durkhiem, THE ROCK CAFE, JJ's ROCK CITY, THE BEST DAMN RF4C in the Squadron 68-561 (The Grim Peeper), 14 Hour Blacks, What a GREAT place with Great People.

YES, where is TONY HORTON? GATOR Scotta, Ernie Midgett, BDL, Marc Ballgae, Steve (BOOOOOTS) Dowd, Bradley Rees, Mark Faught, Trent Mireles, Alan Jackman, Robert (CHI) Munoz, Tony Munoz, Donie Riseden, ALL the Dorm Rats. If anyone feels the need to shoot the breeze I read email about once a month. Send an email. HAG out....

Hale, Tim - 38TRS, Intelligence Analyst and Mission Planner
1008 1st Street SW
Cairo, GA 31728
Phone: 912-377-2977
E-mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed - Zweibrucken, June 1984 - June 1986

    Supervisor - MSGT Rob Renegar
    Ops. Officer - Lt.Col. David Cunningham
    Sqdn. Commander - Col. Spider Ryan
    26TRW Commander - Col. Richard Slye
    Pilots and RSO's during tour were: Corky Jackman, Evan Miller, Carlos Quintanilla, Dave Brett, Jeff Ladage and more.
    Photo Interpreter for 26TRW - Doyle Stewart
    38TRS Life Support Unit - Mark Kraus
If anyone knows the location any of these , please contact me at one of above.
Sincerely, Tim Hale

Hall, Ray - 26th FMS
E-Mail: [email protected]
Comments: Stationed 76-79 Zweibrucken AB.

Hansen, Stephen W. - 26th AGS., Dec.1981 - May 1984
1620 2nd St. SE
Minot, ND 58701
E-Mail: shansen@minot.com
Comments: Looking for any/all Crew Chiefs from that time.
Specifically: Linda Pinkard/Bill Berry, Marc Stepaniak, "Pokie", Charlie Williams, "Bonzai", "Mongo", John Canipe. Drop a line . . .

Harmon, Charles aka "Ernie"
823 Spice Creek Rd.
Banner Elk, NC 28604
E-mail: moniquehmn@aol.com
Comments WAS with ACO 11TH SIGBN at Kleber Kasern in K-Town from 9/91 to 11/92. Looking for anyone assigned to that unit at that time. Feel free to contact me.

Harris, Darrel A. - (POL)
1390 Premio Dr.
Fenton, MO. 63026
Phone: 636-861-7633
E-Mail: dhfs@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Stationed at Zweibrucken from 1983-1986. Worked on the flightline in fuels branch. Fuels control center 1986. Lived in Contwig. Had a great time and met many wonderful people. Would love to visit someday. Now work as an RN for the V.A. in St. Louis.

Haupt, James - Fab Branch/Sheetmetal-Airframe /76 - '79
1511 1/2 Vine St.
Brownwood, TX 76801
Phone: 325-646-6330
E-Mail: scubajim47@verizon.net
Comments: 1976-79: Major James D Delaney Commander; MSgt John P. Stepp - NCOIC; SSgt Peter D. Hagen Asst - NCOIC

Heald, William R. - 526FIS, 1954
360 Bethel # 130
Sanger,California, 93657
Phone: 559-875-8126
Comments: First assignment at Ramstein/Landstuhl,1954, was at 12AF HQ,Intelligence, then assigned to 526FIS - Intelligence Office. Remember those days very well.I lost several friends who were flying officers, in F-86-D's, including my best friend F/O Stu Olive, RCAF. I miss the bratwurst and "gute bier". My god, was that really 45 years ago ?

Hedgepeth Jr., Clifford A. - Sgt. - 526FIS/26AMS
109 Pocahontas ST
Franklin, VA 23851
E-Mail: cliff@amaze.net
Comments:Stationed with 526 FIS as Radar Mechanic from April 1966 to April 1969. Assigned to 526 when Avionics Maintenance was transferred to 26AMS in late 1968 and was transferred to that unit from then until ETS. Our work didn't change. Still worked on the 526th deuces.

Heglie, Jerry, Missle Shop, '63-'65
367 E Donna Dr.
Queen Valley Az 85218
Phone: 520 463 0063
E-mail: ulrike33@hotmail.com
Comments: I am doing this for my husband,Jerry.He was stationed in Ramstein in 1963-1965. That is when we met and got married.He worked at the Missleshop also was a rifle instructor there. He still has his 526 coffee mug even thou he does not drink coffee. Also he went TTY for Volleyball, Great team. Bill Seelow was on his team , he now lives in Tuson. Anyone out there that remembers Jerry , please e-mail Ulrike Heglie, his wife now of 37 years

Heika, Gerald - 31ST. Weather Sqd. 1957-1958
58 Chippewa St.
Sault Ste. Mar-e, Ont. P6C3A3
Phone: 705-254-1562
E-Mail: heikag@vianet.ca

Heinz, David H. - 26 AGS
209 Hastings Ave
Oakdale, pa. 15071
E-mail: oldwarrior75@hotmail.com
Comments: I was stationed at Zwei from 1981 to 1985. Was a truely great assignment. 26 AGS was the best thing hat ever could happen to a specialist. Charlie 2 to control, where are you?

Hobbs, Warren - 26th AGE
1946 N. 28th St.
Decatur, ILL 62526 - 5359
Phone: 217-423-2802
E-Mail: wdh@cwix.com

Hoder, Paul
20428 Jay Carroll Dr.
Saugus, CA 91350

Hockett, Roy V., 26 Supply Squadron, Lox Plant,1966-1969
4900 N.W. 55 Ave
Johnston Iowa 50131
Phone : 515-276-5089
E-mail: RHock68177@AOL.Com
Comments: Stationed at Ramstein, 1966 to 1969 April, Duty station was the liquid oxygen and Nitrogen plant. Supply squadron building was located next to south side Chow hall and across the street from the small BX. I would like to contact anyone of that time period or of the lox plant people. Thanks, Roy V. Hockett

Holmes, James, Capt. - Retired
5557-129th Dr N
Hugo MN 55038
Phone:651 429 4222
E-mail: our67mgb@hotmail.com

Holmes, Jerry / Willie Mae
42 Atley Holmes Rd.
Jayess, MS 39641
Phone: 601-876-4434

Hopple, Earl - Zwei AB, 1978-1982
1325 Carroll Rd
Harvest, AL 35749
E-mail: earlhop@bigfoot.com
Comments: Assigned to the Fire Department on Zweibrucken from 78 to 82. Fire Chief from 79 to 82 while stationed there.

Horstead, Terry L., TSgt, USAF Retired
9134 SW Windy Knoll
Andover, Kansas
Comments: I was assigned to the 66th TRW at RAF Upper Heford and was TDY to Ramstein with the 17th & 18th TRS RF101C aircraft during the the the trouble in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Military History and Insignia is my Hobby and I am working on background information on former Starategic Air Command Units and I am Looking for any scans of Insignia from the 26th Strategic Recon Wing's 26th AEMS, 26th FMS, & 26th OMS that supported RB47's out of Lockborne AFB, Ohio in the 1950's. Any help would be deeply appricated. Thank you, Terry L Horstead TSgt USAF Retired

Hausmann, John - 38 TRS/Squadron Medic & 26th Clinic/Flt Med
Spokane, WA
E-Mail: john@hausmannfamily.com
Comments: I was stationed as a Tech Sgt at Zwei-gon from '85-'89, first with the 38 TRS as a Squadron Medic, then at the Base Clinic as the Superintendent of Aeromedical Services (Flight Medicine, Physical Exams, Environmental/Public Health and Bioenvironmental Engineering). My wife Louanne was at the clinic as a nurse from '86-'89. I also worked as a manager at the Ice Arena! :)

Heika, Gerald - 31ST. Weather Sqd. 1957-1958
58 Chippewa St.
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. P6C3A3
Phone: 705-254-1562
E-Mail: heikag@vianet.ca

Hubley, Howard - 26th AGE
128 Marginal St, Rt #2
East Boston, MASS 02128

Huffman, Sean A.> - [Son of JOHNNY A. HUFFMAN - '70-'74]
PO Box 2902
Kitty Hawk NC 27949
Phone: 252- 529 -8161
Comments: Would like to talk or hear from someone, that know's my Dad, and stationed with my him (year's 1970-1974-! atRamstein AFB). I would like to hear from you guy's. Thanks alot. SEAN A. HUFFMAN

Hugh, George W. - 26th AGE
338 S. Prospectors Road.#65
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Phone: 909-861-8402 HM; 310 -858-4863 WK; 310-918-1753 CELL
E-mail: george_w_hugh@ml.com

Hurney, Floyd - 26 FMS, 1st Sgt. (deceased-1998)
P.O. Box 902
130 Marge Dr.
Peris, TN 38242

Huston, Ivan - POLS (Fuels)
13 Sun Terrace Dr.
Cabot AR 72023
E-mail: pihuston@cei.net
Comments: POL(Fuels) 1966-1969 Ramstein POL(Fuels), 1974-1977 Zweibrucken, USAFE NCO Academy 1977-1979, Kapaun Air Station POL(Fuels)1981-1984. Retired. Like to hear from old POL Folks from those years. Spent lots of years on the flightline.

Janney, Gary - 514th FIS / 526th FIS
4084 Ardenwoods Drive
Fayetteville, N.C. 28306
Phone: 910-423-5962
E-mail: Mikeyspop@msn.com
Comments Was with the 514FIS and 526 at Ramstein from Match 1958 until June 1962. Looking for guys especially who was with the 514th and went to the 526th when the 514th was deactivated. Still looking for Robert Rose.

Janssen, Herman - 26th AGE
127 Peeples Rd.
Fayetteville, Ga. 30215
Phone : 770-461-4255
E-Mail: hvjanssen@bellsouth.net

Work: Delta Air Lines, Dept. 401
EPA Safety and Training
Phone: 404-714-5563
Fax: 404-773-1373

Jarocki, Jim "Spy-Vito", 17th/38th TRS IWSO, 26TRW XO
5205 Lee Hutson Lane
Sachse, TX 75048
Phone: 972 367-4330
E-mail: jim.jarocki@emersonenergy.com

Jewison, Paul - 26th Trans Sq. Zwei
10328 County Rd. 136 SE
Chatfeild, MN 55923
E-mail: paulj@textilecs.com
Comments:Zwei from 1/84 - 12/86. Worked in transportation Maintenance. Bartended off base at Heineys 85 - 86. Lived with the late CJ Browning at 37 Richard Wagner Strassa. Close friends: Len Payne, Supply; Neil Estenson, 10th MAS; Colin(CJ) Browning AGS corroison control; Chris Hoffman, Trans; Larry Kuster, Tower controler LGS

Johnson, Jim - . Crew Chief USAF RF4C, Bravo Company, Zwei '76-78
E-mail: jj@sunnyzwei.com
Comments : Looking for any Ex Crew people hmm like Norm Labonte (roomy), Lyn Peterson, Jeff Garza (pasa), Ralph Gonzalas and his Roomate (sorry forgot your name), Ed Marofo (sp), Kevin Randel,Wayne (apple schnops), Stretch, hmmmmmm . . . lot's more ! See ya at http://www.sunnyzwei.com - Home of the 26th TRW Crew Chiefs.

