The NT Minnow Association is a group of young sailors who under the banner of the Darwin Sailing Club are involved in weekend racing and midweek sail training during the dry season. It is supported by a group of dedicated parents and other individuals interested in delivering a safe and fun sport to children that is well suited to our Darwin climate.

In addition to this the optional training programs available through the Darwin Sailing Club ensure skills development and personal growth to the children involved. Our first rule is always 'have fun' but at a competition level titles are held annually at both a State and National level for those choosing to enter.

The Minnow was originally designed by Rex Fettell in Burwood,Victoria in 1970 and in 1971 the Minnow class and Minnow Association were formed. Thousands of Australian children have sailed Minnows since then and graduated to other classes as they grew and their sailing skills developed. Minnows are an 8 foot sailing dinghy ideally suited to young sailors from 7 to 17.

Rex based his design on the aspect that children could enjoy sailing in all conditions without fear and dependency on outside assistance in the event of capsize. It is an ideal trainer boat for children with three independent buoyancy tanks built in and in the event of capsize there are only a few litres of water to deal with.

The NT Minnow Association has a small number of boats available for hire, and are also able to assist new sailors become involved in the sport. Many parents have been surprised at the relatively inexpensive outlay for the purchase of a boat and for those who prefer the DIY, construction plans are available.

We are happy to organise a 'come out and try it' opportunity on a one to one basis. For those who would like more information about this great sport and lifestyle for children or would like to organise a sail in a Minnow please contact one of the committee members.

Cheers! We hope to see you out on the water some time!


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