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My Inlaws and Husband

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Alfred ~~~Helen Piros ~~~Bob Piros

Born 8-11-1920~~~8-9-1922~~~3-04-1942

Died 12-03-1995~~~8-03-2000~~~5-16-1997

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My Mother

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Dommie Delk Ward

Born 9-16-1916

Died 7-14-1949

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My Daughter-In-Law

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Glenda Broyles Piros

Born 2-8-65

Died 10-26-93

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My Granny~My  Aunt ~My Cousin

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Queen Mary Elizabeth Patton Delk

Born 6-8-1890~Died 9-23-1979

Aunt Effie Delk Leffew

Born 9-18-1913~Died  3-1-1982

Oma "Tootie" Leffew Wolfe

Born 8-7-1941~Died 8-19-1983

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My Pap       My Cousin

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Jockey David  Delk  

Born 1883 Died  1-15-1949

William H  Your, served in Viet Nam

   Born 11-30-1945  Died 6-23-1973

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My   good friend Dorothy Jojczyk ...

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She was my Buddy for

twenty four years! I miss you, Dorothy.

Born January 07,1916~~Died March 01,1997

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Bob's daughter

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Deborah Carpenter

Born September 25,1961~~Died September 25,1972

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Our Friend..You will be missed, Dougie...

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Doug Jarina

Born 1974~Died 2002

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