Johnson, Michael - 26th EMS, 85-91
602 Kelly ST
Warner Robins GA 31098
Phone: 912-923-9958
E-mail: Mikeyzhere@aol.com
Comments:Hard to beleive ol' Rich Bessette found this place. Don't see to many other AGE guys from my era with the 26th on here. Boy, do I miss that PARKBRAU ! Currently stationed at Robins AFB GA. 93 MXS. Rich write me an E-mail if ya feel like.

Johnson, Robert R. Jr -26 CRS,1982-1990, 26 TRW
Marga Klompehof 81, 1314 WR
Almere, The Netherlands
E-mail: johnson_robert_roy@hotmail.com
Comments: Returned to what is left of the old Zweibruecken Air Base in June 2002 and I have some photos of some of the old buildings which still have not been torn down and which might bring back some memories for some of you. Anyone interested in seeing the photos then please email me.

Johnson, Terry L., - 417th TFS '66-68
E-mail: tj417@juno.com
Comments: I was a crew-chief with the 417th TFS at Ramstein, 1966/1968

Johnson, Terry - 22135th Comm Sqd., '62-'65
E-Mail: info@escapette.com
With 2135th CommSqd, but was detached to 417th TFS - worked at Victor Ops...out in the woods with the F-100 and 101's. Anyone remember those great lunches put out by Sgt. Saluga (steak and lobster picnics on Fridays)at our own chow hall ?? Commander was Ralph Reed and "good Ol Buddy" Sgt Maybury headed up the maintenance shop. Hey- this map doesn't show the Chinese restaurant that was next to the Community Cntr

Jolin, Jim - 26AGS, '85-88, 43151 SRA
411 E. Clark
Augusta, KS 67010
Phone: 316 - 775 - 3703
E-mai9l: tjolin@msn.com
Comments: Was Assist, Crew Chief on ACFT #s 69-366, "Lucifer" and 68-569. Steve Cadena was my Crew Chief. Also worked with Glen Boe and Marh Ballgae.

Jordan, Jeanette (now Davidson) - 7426 TRISS Zwei
E-Mail: Davidsoncommunications@hotmail.com
Comments PI from 1985-1988 and a Heiney's bartender (also worked in the movie theater for a short while). Fond memories: Asbach mit cola, brotchen, Bad Durkiem, Zwie ski club, and good friends like Sherri Murphy (Williams) and Jack Stevenson. Currently a teaching associate at university, and Aeromedical Evacuation MSgt in USAFR (retirement date of May 03!!!) Married 4 years to wonderful man and living in Modesto, California.

Jordan Jr., Joseph L.
517 Hollybrook Road
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
410 760-2788
E-mail: jljorda@juno.com
I was the unit historian for the 22nd Intelligence Squadron
(the current incarnation of the 22nd Tactical Reconnaisance Sq/26th TFW. I am now with our group but am still interested and working on 22 TFS history. Interested in photographs of the sq, its aircraft and in history of the aircraft. Anyone having information or knows the location/how to contact former 22nd TFS members please let me know. The 22nd has evolved into a high technology intelligence squadron that, unfortunately, no longer has assigned aircraft.

E-mail at above address or send to:

MSgt Joseph L. Jordan Jr.
Deputy Inspector General
694th Intelligence Group
Bldg 9805 Suite 222
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755

Julien, George, Smsgt. Retired - 26FMS Engine Dispatch, '67-70
803 Gun Club Rd.
Cabot Arkansas 72023
Phone: 501-843-7551
E-Mail: gjulien@centurytel.net
Comments: Ran around with Delbert(Dale)Osteeen, Toru(T.O.)Ogawa, Willie, Ray Price, Denny Pack. And everyone knew Bruce Webb, George Davidson, Arthur Sparks, Jim Ball, John Price,

Kahigian, Peter - AGE 1967-1970
44 Morgan Drive
Haverhill, MA 01832
Phone: 978-521-5146
E-Mail: mrbristle@verizon.net
Comments: Hope to connect with a few of the following people: Harry Finch, John Little, Willie Whitfield, Ed Faherty and anyone else who was stationed at Ramstein from 1967 to 1970. Saw a few names I remember. Hi to Roger Pecz, Ralph Simkonis, John Brinzo, Jim Downs, Vance Cushing, Jerry Rockey, and George Hugh. It definitely has been a few years hasn't it fellas? I'm going to do my best to try and make the next reunion when it happens. Hope to hear from some of you guys some time. Later............

Kaylor, Jay - 86th A&E Squadron
2668 Cross Vine Cove South
Cordova, TN 38018
Phone: (901) 224-9122
E-mail: jkaylor@fedex.com or jaykaylor@aol.com
Comments: Stationed at Ramstein in the 7030th CAMRON squadron when the 26th was moved from Toul-Rosieres France to Ramstein. Had our RF4C introduction classes at Toul. Aircraft came when DeGaulle booted us out of France in 1966.

The 7030th CAMRON was renamed the 26th A&E squadron mid 1966. I left Ramstein in Dec 1966. Went to Westover AFB and the B-52/KC-135 squadrons. Fortunate to be at Ramstein again in 1987-1989 when working with E-Systems in Greenville Texas.

We had an office in Bonn and our boys went to the Bonn American High School. They played baseball at Ramstein both years we were there, so we had a chance to tour the base again. It brought back some real good memories!

Kellenberger, Mark "KB" - 26 SPS 1984-1989
346 Aquarius Ct
Littleton, CO 80124
E-Mail: mark.kellenberger@lmco.com

Kent, Herbert, SMSgt Ret. Zwei '79 - '85
642 Frankfort Rd
Monaca, Pa. 15061
Phone: 724-495-6599
E-Mail: hkent2@earthlink.net
Comments Assigned at Zwei from 1979 to 1985 when I retired.Worked at QC,AGS,EMS.

Kilbride,Thomas, Supply, 26th Supply
150 Linseed Road
West Hatfield, MA 01088-9533
E-mail: hanger15@rocketmail.com
Comments:I was in the 26th Supply, POL/LOX section from March 1965 to May 1968

Kimbal, Timothy M. - 86 Communications Group
E-mail: tkimball007@yahoo.com

Kindle, Bob - 26 FMS, 1975-1977 MA Shop
2476 Lowground Road
Guyton, GA. 31312
Phone: 912-728-3017
E-Mail : bob.kindle@gulf aero.com

King, Tim - , Security Police, RAmstein '86 - '87
Phone: 201-664-8373
E-Mail: timkingc21@aol.com
Comments: Played on the champion football teams of 1985-86. Can't find any info on any sites I have found. I was trying to set up a reunion of anyone assosiated with our team. I have most names but I have looked up hundreds of USAFE and Ramstien sites and can find a very proud event for all us at Ramstein. Any suggestions or help would be great. I made alot of friends outside Football and Security and was known as BC and still talk to and see about 10 people . . .
Thanks, Tim BC King Ramstein AB 1985-1987

Kinnear, Clifford T. - 512th AMU '85-'87
22441 Lone Tree Road
Anderson, Ca 96007
E-Mail: f438dk6lp@aol.com
Comments: I was a crewchief with the 512th AMU 85-87. 12 hr shifts "turnin" wrenches. "Pigs in space" My jet was "528" I remember trips to K-town, 40 mark strasse lol. Even visited the 26th at Zwie NCO club. My buddies and I used to wake up the grunts on the way home from Fred's Lounge. My gang were the terror in the dorms! Anybody remember COL. MODOLLA and CHIEF Keflavic? My buds were Pat Young, Frank Owens, John Bertrand, Steve Whiesnhunt and Brian. Tore up Paris! GREAT TIMES!

Kirkland, Michael - 26th EMS '86-'89
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-428-2510
E-Mail: mckrkl1@aol.com
Comments: Best tour in my career! Worked as NCOIC of Orderly Room, 26th EMS from 1986 - 1989. Currently retired and loving it !! Look foward to hearing from the old gang !

Knueve, Bob -
5510 Signet Dr.
Dayton, OH 45424

Kosse, Rick Kosse, Engine Shop and Record Section
604 Ist St. North
Ellendale, No. Dak. 58436
Phone: 701-349-2053
E-mail: photobugd76@yahoo.com
Comments: Sgt Buttons, Charlie Atlas, Micheal McConnell, James Ball, Dennis Pack, George Julean, Bruce Webb, Schnabel, Peter Franks, Tsgt. Ruddell, Ssgt Frazier, Joe McGee, Greek, Neil Mahlum, Arthur Sparks, Russell Don Carlos, Flanery,

Krouse, Gary - 26 Supply
6521 Windridge Circle.
Lexington, OK 73051
E-Mail: LKrouse123@aol.com
Comments: Had a great time at Zwiebrucken!

LaBonte, Norman F., USAF, Crew Chief, Bravo Company,'77-79'
30 Riverdale Ave. Apt.2
West Warwick, R.I. 02893
Phone: (401)821-1647
E-mail: Dustyharley1@aol.com
Comments: Searching for people stationed at "Sunny Zwei" Jim Johnson found me. We are looking for everyone that we were stationed with. Especially members of the 'CIRCLE'. May it never be unbroken!!!!!! Where are you guys? It's time to start planning a reunion!!! Please get ahold of J.J. or myself and lets do this thing. Phone, E-mail, Regular mail, Carrier Pigeon. Whatever just get in touch!!!

La Chance, Gerry, 26th AGS, Specialist Flight/Instr. A/P
11 Royal Ln.
Dover, De. 19901
Phone: 302-697-8803
E-mail: marger89@comcast.net
Comments: Assigned to "Sunny Zwei" from 85-89. Best assignment I ever had. Current position is lead Special Ops Crew Chief for 436th Special Capabilities section. Will retire at Dover AFB sometime after 2005.

Landis, Bill - 26FMS/38th TAC Recon, May '67 - May '70
61216 Wedgewood Drive
Washington, Michigan 48094
Phone: 586-677-6780
E-Mail: landisw@yahoo.com

La May, Frank , 604 Comm Squadron
6309 Florida Circle East
Apollo Beach, Florida
Phone: 813-645-5101 or 813-368-5101
E-Mail: flamay@juno.com
Comments: I was in 604 Comm Squad from 1955 to 1960 working at KCC. Anyone from back in those times when Ramstein was a small base, before USAFE moved in just after 12th AF moved out.

Lanier, Tom, 417th TFS, Ramstein, Radar Mechanic '67-'68
PO Box 773
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
E-mail: jtomlanier@yahoo.com
Comments: Does anybody else remember picking up the pieces of that TF-102 that crashed from 40,000 feet near our radar shop? I'd love to see more photos from Ramstein if anybody out there has any. Great job on the website.

Languirand, Glenn D.
1916d Hamilton Crt
Hampton, Va, 23665
Phone: 757-766-1518
E-mail: languirandg@worldnet.att.net

Lanigan, SSGT Jim - 35th APS, McGuire AFB
4548 Sheffield Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa 19136
Comments: Just wanted to sign your book

Languirand, Glenn - 26th CES
1301A Baker Dr. S.E.
Albuquerque, NM, 87116
Phone: (505) 255-6547

Lawrence, John - 514 FIS, 526 FIS, 1957-61, Weapons
Rhode Island
E-mail: jkpiotro@gis.net

Leasure, Rodney E. - 26th Trans Sq.
3001 Justin Road, Suite 105
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
Phone: 972-539-1870
Comments With the 26th Trans Sq. at Ramstein from 1968 to 1971

Ledbetter, Chris - 377 SPS
402 3rd St. Place SW
Hildebran, NC 28637
Phone: 828.397.5780
E-mail: Buddha32@hotmail.com
Looking for any and all D-flight 377 SPS members between 1990-1992. Malins, Warner, Hughes, Froggie, Hector, Ronnie - give me an email.

Leinhart, Russell (Truck), Jr - 26th Air Police Squadron
1026 E. Oraibi Dr.
Phoenix Arizona 85024
E-mail: rleinhart@uswest.net
Comments: Any body out there at Ramstein in the Air Police(Security or K-9 from Feb 1964 - March 1967 Where are you? Jebson, Lind, Lavinio, Phelps, Sampson, Freddie Jackson, Rustad ,Earner, Nail. Don't be like all the other morons "communicate"!

LeQuire, Stephen - 417 TFS
PO Box 134
Kure Beach, NC
E-Mail: lequires@bellsouth.net
Comments: Stationed Ramstein 67-68 w/ 417TFS. Fire Control (radar) tech, mostly worked swings or midnight shifts--shop next to avionics. In hot water most of the time, so drove Red-4, deliveries to the flightline. Remember: JT Lanier, D Kriz, C Seamans, MSG Boldoc, H High, SSgt J Manning, J Mitchell, and especially Big Barbie!!!!

Lewis, Henry - 26th AGE
10741 Kloiber St.
Riverside CA 92505 - 3021

Lewis, Cynthia E. / Herbert W. - 86th TFW, '81-'84
E-mail: CLewis9800@aol.com
Comments: My husband, Herbert Lewis, and I were stationed at Ramstein AFB from 1981-1984, He was in the Airforce 86th TFW, and was a crewchief on the F-4 Fighter jets. We were there when they bombed the Head quarters. He was low in rank at the time so we lived off base on Heinrich Koch Stauss in Weinstein. Then moved to another house in K-Town. I used to work at the Bowling Alley in the snackbar, also in the VOQ. My daughter was born in Landstul in 1981. Feel free to contact me to reminisce.

Littesy, Arthur J. Littesy, SMSGT Retired - Sheetmetal Shop 1967 - 1970
PSC #2, P.O. Box R-3985
APO, AA 34002
Phone: (011)507-223-2029
E-Mail: jessiearthur@cwpanama.net

Comments:When my family and I first came to Ramstein in January 1967, we were getting 4 to 1 exchang rate. Prior to living on base (Vogelweh housing), we lived in a 3 bedroom apartment in the town of Ramstein for 370 DM per month which translated to $92.50. For $1.00, I could buy 4, 1 liter snap caps of beer and 4 shots of schnapps. Life was good!!!

Lockhart, Walter - 26th AGE
4776 Excellente Dr
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Long, Peter
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547
Phone: 850-685-6545
E-Mail: petelong@bsc.net

Lunder, Anton, MSgt - 26SUPS
E-mail: aplunder@yahoo.com
Comments: Part of the 26th Supply Sq from Feb 83-Feb 85 and assigned to the RACC/RCSU. Worked for Dan Hawley and Arlin Walker. Spent a few years running streets and trains with John Payne (J.P.), the long-time NCOIC of Bench Stock. I was somewhat of a weekend fixture down at Heiney's Subs and Suds.

Lyons, Michael - 26 AMS
E-Mail: mlyons@sc.rr.com
Comments: 1975-77 AMS Comm - Nav

Madore,William 26TH Security Police D-Flight
29 Geary Av
Bristol, Ct. 06010
Phone: 860-589-7575
E-mail: WJMadore@AOL.COM
Comments: Stationed there from 1988-1990. Where are the following people: Travis Harris, Christine Keller, Jerry Glass, Carlito Catalasan, Tracey Black, Scott Harrington, Mike Ostein and Jeff Shanks. Hell of a time Wine Probing! My alt e-mail address is WMadore@CI.East-Hartford.Ct.US. I currently work for the East Hartford P.D.

Maffett Jim- 26th SPS, 12/81 - 12/83
Warren Ohio
E-mail: jamaff1@aol.com
Comments Sunny Zweibrucken was my first military assignment. Learned alot and drank ALOT. Made alot of freinds that after 20 years I have forgotten most of their names. If anyone remembers me please e-mail me and say Hi.

Maggio, Joseph A. / Linda - 26 AGE
502 Magnolia Lane
Slidell, La. 70461
Phone: 985-643-6756
E-mail: jmagnolia14@msn.com

Makowski, Mike - 26th AGE
2084 Airway St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505-1502

Mangini, Jim - 38TRS, '66-'69
51 Washington Ave.
New Baltimore, NY 12124
E-Mail: man5656j@aol.com
Comments: I was with the 38TRS from 66-69. Just started getting the RF-4C's Phantoms at that time.

Mann, Kenny - 26FMS '69-'70>BR> 10821 N. Union Church RD.
Lincoln DE. 19960
E-mail: seamann39@aol.com
Comments: With 26 FMS from 69-70, then went to 40 CAMS in Italy
Mans, Toivo "Tee" , 38 TRS IWSO, Apr '78-Aug '82
107 Millside Way
Yorktown VA 23692
Phone: (757) 898-6660
E-Mail: tntmans@cox.net

Marconi, Tony - 26 AGE '66 - '68
69 Maffett Street
Plains, PA 18705
Phone: 570-829-7776
E-Mail: tonyneon@verizon.net
Comments: Worked AGE shop. Remember Vance Cushing, Mike McCabe, etc. A lot of other names will come to me as I think about it (pi's been a long time). How about Mom's Gast Hause. I guess everyone remembers that place.

Martin, Mick - 26 EMS/AGE 89-91
E-mail: mrmartin@gbonline.com

Martin, Stephen J., Sgt. -Hydraulic Shop,26TH FMS
May 1969- Sept 1971
198 Johnson Rd
Oxnard, CA 93033
E-mail: coolerst@pacbell.net
Comments: Recovered a RF-4c that went down in Germany. Worked on all Ramstein aircraft: RF-4c, F-102, T-33, and H-19's. Now working AAA Refrigeration in Oxnard. Instead of making them fly, I make them cool.

Martin, Terry, SSgt, Ret., - 26 AGS A/FLT
906 Garrett Rd.
Ridgeway, VA. 24148
E-Mail: recce250@hotmail.com
Comments: Stationed at Zweibrucken from 1978-1979. Made a lot of good friends. Would like to hear from them.

Mason, David - 26th Civil Engineering Squadron
7405 Poplar Grove Trail
Greensboro , NC 27410
E-Mail: masond@stockhausen-inc.com
Comments: 26th Civil Engineering Squadron (Electrical Maintenance) Zweibrucken. Seeking other members of squadron between 1980-82

Masten, Henry, A2C, 26TRW
85 First NH Turnpike
Northwood, NH 03261
Phone: 603-942-7772
E-Mail: hmasten@access1.net
Comments: Assigned Administrative Clerk for orderly room 26th TRW back in 1965 Aircraft upon my arrival were RB66's, six months later RF4C's. At Toul until the closing of the base in 1966, transfered to Wheelus AB.

Matlock, Tommy, - SNCOIC 26 CES 67-70 (deceased)
Mulberry Street
Springfield, MA
E-Mail: thatsabalk57@yahoo.com
Comments: = My father, Tom Matlock, and our family were stationed at Ramstein between 67 and 70. Dad was a MSGT then stationed with 26th CES. Sorry to say he's passed on now, but I'd enjoy hearing from anyone he/we were stationed with. Thank you, kindly. Bill Matlock

Mayeski, Bill - 26th AGE
1709 Woodbridge Road,
Escondido, CA 92026
Phone : (760) 271-4888 (cell phone )
E-mail : mayeskibill@home.com

Mayhall, August W. - 26 Supply/Stock Control & Customer Ser
2616A Colfax Lp
Holloman AFB NM 88330
E-mail: augustmayhall@totacc.com
Comments:Stationed 1884 - 1988. Very good assignment.

McCarthy, Ron (Diaz) - 26TRW/INY Zweibrucken '77 - '79
E-Mail: Ron@ronmccarthy.com

McClelland, Ray - 7030th Camron, 1963-1966
1425 56th St NW
Albuquerque NM 87105
Phone: (505) 831--0993
E-Mail: raymcclelland@att.net
Comments: Worked at the swamp, the area on the other side of the runway. Our vehicle call sign was Swampy 1, 2, etc.

McMluskey, Robert J., A/1C - '54-'58
196 Paseo De Los Conquistadores
Green Valley Arizona 85614
Comments: At Ramstein from July 1954 to January 1958 HQ SQ SEC 7030 Support Group. Almost 50 years now, it was a good base with a lot of good people.

McCoy, Kenneth(Ken), Chief - Army Air Traffic Co-ordinating OfficerP.O. Box 740
La Center, WA 98661.7703
Phone: 360.696.4699
E-Mail: KenDMcCoy@aol.com
Comments: Edited ARMY? You betcha! AATCO Ramstein. On 7th floor of the "tower". Initially involved with operations Fig Hill and Flat Pass. Humanitarian relief to Jordan, as the PLO were thrown out(They went to Lebanon, but not without a fight...with significant civilian "colateral damage") in Sept 1970 into spring 71'.

C-141s full of M.A.S.H. units, Red Cross Supplies, etc daily. Vehicle and equipment area next to the 7th SOS. This unit, of which I was the first commander, expanded with multiple missions. Transfer of Nukes was a weekly occurance for the Advanced Weapons Command, one warhead in fresh from CONUS to replace one with a shelf life pull-date out.

Co-ordinated the first C-5a tests(first birds couldn't leave the active runways because of their size, and the F-4, F-111 size taxiways) leading to full deployment. The twice weekly "Tomato Birds" in from Spain kept commissaries and chow lines in vegatables.

During 1971 my unit expanded to cater to the new widened taxi ways and loading ramps built to accomodate Dover direct traffic (taking load off Rhein-Main) Completed my tour in July 1972,

Warmest Regards Ken

P.S.: Does the Trap and Gun Club still exist on RMS, if so I would like to replace a lost Patch for the Gun club!

Sorry - I had to edit Ken due to space retraints. -vc/26FMS Page

McDonald, Ralph McDonald - AGE April '65- Nov '67
7416 Peppercorn Drive
Columbus, GA 31909
Phone = 706-322-7023
E-Mail: ralphmcd2@juno.com

McGee, Robert (Mack) - 26 Tac Hospital-Family Clinic
4008 Cedar Valley
Paragould, Arkansas, 72450
Phone: 870-236-2973
E-mail: bmcghee@grnco.net
Comments: Thanks for this site and the base map. I could hardly remember the layout. Member of hospital squadron 12/66 to 12/69. Shared barracks with 86th Air Division on the SE side and really enjoyed the F4C run-ups (thanks, guys). Assigned to Medical Supply unit with: Capt. Denis Magee, SMS Robert Speerling, SSgt Gary Lamers, Sgt Victor Nania. German staff included Liesel Schwartz, Manfred Schlaufman, Bruno Oster, Karl Mohr, Frau Reis & lots of other fine people (and events) I have forgotten.

Have not forgotten touring Europe from Ramstein. It was great to be 19yr.old and single! Am I the only person who misses Parkbrau & Zwiebrau? Appreciate any contacts. Would especially like contact with Denis Magee. Best Regards

McGill, Steve
1276 East 38th St.
San Bernardino, CA 92404

Mc Gowan, Danny - Services Division, l981-84
SVL Box 7728
Victorville Ca 92392
E-mail: Dandman301@aol.com

McKean, Wilkin, - 7426 TRISS, 08/90 - 04/91
Omaha, NE
Phone: 402-659-6744
E-Mail: mckeanw@cox.net
Comments: I was one of the last PI's to get stationed at Zwei. Working in the PPIFF supporting the mission of the RF-4C was an experience that I will never forget. Even though Zweibrucken was only my first AF assignment out of Tech School, I have very fond memories. Too bad this base had to be on the chopping block... I was looking forward to spending a little more time there than I did.

McNamara, Dennis
32 Princeton Drive
Howell, NJ 07731
E-mail: NortonMC@aol.com
Comments:Stationed at Zweibrucken 1976-1978. Looking for Jim "Doobie" Cruce, Jim "J.D." Dobbins, Jim and Cathy Switzer, Santos "Zee" Zamora, Tim and Tina Plute, Paul Moretz, John Stepp, Peter Hagen, Chief Arp, Willy Williams, and anyone I forgot. Too many to list! Thanks for the good times I'll never forget.
~ Dennis "Mack" McNamara

McPeak, George - 26 TRW, 32 TRS, France
E-mail: george.mcpeak@hill.af.mil

Mellor, Richard W. - 526 FIS, 1965-67
617 Plymouth Rd.
Balto., MD 21229
E-mail: wmellor@worldnet.att.net
Comments: Transferred to the 496 FIS (Hahn), 4/67. Looking for anyone from the Instrument or Mechanical Accessories shops.

Mercado, Manuel A. - 26 Supply Sq 81-83
1832 sw 3rd Ave
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33315
Phone: 954-764-2720
E-mail: mercadom69@hotmail.comyr
Comments: Sunny Zwei was my first assigment in the AF. What a great time it was! Love to hear from anyone from back then, I was the guy from Bench Stock. If anyone know the whereabout of Bob Neff, John Payne, or any of the guys from supply or fuels, let me know. I still can't believe that it has been over 20 year ago

Meriwether, Garrett "Gary" - 26 FMS Egress Shop
P.O. Box 330
Pebble Beach< CA 93953
Phone: 831 625-2523
E-Mail: Garmeri@earthlink.net
Comments: Stationed RAFB 2/66-9/67, 26FMS and 38TFS

E-mail: mijka@excite.com
CommentsAt Ramstien 1966-67

Milchuck, Jacinda J., - 26 LGS
234 E. Orleans St.
Paxton, IL 60957
Phone: 217-379-6199
E-Mail: jacinda65@gmail.com
Comments: I saw several names on the web page that I recognized. Specifically, SMSGT Len Payne who was my supervisor, Paul Jewison, bartender at Heiney's and Denise Freeland. I also saw that someone else is looking for SSgt Bob Mooney. I'd like to find him as well. I also lost track of my roomate at Zweibrucken - Angie Mason. I'd like to find her again. Does anyone know what happened to SSgt Jim Hannah? If anyone has any info on people in LGS or SPS between 1984 and 1986, I'd like to see it. I wouldn't mind talking with them. Zweibrucken gave me some of the best times of my life.

Mitchell, David S. - 86th TAC Hospital
P.O.Box 49192
Austin, Texas 78765
Phone: (512) 324-1666
E-mail: dmitchell@seton.org
Comments: Assigned to the 86th Tac Hospital, Ramstein AFB, from July 1960 to July 1964 during the height of the cold war. Looking for all old medica comrades. E-mail me or drop me a line.

Mitchell, Hoyt - Aero Repair, '72-81
1500 Bowie
Waco, Texas 76705
E-Mail: txtuf@earthlink.net
Comments: Assigned to Aero Repair Shop and Quality Assurance from 1972 until 1881

Mills Jr., Mainard - 26th AGE
3954 Walnut Road
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Phone: 702-643-7794 Home
Phone: 702-308-2842 Cell

Mitchell, Mark A. - 26th LGS, Zweibruken AB
120 E Remington Dr #616
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Montgomery, Brint (26 TRW CRS)
8404 NW 77th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
E-mail: brint@snu.edu
CommentsI was in Zweibruken from late 1982 to 1984. Worked in Electronic Counter Measures Shop (EW/ECM) on pods and receivers. (119, 131, 42, 46 : them numbers still mean anything to anybody?) I was known as "Lil' Monty" and "Airman Gums." How different the world is today! I remember a Sr. Mstr. Sgt Marx, Sgt. Andy "Happy" Anderson, Sr. Airman Irby. Many others, but only their friendly faces, sadly.

Moore, Ronald C. Jr. "Doc" - 26th TRW Dental Clinic
Downingtown PA 19335
Phone: (610) 269-3426
E-Mail: OAKnIRON@Aol.com
Comments: I was stationed at sunny Zwei from 6/87 to 3/90. Remember Tom Prien, Marty, and all the crazy guys and gals from the clinic bowling and softball teams.

When the mandate came down for all military personell to be dentally xray'd for identification as needed as being part of war readiness. We were the first of all the militarty branches of all the world to have it done. Special thanks to Ilona Mitchell and E.J. "The Loveman" Lovett for their help in this acocomplishment prior to Desert Shield. Seen Hangin with "Johnny Slash" and the Lynn Freed girl from the ER. "Prien..I still gots your glove you loaned me dude! Want it back? Haha" You guys were the best and will never be forgotten!

Moore, Warren G. Jr. - 26SPS, '55 - '70
4287 Prairie Drive
Brighton, CO 80601
E-Mail: wmoore48@earthlink.net
Comments: Served with the 26SPS at Ramstein AB, Germany from 4/66-4/70. Like to hear from anybody that remembers me from that time slot. Was sent to Minot AFB, ND from Ramstein. Was a K-9 handler. Dog named Lux. Assigned to the 26th SPS at Ramstein Germany from April 1967 to April 1970. Worked security and K-9. Knew Gary Brown, John Keller, Julius Weiner and Richard (can't remember last name, drove a red MG).

Morris, Dave - 26th FMS AGE, Feb'66-July '69
4444 NW Metolius Ct.
Portland OR 97229
Phone:503 645 3116
E-Mail: davidcmorris1@verizon.net
Comments: Worked in Major Maintenance across the taxiway from the 526th maintenance hanger. Had a great time in Las Vegas in '97. Looks like we may do it again soon. Anybody know when or if the 26th went to Zweibrucken? It was Canadian when I was there.

Morris, Robert E. - 526th FIS, '60-'62
PO Box 0762
Evergreen, Alabama 36401
Phone: 251 578 5808
E-Mail: robertmorris12@bellsouth.net
Comments: Was Crew Chief, of the F-102A in the 526th FIS 1960-1962 at Ramstien. Its been a long time but I remember most all of that tour, I arrived just in time to help get the F-86D's ready to ship out and then I got the same F-102A that I was crew chief of back at Griffiss, AFB in Rome,NY. Would love to hear from my friends and other crew chiefs I worked with there, we worked hard and enjoyed that Parkbrau, and 2 years went by pretty fast. Sure would like to go back for a week or so.

Morrison, Skip - 26th AGE
1417 13th Ave.
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127
Phone: 205-744-9848
E-mail: Deputyskip@AOL.COM

Morrow Jr., John T. - 2143 Communications Squadron/Tower
810 West Vine Street Apt #2
Radcliff, Kentucky 40160-1970
Phone: (270) 352-1809
E-mail: johnmorrowus@yahoo.com
Comments: Assigned to the Control Tower from 1973-1982 and from 1983-1987. Retired from Zweibruecken AB, Sept 1987.

Murray, Paul - Wing Command Post, Zwei '78-'80
318955 SR 2
Newport, WA 99156
E-Mail: norisk55@msn.com
Comments: Arrived at Sunny Zweirbrulken in 1978 and left in 1980 to attended Washington State University. I worked in the command post the entire time. My "office" was about thirty feet underground.

Murray, Terry - Air Police, Oct 1965 - Oct 1968
200 Robbie Lane Apt 107
San Marcos, ?
Phone: 512-396-7357
E-mail: tlmurray@thrifty.net

Musal, Matt P. - 26 Trans (89-91)
PSC 1012, Box 555
FPO AA 34058
Comments: Worked in freight& packaging in 26th Trans Sq. Helped close Zweibruecken '91.Looking for others there at same time. Currently run helicopter supply warehouse for US Navy Det. Autec on Andros Island, Bahamas.

Myers, Eldon (Skip)
12726 W. Virginia Ave
Avondale, Arizona 85323
E-mail: mphx8419@yahoo.com
CommentsI was Dave Morrisons and Michael Hawns room-mate while at Ramstein from 1967-1970. I worked in the Recip engine shop for Tsgt. Ruzic but spent most of my off time with you guys in Nuerenkirchen. Any memory jogging yet? Tipped 1 or 2 with Bill&Barney,did the Annaliesa's to many times with Bruce Web and Willie and many more things with the 26thFMS folks in Ramstein before I had to leave in 1970.

You really have a great site and it has helped me to contact others. Sorry I missed you at the re-union in Vegas,we all lied to each other and had 1 or 2 cold ones, I really don't remember. I have to talk to Hughes about why my picture wasn't included.Maybe Sparky's head and mine would have caused to much glare. An age thing again. Catch ya later and keep up the program,

Nash, Tom Nash - 26 CES Heat Shop
15244 SW 171 St.
Miami, FL. 33187
Phone: (305) 321-4708
E-mail: thomas.nash@infoteldistributors.com
Comments: Looking for old friends. Was stationed at Zwei from Sept.'82 until May '86. Had a blast.

Neie, Jack - 86SPS
PO Box 237
Simsboro, La. 71270
Phone: 318-247-1976
E-Mail: ASnert123@aol.com
Comments:Stationed with 86th SPS 1976 - 1978. Interested in meeting old squadron friends or corresponding with current members

Nelson, Steve - NCOIC Plans & Programs, 26th SPS, ZAB
20692 Sigma Drive
Cottonwood, Ca 96022
E-mail: Sprintracer14@excite.com

Nicholas, Craig - 26 SPS, "85-'88
312 Ohio Ct
Abilene Tx 79607
Comments: Like to hear from anyone in the 26 SPS from 85-88

Nicklas, Scott
26 Katzenbacher St, Nanzdietschweiler Germany
E-Mail: scott_l_nicklas@hotmail.com
Comments: Back in Germany again, at Ramstein. Zwiebrucken is a big outlet mall now. What a change.

Niedbalski, L.P. (Ski) - 26th Supply (Funds Management)
Phone: (307) 773-4419
E-Mail: louis.niedbalski@warren.af.mil
Comments Assigned 26th Supply Squadron from Sept 73-Sept 75. Member of the 'Out to Lunch Bunch". Great times!!! John Erickson, Maggie, Larry Hale, Christa Zumsande, Sammy Rutherford, Claudia, to many to mention. Times, they are a changing.....

Novak, Sgt Ed - 26FMS A.G.E. 1971-1973
Phone: 860 536-6413
EiMail: kerrad.mystic@comcast.net
Comments: I was one of...what?...five SILVER drivers...driving all the "trades" (electric shop,sheet metal etc.)guys out to their jobs... Then we got put into A.G.E. driving those farm tractors all over the place!

Nugent, Ronnie - '69-74; 38th/526th
5820 Duke St
Lubbock, Tx. 79416
Phone: (806) 793-1735
E-Mail: rcnugent@nts-online.net
Comments: I was a Crew Chief stationed at Ramstein AFB from 69 -74 assigned to the 38TRS and later the 526Th. I also worked in Job Control under Msgt Russell Day. My Crew Dawg friends were Johnny Green, Fritz (flight chief) Ray Ford, Jim Carter, plus many more. I married a German lady while stationed there, we now have two children and a grand child on the way.Would love to hear from any of my old friends. If you knew me this will be the part that is hard to beleive
Retired SMSGT Ronnie Nugent

O'Connor, J. - 26thTRW Zweibrucken AB 1986/1988
E-Mail: montycarlo87@hotmail.com

Oley, Frank - Zwei, 26th Trans, '81-83
New Castle, De. 19720
E-Mail: Frank1961@aol.com
Comments: In the 26th Trans at Sunny Zwei from November 1981 to November 1983. Best time of my life while there and still keep in contact with of few of my friends from those days. I have lost contact with too many people, I would like to find anyone I can. So if you know, or knew me back when, drop me an email, I'd love to take a trip down memory lane.

Ottens, Donald J. - 7030th Material Squadron
32-9 Arch St.
Benton, AR 72015
Phone: 501-776-2401
E-Mail: djottens@wmconnect.com
Comments: Stationed at Ramstein from '62 until '66. Worked at vehicle maintenance heavy equipment shop and fire truck maintenance. Looking for others that were in vehicle maintenance.

Ouden, Boyd
E-Mail: B_One41@yahoo.com
Comments Was a member of the Ramstein Ram football team from 1982 - 1984 and am looking for teammates. We won 3 CSC titles and the USAFE title in both 83 and 84.

Ozmore, Bradley A. (Keen) - 26SPS, '87-'90
E-Mail: bradley.ozmore@varich.ang.af.mil
Comments: 26th SPS 87-90. Now in Virginia Air National Guard.

Padilla, Dana
3804 E. Encinas Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
E-mail: d_d_dana@hotmail.com
Comments: My father was a member of the 26th FMS from '71 to '75. When we first arrived, it was the 86th FMS. I spent many wonderful years at Ramstein. I'm looking for anybody who perhaps lived in nearby Queidersbach. I cannot find it on the net.

Palau, Oscar - Zwei Dental Clinic
47 NW 41 Av
Miami, Fl 33126
E-mail: yamashita49@hotmail.com
CommentsLooking for John Dunne '77 - '79

Palmer, Steven
San Diego, Ca.
E-mail: stevenscott@bigfoot.com
Comments:With the 86th in various organizations, communications and support,1979-1982. Miss lots of good people and great places. Anyone remember Tom's on the road to Landstuhl? Lots of wonderful ski trips to the Alps! War games lasted 3 weeks every month!

Paratore, Norman - 38th TRS 1963-1966
E-Mail: slrshooter@comcast.net
Comments: Stationed with the 38th TRS at Ramstein from 1963 to 1966. Looking for old buddies who might have know me. Worked in the Command Post and the Admin Section. Hung with Sgt. Tom Williams and family. Anyone know a John Redmond? Just bought his 38th TRS beer stein on ebay. Bill Saylor, if you're out there, send me an email.

Payne, Len, SMSgt Ret., - 26 LGS Jan 84-88
E-mail: paynel@adelphia.net
Comments: Assigned 26 Supply Squadron. Ran RCSU/RACC which allowed me to meet many a maintainer. Active in Rod and Gun club as a Jaeger. Buds were Paul Jewison (26 LGT),CJ Browning ((26 EMS)departed to final unit of assignment Feb 89), Dan Hawley (26 LGS) and more than I can mention here. Best Wishes to all of the old "Z" Team!

Pearlstein, David, A/2C
Phone: 702-880-0944
E-mail: dpearlstei@aol.com
Comments: I was in Supply with the 807th TACCON Sqdn.when we were transferred from Kleber Kaserne in K-Town in October 1954 and rotated back to the Land of the Big PX in June 1955. We had been stationed in Kleber Kaserne for the previous 27 months(we seemed to have been the only AF unit assigned to this Army base) till our barracks were built at Ramstein. It was a great base at that time. We had a chef in the mess hall that really knew how to make SOS, and we weren't ashamed to ask for seconds when he was on duty. Haven't tasted any as good since!! This is a great site. Keep the good news coming here guys.

Pecz, Roger-26th & 38th AGE
1 Dimitrios Circle
Peabody Mass. 01960
Phone: 978-531-2044
E-Mail: hdtx0@aol.com
Comments: Hi Vance, Just updating my Email. Hope to see you and more of a show up at the next reunion thanks. Roger Pecz PS. keep up the the great work on the web site. Also this site can be found with web search - where are they now 26 fms hope this helps

Pendley Alfsen, Barbara - 38 TRS 1983-1986
3110 Pendley Creek Road Berry, AL 35546
E-Mail: hdtx0@yahoo.com

Pennington, J.W. CMSgt Ret., 26th OMS & Quality Assurance
3507 Tundra Road
Venice FL 34293
Phone: 941 496 4299
E-mail: jsweettoop@aol.com
Comments:Zweibruecken AB from Jun 76 to May 79. OMS Maintenance Superintendent and Chief of Quality Assurance during this period. Reassigned to HQ USAFE MSET in May of 79 and was there until Jan 82.

Perry,Stephen - 386 MMS and 26 FMS (Weapons Loading)
Myrtle Beach SC 29577
E-mail: Stephen.Perry@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Zwei 71-77. Weapons Loading and Job Control. Worked the MARS station AJ3ZW.

Peterson, James - Air Policeman
4815 Gurnee Court
Rockford, Illinois 61108
E-Mail: Jamspte@aol.com

Pond, Dave "Pondom" - Phase dock 90-91
Beale AFB Ca 95901
E-Mail: davepond@comcast.net
Comments: PCS'd to good Ole Zwie from Shady "J" anyone remember MSgt. Forbes? or any EMS/Phase/R/R troops?

Pozgay, Curt E.,SSgt - 26th Security Police Section
173 Maple Road
Wading River NY 11792
Comments Stationed at sunny Zwei from 1983 to 1985. Those were the days, Nato Tac Evals, Ori's, chem suits. What was the name of that bar downtown, owned by that crook Jugen? At least the mark rate was very good. Sgt Bob Mooney from Connecticut , where are you ?

Price, Donald, - 26th Supply Sq., '83-88
3212 N.E. 127th Ave
Vancouver Wa. 98682
E-Mail: Donald7@aol.com
Comments:Spent a lot of time partying and working with a lot of different people.I worked in most sections of the warehouse on and off base.I am still in touch with some of the Germans I knew then and would love to hear from anyone who knows me or anyone who was there at that time. Hangouts were "Heiney's", "The alt Zweibruken" and "Zur Tenne" (Horst with the mustache and cigar).

Prentice, George - (Not 26th,but at Landstuhl/Ramstein '55-57)
Scotia, NY 12302
E-mail: GEPren@aol.com
Comments: Prior to 26th I was with 86th Ftr Intrcpt Gp/Base Ops Dispatcher at Landstuhl (helped spread topsoil and r eseed the "big" front lawn at Base Ops!) . . . later with 12th AF Drum & Bugle Corps at Ramstein (attached to 544th AF Band Sqdn w/ indoor practice at base theater) Nice site . . . Remember guard duty in the revetment area on bitter cold nights with sounds of aluminum popping, etc! Also remember local parades and travels.

Pulkrabek, Lorin
1721 Shakopee, Ave., E.
Shakopee, MN 55379
Phone: 952-445-5231

Rains, Justin S. - 38TRS, 6/77-6/81 Photo Process/Printing
E-mail: HbgRider@aol.com
Comments: Worked in the PPIF's; worked TAM '80. Did additional work as Squadron photographer including taking pictures of the aftermath of the infamous deer decapitation landing ('79?).

Rasnick, Fred A.CMSgt/Ret. - 26AGS-Crew Dawg,Flt Chief,QA,AR
710 Calle Bolo Ln
Goodyear Az 85338
Phone: 623-932-5885
E-mail: fred.rasnick@luke.af.mil
Comments: Stationed at Zwei from 76-84.So many good friends and funny stories.

Ravey, Bill J.,Col. - DM of Wing 1971-1973
2322 Bristol
Bryan, Texas 77802
Phone: 409-779-4353
E-mail: bravey@txcyber.com
Comments:I went to hdqs USAFE as Dir of Supply and Services in '73 and '74. Retired in late '74.

Reighard, Jack C. - 7030 Support Sq
719 Fairfield Ave
Johnstown, Pa 15906
E-Mail: iamjiggyR@aol.com
Comments: Stationed at Ramstien when the streets were mud.. . from 1952 to 1956 . Assigned to the 7030 Air Police unit..

Reigle, Tom, SSgt, - AFSC 46250, 526th F.I.S.(1965-1967)
Comments: Hey Guys, What about us muzzle f-----s that loaded all those weapons that kept you safe in your cribs back in the mid-60's??

I have been searching for information on the "Black Knights" and stumbled on your site. I hope you don't mind if I just touch base with you as I can find no direct connection with the 526 F.I.S on the web. It just feels good to contact somebody who served at Ramstein even though we weren't in the same outfit.
Nice website. Good luck to you all.

Reynolds, James P. (Jim), Sgt. - Aircrew Scheduling, 26 TRW
3904 Kim Dr.
Del City, Ok 73115
Phone: 405-630-7478
E-Mail: jjreyn2003@yahoo.com
Comments: Aircrew Scheduling for transport acft under Lt.Col. RogerHarrington - 1966 and 1967. Last 7 mo of assignment curtailed because of shortage of 731X0 afsc due to 'Nam.
Completed duty assignment at Wright Pat.

Rhoades, Bill
109 Scenic Dr, Apt #B
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Rhoads, Ken - Zwei '71 - '73
43626 Solheim Cup Ter
Ashburn, Va 20146
Phone: 703-723-3974
E-mail: KRh1006621@aol.com
Comments: 17th TRS, Photo cubes, 1971 - 1973 Zweibrucken; the best of times.

Ridenour, Roy SSgt - Munitions (Ammo), '66 - '69
402 East Trice Street
Hugo, Oklahoma
Phone: 580-326-5380
E-Mail: ridenour0469@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Some of the names I remember: Karl Moody ( Tex), David Rothmel, AJ Stubbs, Jimmie W.Parris. I was at South Ammo during my tour of duty at Ramstien Air Force Base Germany from Sept. 1966 until Sept. 1969.

Riester, Peter J.(SP5) - '69 - '70, 38th TRS
163 Ava Lane
Williamsville, NY 14221
Phone: 716-632-2032
E-Mail: pjr163ava@aol.com
Comments: Army photo interpreter with Det. B 2nd MI BN (ARS),which was attached to the 38th TRS at RAB, from Aug 69 to Dec 70. We barracked with the 38th TRS in the "Pink Palace," but lived in Erzenhausen.

Rily Don
1879 Pamarack Lane
Columbia falls, MT 59912

Riggs, Keith, - Royal Flush 1971
PO Box 1760
Roseburg, OR 97470
Phone: 541-672-4427
E-mail: kdr@wanweb.net
Comments I was a photo lab tech with the 10th TRW team that competed at Ramstein that fall.

Riley, Janet(Galvin)- DW
Vernon ,MI 48476
Phone: 517-288-3538
E-mail: janet1373@aol.com
Comments: Was stationed with Jon Galvin, who was in the SPS Group from 1989-1991. Looking for some friends we made there. If you might remember me - Write.

Rizzo, J. Frank, 26th SPS, 26th SVS, 26th SUPS, 26th Trans
7718 Oakhill Park, Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78249
E-mail: frizzo@co.bexar.tx.us
Stationed at Sunny Zwei from May '84 until May '91, when they closed. I was in the Security Police Sqdn, then retrained as a 1st Sgt, spent time in Services, Supply and Transportation> Miss all those great times especially the Oktoberfest and Volksmarching. Looking forward to hearing from some of the old gang.

Rockey, Jerry L. - 26th AGE
5811H Royal Ridge Dr
Springfield, VA 22152
E-Mail: jrockey644@earthlink.net
Phone: (H) 703-644-2836
(Cell) 703-627-9487

Rosar, Laura, Sgt 4150 E Main St
Mesa AZ, 85205
Phone: 480-430-5194
E-Mail: nealylady@yahoo.com
Comments: I was brought to your web site when I put in the name of a friend of mine that I was stationed with in 1983-84, Sgt Larry Kuster (but couldnt find him re. on site). I would love to find him and let him know how great his daughter turned out, she graduates from one of the top Universitys in the country next week and it is a real drag that he dosent even know. No strings just wanted him to know how great she has become.

Rose, Harry G. - 496 FIS
Fort Worth, TX 76180
Phone: 817 485 0148
E-Mail: hgrose@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I was based at Landstuhl AFB with the 496 FIS from may 1954 to Sep 1955. I was the crew chief for Col. Fishel - the sqdn commander. t would be great to hear from anyone from that time. We won the Howard Hughes Trophy during that time.

Rose, Robert - 526 Engine Shop, '59-'62
98 River Forge Road
Manchester, Tn. 37355
Phone: 931--728-3450
E-Mail: rrose@cafes.net
Comments: Ramstein from 1959-1962. In 526th in the engine shop. Best duty ever. Worked for Capt. Fay our maint. officer. Like to hear from others during this same time.

Rushing, Joseph M. - FTD 910/922OL-A
106 Sourwood Road
Goldsboro, NC, 27534
(919) 778-6519
Comments: Supported the 26th TRW at Zweibrucken AB providing RF-4C sensor systems field training to 26th CRS personnel 1982-1988. Assigned to the 26th CRS for administrative purposes.

Russell, Fred - AGE
Porto Eli, Greece

Sanford, Robert - 26 AGS/38 AMU '85 - '88
2841 Hwy 98W
Mary Esther FL 32569
E-Mail: bobby2of8@yahoo.com
Comments Worked with some great folks in the 38th AMU from 85-88. Now at Eglin, FL and retiring in Sep after 31 fantastic years. Zwei...what a great location in Germany...crappy facilities, but we got it all sqared away by the time they shut her down!! Worked hard, played harder. Remember some outstanding times/TDYs with some great troops and leaders...Col Sansoon, Maj Power, Don Barry, BD Lewis, Glenn Smith, Marc Ballgae, Gator, Boe, Ski, T-way, Chief Junelot, Ed Rau, Chief Carlton...many more. Greatest assn in my career...thanks!

Scarry, Patrick J. Jr., MSgt (retired) 7426 TRISS, '86-'91
324 McShane Place
Monument Colorado 80132
Phone: 719 488 5600
E-Mail: patrickscarry@adelphia.net
Comments: Assigned to 7425 TRISS in the computer maintenance shop at Sunni Zwei from '86 until Zwie closed down in '91. Worked with Lee Kopriva, Breck Louthan, Cliff Giltinan and the rest of the "motley crew" (actually great folks). Played and watched a lot of softball in the "summer?!?!". Drank a lot of beer all year long. Ski trips and having a few "hoochen" at Hainney's.

Schamp, John, 26 CES (Refer Shop)
2615 184 St
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Phone: 310-363-3252
E-Mail: john.schamp@losangeles.af.mil
Comments: Stationed at Zwei 80-82, first assignment and one of the best. Worked in CE in the refer shop, I loved Germany so much I ended up being stationed there for over 10 Years. I had to live in the CRS dorm for a while and met s ome really great people. Bellheimer and parkbrau, oh boy !!!The going away party we had in the CE dorm on 27 Feb 82 was a wild one. 200 litres of Pirmanator (4 kegs), both the CE commander and the 1st shirt ended up in the showers that night, actually they were thrown in there. And I beleive they made it in the dumpster also. Drop me a line.

SchmidtEric T. - 26th SUP/POL
E-Mail: etschmidt@hotmail.com

Schmidt "Schmitty", Conrad - 26FMS Jet Engines, '67 - '70
19136 Bates Ave.
Eustis, FL 32726
Phone: (352) 589-0061
E-Mail: None (I use Bill Landis's email) - landisw@yahoo.com
Comments: May 1967 - May 1970. Any friends can write or call me at home. You can also email me at Bill Landis's email until I get my own. This web site is a great idea.

Schmidt, Eric T. - 26th Supply POL
E-mail: eric-schmidt@worldnet.att.com

Schubert, Manfred K. - 26TRW Transportation Squadron
Rosengartenstraße 2
66482 Zweibrücken
E-mail: ManfredSchubert@gmx.de
CommentsI was stationed as a member of the NATO HQ AAFCE in Ramsteinnn AB from 1977 ´till 1981, a civilian employee of the Dep. of Defense from 1981 - 1990, in 26th Transportation Squadron as Contract Manager.

To bad our Air Base closed, due to the troops withdrawel, it has been a wonderful time working up in Ramstein and Zweibrücken; I found a lot of friends, which I´m still in contact with. Einen schönen guten Tag aus Zweibrücken: Manfred!!

Schultz, Robert -Munitions
120 Church St
Frankfort, Ill. 60423
E-mail: schanne74@yahoo.com
Comments:I was stationed at Ramstein from Nov. 1965 until Dec. 1968. I was in Munitions, lived in the same barracks as you guys , but worked in the bomb dump.

Schurman, Scott - 26 SPS SPOL-D; 90-Close
E-Mail: sss1211@aol.com
Comments: Wasted the best years of my life reading hand-me-down Hustlers at the NMMSA, Driving a forest green Volkswagon "Police" microbus, and inhaling Parkbrau at Heiny's, Mainstreet, Bellamy and Annabella's. Spent the best years of my life ruining the siding of Dorm 18 after a night on the town and learning the facts of life from guys named Sluggo, Husser, Lanch, Nye, Pelnis, Rob and Porky.

Scotta, Greg " Gator " - 38th TRW/ 26th AGS
339 Hickory Springs Drive
DeBary Florida 33713
Phone: 386 668-6558
E-Mail: crwdogF4E@aol.com
Comments Stationed at Sunny Zwei from 85-90. Crewed 68-372 with Glenn Boe and 68/555 with Tony Munoz. Had great times at the fests and beer tents, not to mention the runs to Bad Durkhiem for the wine fests. It was great working an outstanding bunch of crewdogs like Hag, Riseden, Fout, Jackman, Prezler, Knipple, Bonzai, Horton,and Anderson. And the two best Pro Supers I have ever worked with -Will Albergotti and Doug Daniels. Thanks for the years of memories.

Scott, Joan - 26TRW, Accounting & Finance
Austin, Texas 78758
(512) 554-1876
E-Mail: jscott416@yahoo.com
CommentsdWould like to hear from anyone that was at Zweibrucken

Semey, Howard - 26th CSGp (CBPO - Records Section)
1766 Pinetree Court
Concord, CA 94521
E-Mail: minimilimice@earthlink.net
Comments: I was at Ramstein 1968-71. Worked at the Consolidated Base Personnel Office (CBPO) in both Officer and Airman Records Section and later Records Review. Was a good assignment and a great base. Every now and then I lift a cold one in my NCO Club Ramstein beer stein ... a treasured part of my youth. Hey, this year I'll lift my new years toast to all you fellow Ramsteiners. Froelich Wienachten und Gemutlichkeit in der Neu Year! Prosit!!

Sergent, Robert - 2135th Comm. Sq.(66-70)
P.O.Box 1
Chetek, WI 54728
E-mail: lrsergent@charter.net

Sessions, Ken - Propulsion Branch at Zwei
218 Shalimar
Long Beach, MS 39650
E-Mail: Sessionsrf@efdsouth.navfac.navy.mil
Comments:Stationed Zwei 1972-76. Looking for Dale Shaffer, Frank Carter Larry Hale, and Bob Wright (Scumbag)

Senn, John
2911 Nepperhan Rd.
Louisville Ky 40218-4715
Phone: 502-491-0928
E-mail: wa4hlw@worldnet.att.net
Comments: Stationed at Ramstein 1953. 13th Comm. Construction Sq. and 15th Comm.Operation Sq.

Setzke, Ray - 604th comm./2061AFCS
127 Nauvoo
Park Forest Il. 60466
E-Mail: setzke@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Found this great site while looking for any place in the states that may sell Parkbrau Bier, so far no luck. Reading the many entries sure brought back good memories of my days at Ramstein (61 thru 64) as a TTY repairman with the 604th and the 2061st. One talked about the Chinese restraunt on the north side of the base near our barracks, had forgotten all about it. Haven't kept in contact with any of the old crew.

Shaw, David
E-mail: shawdj1@earthlink.net
Comments: I remember the hard work in the rain on RF-4C 68-595. It kept flying despite my work. Remember "A" Flight, 26 OMS (76-78). "Alpha" Flight was first flight on right at Sunny Zwei. Our first flight office was the bunker, hen we went to the building near the tank farm. Remember Sully, Randy Ford, Reese, Tommy Hillard(SP?), Jim Ilg, The Indian, and ParkBrau. Safety wiring the fins on the center line tank. Panel 111, 102. Some additional trivia. Some of the F-4's are being converted to drones and sent to Tyndall and Holloman. Not sure if the reccies are being converted. I'd welcome old flight members to email me.

Sheasley, Richard (Rick) J. - 26th EMS, Zwiebrucken AB
16748 Bellaire Ave.
North Edwards, CA 93523
E-mail: sheasley@ccis.com
Comments: Zwiebrucken AB, 26th EMS, 26th TRW, 4/80 - 2/83. Branch Chiefs were MSgt Chet Chavis, MSgt Haller, SMSgt Johnny Gay.
Associates: TSgt Ronald King, SSgt Ricky Blount, SSgt Don Thompson, SSgt Emmett L. Forseth III.

Sheeley, Juanita - 26 TAC Hospital
7831 Hill Ridge Dr
San Antonio,TX 78250
E-mail: coveck@aol.com
Comments: Anyone stationed at Ramstein 26 TAC hospital during 1985-89. Please send me an email. Would love to hear from you. Thanks , Nita

Shoemaker, Larry -'99 HQ USAFE
6401 W Deno Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
Phone: (509) 838-4907
E-Mail: shoes@icehouse.net
Comments: Assigned to HQ USAFE during OPERATION ALLIED FORCE, 1999.

Simko, George J. - 26th Combat Support Group 1964 -1967
4828 Pemberton Ln.
The Colony, Tx. 75056
E-Mail: TRABRF4C@aol.com
Comments: Have original 1966 TOUL TIGER newspaper clippings showing the arrival of the first RF4C at Toul Rosieres, France and Ramstein, along with newspaper photos. Have June '66 AIRMAN MAGAZINE article entitled "THE BACK SEAT DRIVER'.

Simkonis, Ralph E. - A.G.E. Ramstein A.F.B. '67-71
15 Lund Street
Worcester , Ma. 01607-1117
Phone: (508)752-0914
E-Mail: vet369@aol.com

Simowitz, Marty, Msgt - Wing Hq Logistics
E-mail: HIDEMEY@aol.com
Comments: I was a Msgt. In Wing Hq. Logistics Plans Div. 1974 thru 1977. Thought I would try the 26th FMS. Have many great memories of the Wing and the Zwiebrucken area; Thank you

Smith, SMSgt Lee T.& Grace, 2143 Comm Sq Zwei. AB
E-Mail: LSmith6203@charter.net
Comments: Mama Grace and Smitty, Zweibrucken AB 1981-1985. Looking for our 2143 young'un's. Also EMS,CRS,AGS. Sunny Zwei Coyotes.

Smith,Sr, Msgt/ Ret. Richard R - AMS Sensor Shop
555 Upper Colony Road
Wellintgton, NV 89444
Phone: 775-465-0095 E-mail: rv4pilot@tele-net.net
Comments: Looking for Lt. Col. Audrey Homes, Commander Avionics Maint. Sq.

Smith, Tim - 7426 TRISS, 6/1985 - 6/1991
4083 Blaine Rd
Poplar Grove, IL 61065
E-Mail: trsmith@jvlnet.com
Comments: I worked in the computer maintenance shop and was temporarily the mobility NCO for TRISS.

Smith, Todd - 26th AGS
Angeles City, Philippines
E-Mail: tsmitty67@yahoo.com
Comments: Stationed at Zwei from 86-89 in AGS as an E/E... We had a great broomball team for those years...

Snyder, Phil, Zwei /84 - '90
E-Mail: pcs611@hotmail.com
Comments: WAS AT ZWEIBRUCKEN FROM 1984-1990

Snyder, Steve "Sandy" - 17th, 38th TRS 10/'77 - 11/'79
1230 Kraemer Dr.
Phone: (909)272-5880
E-mail: SteveFD@earthlink.net
Comments:Worked the PPIFs for both the 17th TRS and moved to the 38th TRS after the disbanding. Miss the ice rink, local beer, walkplatz and bratworsts of Zweibrucken. Great to see sites that bring us together again.

Sobotka, Rex(Rambo), SrA 26th Trans (LGTO)
2152 Co Hwy p33
Benton, Iowa 50835
E-Mail: novacatrs@yahoo.com
Comments: Driver/Dispatcher, '85-87. Looking for my old room-dog. . . Do you know how MANY Hector Martinez s ("Tory") there ARE? :D

Sparks (Sparky), Arthur A. - 26 FMS, Engine Shop
#4 Alderberry
Irvine, CA 92604
E-Mail: magicbypeooer@cs.com

Sparling, John - Life Support, Zwei 1982-85
2311 Otley AvePerry, IA 50220
Phone: 515-465-7998
E-Mail: sparlings@juno. Comments: If anyone knows whereabouts of Richard Brown and Tommy Gray, please e-mail or write.

StClair, Richard
Kalaone Seas Track
Alofi, Niue South Pacific
Comments:Great Web Site! Love it....especially the music. Here in the south pacific looking for an old military buddy, and found him too by the way. He's at Ramstein, so I wanted to refresh my memory as to where that was...the maps are excellent!! Thanks for Being there!

Stephenson, David, Squadron Commander and Fab Branch Chief
P.O. Box 10861Lancaster, PA 17605
Phone: 239-699-3127
E-mail: keywasted2000@yahoo.com
Comments: Transferred from 526 FIS in 1970 as a fill in Commander when the wing ran out of maintenance officers. Got squadron through the inspector general visit and then went to Fab/Hobby shop Branch. Retired as Colonel and I'm still looking for my first adult job.

Stiner, Charles T., Sgt. - 26th CSG,(midnight chow, 1974-1977
3805 E. Keeling Rd
Hereford, Arizona
Phone: 520-559-2451
E-mail: chulea@cox.net
Comments: Will be remembered by some as Stiner's Diner from the time period of 1974 Jan. to 1977 Jan.

Stivender, John Larry "RED" Zwei 26th CES, '85-'87
E-Mail: RedDevil467@aol.com

Comments:Stationed at Zweibrucken from Oct 85 till Oct. 87. Looking for old friends from 26 CES. Paul"Loco" Lopez,Greg Montieth(Mellon Head) Patrick Fleishaur (obnoxious bastard), Mark "Tricky Dick"Schuler, Jerry mcWilliams(Scrappy), Michael Southwick, Don Egnatz, Alan Wilcox(Biff), Andrew Warren and his girl Ellie (Sgt Ellwood), Fester, Kermit, Adrian, Hugo, Super Troop Alonzo "Homo Bob" Loper, Kim Minix,and many more maggots. We had a blast at Zweigon!

Stora, Harris - 26th CES/26th SUPS
E-mail: stora@sierra-hotel.com
Comments: Wow, almost 20 years ago! Stationed at Sunny Zwei from 1983-85. First year as the "supply guy" in the Civil Engineer Squadron. Second year as a deliver driver for Supply

Strahan, James -26th EMS
718 B South Church St
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: 877-460-8065
E-Mail: james@sharpaviation.com
Comments: Stationed at Zwei between 83-88. Had a great time. I worked with Aero Repair guys in EMS and QA. Alot of great memories. The TDY's were the best.

Strong, Bill - 11th TRS, '67-'68
Vinton, IA 52349
Phone: 319-472-5780
E-Mail: bstrong@fyiowa.infi.net
Comments: Stationed at Udorn 67 & 68 with the 11th TRS. Worked the midnight shift as a crew chief on the RF-4C. What an eye opening for a green horn teenager. Looking to find buddies that I served with. Great site!!!!

Stubblefield, Ron / Vivian, 26FMS - AGE '69 - '73
1029 West ST.
Hollister, Ca. 95023
Phone: 831-637-9327
E-Mail: ronvivs@msn.com

Sutton Elmer L. CMSGT/retired - 26th FMS and OMS
15543 Pamela Lane
Victorville Ca 92394
Phone: 760-245-2376
E-Mail: elmersutton@yahoo.com
Comments I was stationed at Zweibrucken from Dec 72 until May 76, at first I was Aerospace Systems Branch Chief then trans to OMS as Phase Branch Chief then made Chief and become OMS Superintendent. Would like to hear from anyone from this era.

Swinson, Michael - 26th EMS/ Phase Docks
E-Mail: mathteach83@aol.com
Comments: This was my first assignment as an airman (87-90)! I met some great folks who I still keep in contact with from time to time! Phase Docks were great . . . the F-4 prepared me for "any" job ever :) If any that knew me see this drop me an e-mail...

Tannock, Thomas- 12th AF Advon,7030 Maintenance and Supply
1402 Pioneer Way
Forest Grove, Oregon USA 97116
Phone: 503-992-2410
E-mail: mvharrell@lycos.com
Comments: Based at Ramstein from 1953-1954. CO was Major Nethkin. Flew with Captains' Madden and Chiles on a C47, plane #5880.

Taylor, Michael A.- A1C- 526th FIS/26AMS, May '65 - April '67
43545 Kaweah River Drive
Three Rivers, California 93271
E-Mail: mjb3rs@thegrid.net
Comments:??? Don Olson, Bill Montgomery, Al Erickson, Cliff Hedgepeth, Jerry White,Bob Hotchkiss. Lots of ping-pong, tonk, and penochle. Cold nights on the flight line. I've still got my coffee mug, anyone know where I can get a 526th patch?

Timm, Tim F, 26th Transportation '83-'85
E-mail: fnsurf@yahoo.com
Comments: Stationed at Erding Flughorst for year and a half, then back to Zwei for six months. Would like to hear from anybody that knew Doris and the "other" Zweibruken at Erding. Also looking for 'Smurf', Connie, Calvin, Tom Benson. Great site. I have some maps of the base. The last Christmas in Germany I had was at Zwei. My friend Mark Goodreau and I climbed a tree in front of the Wing building and took 5 feet of the top off of it for our own Christmas tree. Ahhh parkbrau = FUN!

Thompson, Theodore - 26TRW Air Police, France
E-mail: theodore1945@hotmail.com
Comments: One of the last to leave toul Rosier AB,France. Help close the base from 1963 to 1966 in the 26TRW Security Police Sqdn.

Teachout,Bob, SFC - US Army (MATCOM/USAMMAE)
Phone: 315-422-4401
E-mail: saltcitybaptist@aol.com
Comments: 1971- 1977 Not stationed on the Air Base, but over at Kreusberg. However, knew many Airmen. Very involved with the Baptist church located downtown. Would love to hear especially from some of the former church members.

Thornburg, Doug - 26th Supply Sq., '80 - '83
PO Box 645
Carson, Wa. 98610
E-Mail: dt1961@earthlink.net
Comments : I was in the 26th Supply Sq. (POL) From 1980-1983 live offbase one block from base housing. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Tomlin, Ed - Zwei '84-'88, Egress Shop
E-Mail: edtomlin@hotmail.com
Comments At Zweibrucken from '84-'88 in the egress shop with CD Seegars, Greg Gardner, Dave McCanch & others. Can't forget the great folks on the flightline. Pro supers - Bill Berry, Roddy "BDL" Lewis, Marc Ballgae & Greg Little. Crew Chiefs - "Bonzai" & "Gator"... "Vito" in life support, etc. Great assignment with super people - had a blast! I sure miss Perminators but I don't miss the hangovers that went with 'em!

Torres, Jose A. - AAS/18 , 102SLR

Phone: 719-392-5855
E-Mail: jose.torres@carson.army.mil
Comments: Assigned to the 26th TRW from 1978-1984; member of AMS sensor shop (AAS/18 IR and 102 SLR). Retired 1984/Msgt; last assignment was with the 26th TRW Quality Assurance Branch. Worked for Zweibrucken High School as Supply Officer from '84-'88

Tousek, James A., Msgt (Lord Jim) - 26 FMS/26AGS '71-'83
E-Mail: jnttousek@t-online.de
Comments: 26 th FMS Electric Shop Oct. 71 thru Oct 83

Ullman, Jack - 1970-72
7994 Canal Fulton RD
Marshallville,Ohio 44645
Comments: Assigned to the security police law enforcement division during 1970-72. On the air base baseball team. Supervisor,Msgt Dougherty

Urban, Richard - 26 AGS, Crewchief
466 Chicora Rd
Butler, PA 16001
Phone: 724-287-4092
E-mail: Nitedemon666@aol.com
Comments: Stationed at ZAB 81-83. Looking for any and all crazies I partied with there particularly those that went to Holloman, Billy Omundson, Dieter Dommes, Russ Cass, Steve Cahee, Rat,! Where are you guys ? Drop me a line or 3 !!!

Urry, Bill - 26th AGE
7591 W. 900th St.
West Warren, UT 84404-9702

Vallance, Danny - 81st
32 Brighton St.
Massena, New York 13662
Phone: 315-769-3626
E-Mail: liberty@northnet.org
Comments: Stationed with the 81st TFS, loading crew, Lead team, training newly assigned people on how to load munitions onto F-4 Wild Wessel's. Spent TDY at Ramstein while they lengthened the runway at Hahn. Ramstein was the best AF base in Europe. Sure hated to leave there and go back to Hahn and eventually ended up at Zweibrucken, need I say more. Great sight.

Valuckas (Val), Jim - Zwei 02/74 - 02/76
10055 Terra Loma Drive #59
Rancho Cordova, California 95670
Phone: 916 363-0278
E-mail: hemi71x@aol.com
Comments: Zwei from Feb. 1974 till Feb. 1976. Crew chief on aircraft #69-370 when it arrived at the base, until I was re-assigned to the states at Mather A.F.B. California. Would like to make contact with anyone during that time frame that I was stationed with, and who maintained the Phantoms with me.

Van der Vegt, Rob
Ommen, The Netherlands
E-mail: rf_van_der_vegt@hotmail.com
Comments: Stationed on Ramstein AB in '93/'94. Was Sergeant FieldPost Office of the Dutch Communion. I and two others were responsible for delivery of post and newspapers for all the Dutch at Ramstein and Zweibrucken. My time on Ramstein Air Base was great.

Did a lot of shopping in the big BX, ate the best pizza’s in the ??? near the library, played softball against American/Canadian/Belgian Teams and kept my old car running thanks to the demolisher at the other side of the Base. Stayed in Hotel Rosenhof in Landstuhl with at least 3 other Dutch. Have lost contact with the dutch people and all others.

Posting this note, hoping for a lot of reactions.
Please mail me to catch up: rf_van_der_vegt@hotmail.com.

Vance, David
Westover Dr.
Euless, TX

Comments: I'm am trying to find my father whose name is - David Vance

Vans Parys, Terrance J., Col.(Ret)
E-mail: 2vps@cox.net
Comments: Served my first assignment at 26th TRW as Maintenance Officer from 1973- 76 at Zweibrucken AB(26th FMS 1975-76).

Varrato, Lou - H-19, '68-72 & later UH-P Helicopters
2942-Canterbury Dr.
Lima, Oh. 45805
Phone: 419-999-2145
E-mail: stockmn1@woh.rr.com
Comments: H-19, '68-72 & later UH-1P Choppers : (Myself) Lou N. Varrato, Ronald A. Allen, James l. Brocious ( Deceased 89 ), Ricardo DaSilva, Samuel F. Stuart, Thomas J. Wade, Billy Slaughter, Msgt. Bowers

Helicopter #456 is in the Munich Museum. When we received the UH-1P's ,we sent 456 to the Munich Museum. I later joined the 7th Special Operations Squadron down the flightline at Ramstein.

Veith, Chuck - 26 SPS, Zwei '87 - '89
1242 Lloyd Thayer Cir
Stockton, Ca 95206
E-Mail: veith2@llnl.gov
Comments Those were the days '87-'89. Hittin' the fests downtown, hanging out with Travis Harris, Darrin Cartwright, and Drew Taylor. Wondering where Mike O'Stein went off to. It would be good to hear from anyone that was stationed at ole "sunny" Zwei 1987-1989.

Viskup, David / Dorothy, 26 FMS-AGE
3320 70th Ave. CtW.
Tacoma, Washington 98466
Phone: 253-566-0800
E-Mail: davidv24@qwest.net

Wardwell, James R. - Security Police '69-73
412 State Route 46
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Phone: 207-469-7734
E-mail: jrwardy@webtv.net
Comments: Sgt with the 26th Security Police from Oct.9th '69 - Feb. 1st '73. If anyone remembers me send me an email. Thanks James R. Wardwell aka "Wardy"

Warfield, Robert C. - 38th TRS, 1967-1968
Phone: 410-749-5685
E-mail: rcjkw@dmv.com
Comments: Ramstein, 38th TRS, Feb '67 to Dec '68, Flight Ops. Great experience. Anyone else from 38th out there? Also, anyone know names, locations and how to contact any or all of the 3 French sisters who frequented the Airmens Club Rama in 1967/1968 ?? At least one married an enlisted man stationed at Ramstein then.

Wardwell, James R., - 26th Security Police
412 State Route 46
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Phone: 207-469-7734
E-Mail: jrwardy@webtv.net
Comments: I was Sgt James R. Wardwell, 26th Security Police Sq., Oct 9th, 69 - Feb.1, 1973, Known as wardy. Please contact me if you remember me.

Waters, John L. - 807th TCS, ''57 - '60
E-Mail: sretaw@bellsouth.net
Comments: I wasn't with the 26th, I was in the 807th TCS during the years of 1957 thru 1960 - when the base was called Landstuhl AFB. We were next to the jail - convenient. The runway was on this side and the housing area was on the Ramstein side - across the Autobahn. TCS stands for Tactical Controll Squadron. If anyone out there was with the 807th, please contact me via E-mail - I'd like to talk to you.

Waskiewicz III, Stanley P., USAF, Lt Col, Ret
5404 Split Rock Dr.
Riverside, OH 45424-4748
Phone: (937) 236-2412
E-mail; skivmi67@earthlink.net
Comments: Stationed at Zweibrucken AB from August 1983 to October 1986. I served as Maintenance Supervisor for the 26 AGS and later as Assistant Deputy Commander for Maintenance. I now live just outside Dayton, Ohio. Col Steve Powers and Maj Larry Mullins are also in the area. Larry may be moving to Cailfornia to be nearer the kids and grandchildren. Waiting to hear from other Zwei people.

Weeks, James , 26 CES/Firefigher, '70 - '73
305 courtney dr. apt 707
Decatur, AL 35603
E-Mail: jimweeks7111@yahoo.com
Comments: Firefighter from 1970 to 1973 at Ramstein. served with Ken Redding, William Tauscher, Jim Gasser, Stan Twitty. These were glory days...we built stock cars out of VW's and raced at dirt track at Landstuhl..anyone remember?

Weier Gale / Teresa
44782 290th St.
Vibrog, SD 57070
Phone: 605-327-3479
E-Mail: galeweier@yahoo.com

Weimer, Dick,Sgt - Zweibrucken AFB 72-74
57 South Shore Blvd
Lackawanna NY 14218
Phone: 716-824-1628
E-mail: rweimer@kaleidahealth.org
Comments: Aircraft electrician for 26 FMS. These days I fix large telephone systems

Webb, Scott

* * * * * IN MEMORY * * * * *

Sgt. Scott Webb

Scott was a Jet Mechanic in the 26th FMS engine shop from May of 67 until he was killed in a tragic accident.

Scott was a quite guy who always had a friendly hello for everybody. Was a great guy in every sense of the word. He will be missed by all those that knew him.

Farewell "Scotty."

West, Robert - Repair and Reclamation
E-Mail: arigizmo1@cs.com
Comments: 1967 - 1970, R&R assistant, NCOIC and resident flight control systems expert. (I must have been the expert, seems like I was always going TDY to fix flight control problems.) (VBG). As my memories are now fading into the mists of time, the only ones I do remember were those [censored] RF-4D hanger queens, the triple shifts. and the one F-4D that a certain Captain brought back with one wing leading edge slats ripped off. I remember his name but in consideration to the rank, he shall remain only in my memory. There was also a cigar chomping senior NCO named Preputnick, who sticks in my memory too. Anybody remember him? Probably not, Most of us have probably passed on by now. Well there it is... I will be awaiting to hear from anyone from that era. (VBG)

White, Fred Environmental Systems Shop ( Shop Chief)
2000 Carolyn Terrace
Valdosta , Georgia 31602
Phone: 229-244-2460
E-mail: cmsgtwhite@yahoo.com
Comments: Being in the 26th and at Ramstein Germany were great days. I've seen Chief Gadsby many times over the years. The egress shop chief,I forget his name, lives here in Valdosta andI see him frequently. Let me hear from any of you that remember me.

Whitfield, Willie - 26FMS, AGE, '67 - '70
Phone: (310) 326-3795
E-Mail: twow@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I functioned in the AGE shop from Jul 67- Dec 70 supporting both the 526th and 38th.

Williams, Craig R. - 26th Trans-Veh. Maint.
psc3 box 1033
apo ae 09021
E-Mail: slim_crw@hotmail.com
Comments: Worked in Trans sq./ veh maint. Sunny Zwei was my first assignment and probably the best. Stationed there from 1981-1983. The party atmosphere was #1 by far. It was almost everynight that everyone was partying.I feel for these new folks coming in now, you would go to jail for partying like we did.I have since retired and currently live in Zweibrucken.I would like to hear from the Sunny Zwei People from over 20 years ago.

Wolfe, John 26 Trans. Sq., '87-'91
3411 N.73rd St.
Lincoln, NE 68507
E-Mail: red_dreamer@msn.com
Comments: Stationed at Zwei 1987 to 1991. Mechanic,26 Trans.squadron.I remember a lot of names and have seen some on this website- Ray Fisk and Frank Rizzo. Many memories of the base and have old base newspapers and some photos. Currently with the Nebr.Air National Guard (155th ARW Vehicle Maintenance) Hope to hear from y'all soon!

Wood, Dennis, - 86th TAC Hospital & Det, AARC
2626 Holly HAll #303
Houston, TX, 77054
Phone: 713-748-1852
E-Mail: dwood1696@earthlink.net
Comments: Nov '61 - Dec '65 as medic (902) with 86th TAC Hospital. Attachec to Det 4, AARC when first activated.

Wright, H.W. - 26 Cbt Spt Gp
2222 S.Campbell Creek Road
Sand Springs, Ok, 74063
Phone: 918-363-8328
E-mail: hank.w.wright@gte.net
Comments: Worked in CBPO from Oct 68 til Jun 72.
??? - B. J. Cacciamani.Sandra Conderman, Ernest H.Sylvain, Edward F. Cressey, Vernon J Freeman, William D. Sainer, Joseph Heasley, Frank Condon, Patricia Murphy

Wylie, Larry , 26th SPS Ramstein AB
8800 Sedbergh Dr
New Kent, Va 23124-2821
Phone: 804 932 8128
E-Mail: df23124@msn.com
Comments: Nicknamed Willis - First jeep to 26th SPS in over a year when I got there. Assigned to B Flight with Jerry Driver, Dennis Sorchilla, a SSgt named Gary, others with last names of King, Scanlon, had a Capt OPs officer named Bowles, NCOIC named Boise, worked with K-9 Umbenhauer, Heinz, Greene, too many others to mention at SAS(plus I can't remember them all, thanks to Parkbrau. Other cops are Dennis Clark, Tom Lancy, Threewitts, Therrien. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me.

Yamashiro, Jyun - 26th AGE
11338 Garber St.
Lake View terrace, CA 91342

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